Trump 2.0…’Telfon Don?’

A new sheiff is at the White House these days….

John Kelly, Trump’s new chief of staff has corralled the campaign hanger on’s and sent them packing….

Kelly won’t let the rightwingnut contact Trump unless they get an ok from him first…

Donald Trump has cut back his tweets….

And if you look carefully?

Donald Trump mentions have dropped from the front page on the media by a good amount….

Politico is out with a piece that procliams Trump as ‘Telfon Don’?….

The piece argues that Democrats can’t touch the guy….Huh?

Democrats are actually picking up wins in state races left and right and narrowing Republican wins in specail elections for Congress….

Democrats tried attacking Donald Trump as unfit for the presidency. They’ve made the case that he’s ineffective, pointing to his failure to sign a single major piece of legislation into law after eight months in the job. They’ve argued that Trump is using the presidency to enrich himself and that his campaign was in cahoots with Russia.

None of it is working.

Data from a range of focus groups and internal polls in swing states paint a difficult picture for the Democratic Party heading into the 2018 midterms and 2020 presidential election. It suggests that Democrats are naive if they believe Trump’s historically low approval numbers mean a landslide is coming. The party is defending 10 Senate seats in states that Trump won and needs to flip 24 House seats to take control of that chamber.

The research, conducted by private firms and for Democratic campaign arms, is rarely made public but was described to POLITICO in interviews with a dozen top operatives who’ve been analyzing the results coming in.

“If that’s the attitude that’s driving the Democratic Party, we’re going to drive right into the ocean,” said Anson Kaye, a strategist at media firm GMMB who worked on the Obama and Clinton campaigns and is in conversations with potential clients for next year.

Worse news, they worry: Many of the ideas party leaders have latched onto in an attempt to appeal to their lost voters — free college tuition, raising the minimum wage to $15, even Medicare for all — test poorly among voters outside the base. The people in these polls and focus groups tend to see those proposals as empty promises, at best…..


Some of us would argue that ‘s piece in Politico isn’t based on reality….


Replying to

So based on evidence from PEOPLE ACTUALLY VOTING, Trump hasn’t been “Teflon” and GOP problems might be bit *worse* than polls let on.

Dems flipped two very pro-Trump districts in special elections last night, There was a 28-point swing to Dems in NH. A 31-point swing in OK.

In addition to last night….

Daily Kos has pointed out that since the November election last year?

Democrats are on a wave with wins in state legislative elections wins….