49% of Americans support a Single Payer Healthcare…Poll….

That number is strongly influenced by Democratic support the Universal Healthcare Insurance concept ….

There have been other polls with the same basic results….

But there is also a caution to this …..

When those same voters are asked if they would support the increase in taxes to impliment the new government run system?…. The support for it drops  …..

“The surge of support for single-payer health care among Democrats is striking,” Dropp said. “In April, 54 percent of Democrats supported the notion. Just five months later and that support has risen to 67 percent.”

Single-payer was part of a battery of questions on four progressive proposals, but those questions did not include any mentions of funding mechanisms for these programs.

A single-payer system is even more popular than the “public option,” described to poll respondents as “a government-run health insurance agency that would compete with other private health insurance companies within the U.S.” Forty-four percent of voters back a public option, compared with 33 percent who oppose it. More voters, 22 percent, have no opinion.

GOP voters generally oppose both single-payer and public-option proposals — though the poll doesn’t show overwhelming opposition. A 52 percent majority of Republicans oppose single-payer, while 33 percent support it. On a public option, it’s 43 percent of Republicans opposed and 36 percent in support….


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6 thoughts on “49% of Americans support a Single Payer Healthcare…Poll….”

  1. Interesting that even around a Third of self described Republicans support either a public option or Single Payer National Health Insurance,

  2. Just that most Republicans profess opposition to the federal governments involvement in health care.

    Indeed that was the original knock on Obamacare and is the guiding principle of the Graham Cassidy proposal that you support and have articulated here.

    You can’t get more federal involvement than a public option and Single Payer.

    So yeah it’s sort of interesting that so many Republicans would support these type programs even if just theoretically.

  3. Oh, I read too fast. I thought you were saying that it was interesting that so few support it.

    Well, you can probably thank Trump for it. He has spoken glowingly about Single Payer at times and said that his priority on health care was that “people do not die on the streets” and seemed to frame the debate that way, so his authoritarian approach will have some bleeding down to its backers.

    Like any other group though, a lot of people may think something sounds good from a name or title but then the details make them turn against it.

  4. Of all the things to rip Trump on his previous comments that people shouldn’t die in the streets due to lack of health care seems an odd one.

  5. I rip him on almost everything.

    Fortunately, we do not have people literally dying on the streets in America for lack of available medical treatment. It’s part of his ridiculous imagination that includes the slanderous “thousands of Muslims celebrated 9/11 in New Jersey.”

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