Pelosi does NOT join the Sanders Single Payer movement….

The House Minority Democratic Leader Nanacy Pelosi isn’t running for President…..

So she doesn’t have to pass a litmus test on this….

She isn’t doing Sanders dance that she knows won’t fly….She will have to work to do fixes to the existing Affordable Healthcare program also known as Obamacare….

She has carefully walked around Trump’s basic idea….

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House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) declined to back a single-payer health care bill drafted by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) , saying she is instead focused on efforts to shield Obamacare from Republican attempts to rescind it.

“Right now, I’m protecting the Affordable Care Act,” Pelosi told a small group of reporters in her Capitol office Tuesday. “None of these other things … can really prevail unless we have the Affordable Care Act.”

The House’s top Democrat said she would review the legislation, which Sanders is rolling out to much fanfare on Wednesday.

The single-payer bill has quickly attracted support from a flock of Democratic senators in the mix for the 2020 presidential race, suggesting that it is rapidly becoming a litmus test among the liberal grass roots….


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30 thoughts on “Pelosi does NOT join the Sanders Single Payer movement….”

  1. Nancy Pelosi seems to be doing exactly what a caucus leader should be doing: gauging the current consensus among her own members before committing to an approach.

    And since she was Speaker when the ACA passed in 2010, it’s hardly surprising that she doesn’t yet want to let it fail if it can be salvaged, before venturing forward to the next logical alternative: some single-payer initiative.

    ¶ Remember that saving the current ACA’s solvency is also in the interests of many (e.g. health insurers, HMO’s, drug-makers, Republican state officials) who would fiercely fight, rather than support, a single-payer system, as their counterparts did in the 1970’s and 1980’s, when single-payer (rather than the market-based alternatives proposed by Nixon and HEW Sec. Bob Finch) was the position of Ted Kennedy, the AFL-CIO and the Democratic leadership.

  2. Pelosi isn’t the only one NOT endorsing Bernie Sanders Single Payer Bill…

    Senate Minority Leader Schumer has held off….

    Right now the bill has only 10 of the Democrats/Indeepedents 48 members signing on and most those ten joining Sanders are lining up to run for President and need good will from Sanders supporters ….

    But the parties leaders have been working to fix the Affordable Healthcare / Obamacare law since 2008….
    They do NOT need to be distracted by Sanders efforts even though they SAY they support Sanders idea INDIRECTLY…

    …On Wednesday, Sanders will introduce his proposal, which has already won support from at least 10 Senate Democrats — a testament to Sanders’s successful White House run and his newfound star power on the national stage. Indeed, a number of those endorsements are from 2020 presidential hopefuls — an indication that ambitious Democrats want to win early favor from the party’s base.

    A House bill is also gaining momentum. Sponsored by Rep. John Conyers Jr. (D-Mich.), the measure has the backing of 117 Democrats — more than half of the caucus and by far the most endorsements the bill has enjoyed since Conyers began introducing it more than a decade ago.

    Some liberal single-payer advocates are criticizing the top Democrats for declining to get on board despite their past support for the underlying policy.

    “You support an ideal, but you’re going to vote against that ideal?” said Zeynab Day, spokeswoman for Brand New Congress. “I think that creates a little bit of an inconsistency.”

    If Democratic leaders run the risk of deflating their base by declining to endorse single payer, there are also a number of reasons for their reluctance to do so. First, Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats spent more than a year ushering the Affordable Care Act (ACA) through Congress — and they’ve spent the past seven years defending it from the torrent of attacks from conservatives’….

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  3. The Cons of Sanders efforts multiply ….

    The Single-Payer Insanity
    The Democrats’ presidential contenders are rushing to embrace Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan. Have they learned nothing?

    Democrats are committing themselves to years more of treacherous health care debate, at a time when there are more pressing issues to confront. They are emulating Donald Trump’s penchant for quick-fix, bumper-sticker solutions that prove to be, in his own words, more “complicated” once in power. And instead of maintaining a candid relationship with its ideological base in order to temper expectations, the party establishment is indulging it, risking bitter disappointment in the future….

