Sen Bob Corker of Tennessee might not re-up for another term…

Republicans want to hold on to their majority in the US Senate…

Corker staying there  would be one seat they wouldn’t have to worry about though Democratic chances in the state should not be good….But internal fighting among GOPer’s could help Democratic candidates next year…

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Republican Sen. Bob Corker said Monday he is unsure about running for re-election, injecting fresh doubts into the GOP’s efforts to tighten its hold on the Senate majority next year.

The Tennessee lawmaker, a sometimes critic of President Donald Trump, expressed his ambivalence in a brief statement, even as he sits on more than $6.5 million in a campaign account.

“While we are in a strong position, I am still contemplating the future and will make a decision at the appropriate time,” Corker said.

He emphasized that “everyone in the Volunteer state knows … running for re-election has never been an automatic for me.”

Corker, 65, chairs the influential Foreign Relations Committee and has been regarded as a shoo-in for a third term. His name surfaced as possible secretary of state in the Trump administration, a job that went to Rex Tillerson.

Corker raised eyebrows last month when he told Tennessee reporters after a town hall meeting that Trump “has not yet been able to demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence that he needs to demonstrate in order to be successful.”….


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49 thoughts on “Sen Bob Corker of Tennessee might not re-up for another term…”

  1. Politicalwire is reporting a poll showing Orrin Hatch would lose in a hypothetical matchup with a Democrat I’ve never heard of named Jenny Wilson.
    Now I can’t believe Utah would elect a Dem to the Senate but considering his age this may be the nudge needed to get Hatch to step aside and let Romney run for that seat.

  2. Wilson is actually someone I have met. Her Dad ran against Hatch years ago when Democrats still won the occasional office in Utah. She has pretty good name recognition from her current job. She cannot win, but could give Hatch a race.

    I expect Hatch to retire, and it amuses me that Mitt spends his days waiting for either Hatch to leave or die to get his next office.

    Mitt is the Scott Brown of Utah!

    In DC this week on an old case from my last job. It’s messing up my training schedule, but it will be fun to see old friends.

  3. Yeah I expect the NRSC doesn’t have an appetite for defending a seat in Utah. If more polls come out like this I expect Hatch will be pressured to hang it up so Mitt can walk blandly in. Which is what he does best.

  4. Mitt continues to send mixed messages – just like he did during his campaign for president in 2012 and his lack of campaign in 2016.

  5. Orrin Hatch is going to announce his Retirement in the next 3 months as well I suspect and Mitt Romney will waltz into the Senate.

    Rep. Marsha Blackburn will easily dispatch Haslem.

  6. I think the main problem facing Strange in AL, allowing Moore to be in the position, is the fact that he was appointed by the disgraced Governor Bentley, after being alleged to try to stop the investigation into him. If not for that factor, I don’t think Moore would be ahead.

  7. The 8 GOP Senators whose terms expire in January 2019 (to which I think the remainder of Jeff Sessions’ term in Alabama, ending in Jan. 2021, should be added):

    Barrasso, John \1\………….……. R. Casper, WY.
    Corker, Bob…………….……….. R. Chattanooga, TN.
    Cruz, Ted……………….…………. R. Houston, TX.
    Fischer, Deb……………………….…. R. Valentine, NE.
    Flake, Jeff…………………………..….. R. Mesa, AZ.
    Hatch, Orrin G……………….…….. R. Salt Lake City, UT.
    Heller, Dean \4\……………… R. Carson City, NV.
    Wicker, Roger F.\7\……………..…… R. Tupelo, MS.

  8. Democratic Senators from Trump’16 states whose terms expire in Jan. 2019:

    Baldwin, Tammy……………….. D. Madison, WI.
    Brown, Sherrod……………….. D. Cleveland, OH.
    Casey, Robert P., Jr………..…….. D. Scranton, PA.
    Donnelly, Joe…………………..………… D. Granger, IN.
    Heitkamp, Heidi………………. D. Mandan, ND.
    Manchin, Joe III \5\………..……….. D. Fairmont, WV.
    McCaskill, Claire…………….. D. Kirkwood, MO.
    Nelson, Bill…………………. D. Orlando, FL.
    Stabenow, Debbie……………… D. Lansing, MI.
    Tester, Jon………………….. D. Big Sandy, MT.

    Source: The Congressional Directory (statistical section)

  9. I’m not particularly surprised by Corkers announcement.

    He never seemed to have the fire in the belly and never seemed happy about the way the Senate has been operating.

    Probably just said what the hell.

  10. jack,
    Corker said he couldn’t imagine serving more than two Terms.

    I think we’re going to get one more female into the Senate. I think Rep. Marsha Blackburn will be the new Senator from TN.

  11. I saw Blackburn on TV once.Wasnt much impressed.

    Haslam is a pretty impressive guy, but is an anti Trumper which might work against hm in a Republican primary

  12. Democrats have no bench to speak of whatsoever in TN.

    There’s nothing wrong with a politician limiting their own terms. It should happen more often. Corker had been considering running for Governor, but might be too late. He was very critical of Trump a few weeks ago, but Trump recently asked him to run again.

  13. The thought also occurs to me that Corker has a lot of money and might actually consider running for President in 2020. He certainly would have nothing to lose at that point.

  14. Speaking of Trump,

    Today he referred to “so called” Republicans (apparently referring to Collins, McCain and Paul,maybe Cruz and Murkowski also) whose non support sunk the Graham Cassidy bill that he supported .Soon I guess he will be reading people out of the party.

