Mexico has a second major earthquake…7.1 …Over a 100 dead…

It’s the second one in a month….

A 7.1-magnitude earthquake struck central Mexico on Tuesday, collapsing buildings and killing dozens of people on the anniversary of a 1985 quake that devastated Mexico City.

Coming less than two weeks after a deadly temblor off the country’s Pacific coast, and just hours after a siren signaled an annual earthquake drill in the capital, Tuesday’s quake shook the ground with terrifying force, buckling walls and sending panicked residents fleeing into the streets. There were reports of fires and gas leaks.

At least 139 people were reported killed, local officials and news agencies reported. They included 64 people in Morelos state south of Mexico City, 29 in the state of Puebla, one in Guerrero state, nine in the state of Mexico — which surrounds the capital — and 36 in Mexico City.

Residents feared that more people were buried under rubble. At least 44 buildings collapsed or partly collapsed in Mexico City, according to Mayor Miguel Ángel Mancera. In the central neighborhood of Del Valle, a frantic scene played out Tuesday afternoon as hundreds of people gathered to search for trapped residents. At least two multistory apartment buildings fell, and residents said dozens of people could have been inside. Marines, medical volunteers and regular citizens formed lines to pass trash cans, plastic crates and plastic barrels to remove debris….