    …upon hearing the startling news that single-payer might “give the government too much control over health care” support plummets to 40 percent. The revelation that the plan would “require many Americans to pay more in taxes” did the same. Maybe, just maybe, a Republican will give these talking points a try…

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  4. One difference is that insurance companies are spending money to create their own forms and processes, making it more difficult for providers. A single payer system would have that standardized. I am sure that non-insurance employees would under-estimate the cost savings there.

  5. Are saying that the American government should put the insurance companies out of business Jack?

    The Single Payer Admin?

  6. About Trump’s sit down Democratic House and Senate leaders tonight?

    Jared Rizzi Retweeted
    Maggie Haberman‏ @maggieNYT
    Replying to @maggieNYT
    …Shoring up insurance markets and fall deadlines, per two ppl briefed….

    Soooooo….Bernie is getting some spotlight on a Single Payer roll out that 1/3 of his adopted Democrats are supporting and NO real Republicans while Pelosi and Schumer are gonna sit down with Trump to keep funding Obamacare which Trump, Ryan and McConnell started off trying to shit can….
    Politics is strange, eh?….I’d say ole’ Bernie is getting the door slammed in his face

  7. …twitter…

    Benjy Sarlin‏ @BenjySarlin
    Sen. Graham debuting his new health bill: “Bernie, this ends your dream of a single payer health care system.”

  8. He, he, he….Yea…But the guy DOES know how to get media attention and then double back to the party line….

  9. I was right.

    It was good.

    I’m not too concerned about the insurance companies James .Im sure they appreciate your worry on their behalf.

    Now how about paying your premium this month?

  10. I don’t care about the insurance companies either Jack….
    But the Republicans sure do….
    And since they provide coverage for healthcare in this country right now?
    Congress is gonna help them out…

    Trump is meeting with Pelosi and Schumer tonight to talk about bailing out the insurance companies doing Obamacare

  11. Per James’ post, Pelosi did not say she is opposed to single payer, she just said she is not supporting it right now.

    My best bet is that she will soon support it.

  12. You will often find that James’s headlines and/or commentary on his posts are not supported by the actual information in the body of the article.

  13. You will also find that Jack will comment about my comments before commenting about ANYTHING else….

    It just makes me feel so special!😀

  14. Well yeah James.

    I mean since this is your site and all the articles posted are by you with your commentary,why wouldn’t one offer comments on what you have written

    However, if you wish to request I no longer offer comments on what you’ve written ,then the question arises,why do you have a “comments” section at all?

  15. I like you making me feel SOOOOOOOOOO Special Jack!

    Sometimes we even forget about what we’re talking about as we see you typing out a whole range of adjectives!

  16. More silliness,

    Plus you are a liar.

    I comment on lots of other people’s posts including CGs, Scott, Zreebs ,Keith and Manila.

  17. He, he, he…..

    Right on Schedule with the adjectives!

    Did I say you did NOT comment on other peoples comments?

    And you left out Daniel, Bdog and DSD….Oh, and SE when he was around….

  18. I haven’t heard anything back yet, so most likely I won’t be offered the position, but I am not really disappointed. I can’t say I am convinced that I want this position. There appears to be little, if any, job security, and that is increasingly important at my age. Also, I could see a probable personality clash in the future with one of my associates who made rather sarcastic comments about liberals during the interview. That was a little unprofessional on her part given that she didn’t know my political beliefs. You could tell that she got concerned once she asked about my outside interests and I included in my comments that I was a political junkie.

  19. James, The definition of “adjective” is not open to debate. This is stuff you should have learned in grammar school. I am not sure whether you were deliberately trying to irritate with your 1:23pm or whether you genuinely don’t know what an adjective is and just don’t want to take the time to learn its definition. Either way, comments like that won’t get new readers.

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