    Trump was also happy that a CNN Poll released yesterday showed that 79% of Republicans share his “vision” for their party while over half are not supportive of the Republican Congressional leadership.With his buddy Steve Bannon and his Breitbart crowd now in a state of war with the Republican establishment, no doing his dirty work,Trump is feeling his oats

    And why not?It is increasingly clear that the Republican base is solidly with him now.

    Not surprising really.

  15. The Cubs are probably going to win the division tonight and it sort of feels like any other day. Oh well.

    But I am thinking back to April and the jamesb prediction of a Mets’ pennant.

  16. Trump has been running against the lawmakers in his adopted party since early last year…
    It continues to work with his base and against his legislative wishes….
    He’ll keep at it…..

  17. Well, a man who enjoys the support of four fifths of his party and who “share his vision” for their party can pretty much do what he wants.

    If this level of support keeps up?Pretty soon Mitch Ryan and the rest of the “leadership ” may be “adopting” the Trump Republican Party.

  18. Yea
    Except in his efforts?
    He is creating his own wall against progress
    The dancing with the Democrats just compounds his problems….
    He WILL have problems with tax cuts
    Can u image it being a year from now and the same political situation with
    No major legislation passed THAT HE ORIGNATES?
    Man 2018 Midterms could be a real crazy trip!😱 For Republicans in both houses of congress…

  19. None of what you have written is a justification for saying the GOP is Trump’s adopted Party. Nothing.

    And we know that you won’t stop partly because you are stubborn, but partly because you think it annoys those of us who, on a regular basis, point out your silly comments. Like, “Bernie Sanders candidacy is good for Hillary.” That was my favorite.

    I will try again, it isn’t his base, it’s the Republican base, and they love Trump. These people nominated Trump, and the leadership of the Party ratified their primary votes in Cleveland. How is that an adoption? It was a racist coronation.

    Jack is right, something you hate hearing, Trump can do what he wants, it’s his Party. Whether they succeed in Congress or not isn’t the issue, not one of them has challenged him in any significant manner. And it really isn’t Trump’s fault Mitch and Paulie failed now is it?

    So, until they do challenge him in some real tangible way, it’s Trump’s party, he owns it. You can continue to us the word adopted if you like. But it only really makes you look stupid.

  20. Another succinct summary.

    Yes it’s not Trumps “base,”it’s the Republican Party.

    James wants to seperate the two.They are inseparable.He is the Leader of that party and as the poll says “shares the vision ” of four fifths of the Republicans in this country.

    And you’re also right in pointing out that “passing legislation ” has nothing to do with this.Most Republicans now intensely dislike McConnell and Ryan, the two almost clownish figures now,who can’t pass anything.

    James along with CG desperately want to believe that “real” Republicans don’t “really” support Trump.That simply isn’t true.Its his party now. And those who continue to identify with it and defend it, despite their alleged personal distaste for Trump ,are ,whether they concede it or not, supporters of him and his administration.

  21. He, he, he…..

    Yea he CAN do what he wants?


    He WANTED a Repeal….

    He DIDN’T Get it….

    He WANT Strange to win…

    He DIDN’T Get it….

    He Wants a Wall….

    He isn’t gonna get it…

    He’s gonna SAVE the Dreamers….

    He hasn’t stopped the Iran agreement that Obama made..

    I’m gonna keep ON saying the guy adopted the party because EVEN with a MAJORITY of ‘HIS’ party people telling pollster’s they like him?

    He’s got shit for legislation…
    Like Obama, who the Republicans spent every waking hour trying to screw…

    I mentioned this last night…
    I’m gonna REPEAT it….

    Trump having a majority of ‘Republicans’ liking HIM does NOT translate to getting the country to follow his sorry ass…
    I’m well away of Jack’s ‘all or nothing’ views, but they simply do NOT apply to the real word…

    For the hundredth time…
    Trump CAMPAIGNED against the very people he NEEDS to lock in HIS agenda…
    He continues to do so because he is incapable of dealing with people who do NOT do what he wants…
    Running the American government isn’t like running a real estate business in New York…
    The guy STILL and probably will NEVER digest that…

    So you and Jack can keep on with this Trump is the band leader and the party is playing along…
    It’s you keyboard…
    But the people in Alabama last night must have been deaf…
    And they where Republicans….
    They came out in droves to see ‘The Donald’….
    But they voted for THEIR guy…
    You know…
    The one up on the stage waving the silver .38 in front of the crowd….
    The one that is gonna help fight AGAINST the guys and women that could further their agenda…

    Makes PERFECT sense Right?

  22. He, he….

    Of course there ARE differences in his base and the Grand Ole Party….

    As has been pointed out here….

    Some rightwingnuts STILL don’t think Trump is the real McCoy!

    Jack and his absolutism….

  23. I don’t know much about Gov. Haslam, I do recall him getting high marks for handling a disaster or two in the state (smoky mountain fires, Nashville floods). However, if what Jack noted is true that he is not too keen on Trump that could definitely hurt him in a GOP primary

  24. He has overwhelming popularity in the state. The field might also contain multiple pro-Trump candidates, splitting the vote.

    What is also being talked about now is Peyton Manning, who is very close to Corker, running for the Senate. I would be a bit surprised if he actually wanted to do that.

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