Hillary Clinton gets a rousing welcome from New Yorkers on the first day of her book tour….

And the former First lady, Senator and Sec of State says she’s NOT going away and she’s NOT gonna be quiet….

Good for her!

While the media has highlight oppostion to her…There appears to be a much large fan club out there for Clinton ….

She’s already starting to fend off concerns from fellow Democrats who want her to go away. She’s been trying to brush off anger from Republicans eager to unite against her, and she’s made clear to anyone who will listen: She won’t run again.

That was just fine to the crowd of die-hard fans, many of whom said they just wanted to thank her.

“I am a very passionate Hillary supporter — after 9/11 she helped me get my life back together. I’m a survivor and I was in a lot of trouble. I lost my home, and I was in the first tower,” said Pina, decked out in a black t-shirt featuring an image of Clinton under the words “Yas Queen,” complete with three buttons: “I’m With Her,” “Don’t Tell Me What To Say” and “Don’t Blame Me! I Voted For Her!”

On Monday night, Clinton sent boxes of pizza to the first few fans in line after being shown a picture of them sent to her by longtime aide Greg Hale.

Hillary Clinton attends book signing in NYC

And when Clinton walked in with Len Riggio, Barnes & Noble’s founder and chairman, the cheers were deafening, reminiscent of the campaign’s highest points — far from the long grind she describes in chapter after chapter of the blue-and-white book that was displayed behind her, in front of her, and all around her.

She smiled, waved, and sat, surveying the crowd….