Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 Hurricane with 185 MPH Winds ….

Here we go again…..

This time Florida and the Carribean Island are in for a rough going….

Is Mother Nature gonna break the US Budget this year?

Out hopes are for no loss of life….

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As Hurricane Irma, one of the most powerful Atlantic storms ever recorded, aimed for Puerto Rico and other islandsthroughout the Caribbean, residents scrambled Tuesday to rush out of flood zones, stock up on the last available water, food and gas, shutter their homes and brace for what is now, and could remain, a mammoth Category 5 hurricane.

“We have to prepare for an event that we have never experienced here,” said Gov. Ricardo Rosselló of Puerto Rico at a news conference, as he went on to call the hurricane’s arrival imminent and its potential catastrophic.

Packing winds of up to 185 miles an hour, Irma threatened havoc and widespread destruction across Puerto Rico, a United States territory of 3.4 million people, the nearby island of Hispaniola (home to the Dominican Republic and Haiti), Antigua, St. Kitts and Nevis, and the United States Virgin Islands, among others. Cuba is also threatened. The storm is expected to rake or sideswipe Puerto Rico on Wednesday.

President Trump declared a state of emergency in Puerto Rico, Florida and the United States Virgin Islands on Tuesday.

Hurricane Irma is one of the strongest storms ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean, according to the National Hurricane Center and Bryan Norcross, the hurricane specialist at The Weather Channel. The hurricane center said Irma had winds of up to 185 mph as it approached the Leeward Islands. There have been other storms with comparable winds in the Caribbean Sea or the Gulf of Mexico, where the warm waters fuel particularly dangerous hurricanes.

With Harvey’s destruction still fresh on people’s minds, Florida hustled into action….





Irma, the most powerful Atlantic hurricane in history, was picked up machines used to measure earthquakes.

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42 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma is a Category 5 Hurricane with 185 MPH Winds ….”

  1. Unfortunately,it appears that this storm may come my way.I stayed during Hugo in 1989.I won’t do that again.Will be evacuating to north SC.

  2. Stay safe Jack. Hopefully it wanders off to sea.

    That old drug addled casbah Rush Limbaugh thinks these hurricane warnings are a scheme to sell bottled water. Now I have a theory that when our local forecasters make dire predictions of winter weather they are incahoots with the grocery chains to sell bread eggs and milk. But a Cat. 5 hurricane is a lot more serious than 3 inches of snow. What a dope Rush is.

  3. Spaghetti models put Hurricane Irma near Florida this weekend….

    The east coast of Florida is likely to feel the ferocious punch of Hurricane Irma’s outer bands on Saturday, and the storm could rumble very near or pass over Miami on Sunday, forecast models show.

    But the various predictions — dubbed the “spaghetti models” — have differed on how the storm might move as it approaches the United States and where it could make landfall. Considering all the options can be a dizzying recipe for panic, particularly for those who live along the coast….

    More @

  4. I am certainly not an expert on hurricanes, but my guess would be that SC looks fairly safe. Florida looks like it will be in serious trouble.

    I also experienced hurricane Hugo when I lived in Charlotte. Even though Charlotte is pretty far inland, we still experienced hurricane force winds and the area was devastated. Almost everyone had some damage. Charlotte received no coverage on the national news because the damage in Charleston was even worse.

  5. I was in Austin in 2005 when Hurricane Rita looked like she might cause serious damage even that far inland. In the end she moved even further east and spared Houston the damage Harvey caused.
    However the evacuations during Rita were more deadly than the hurricane itself with 20 some people killed in one bus wreck alone. I remember Austin was insane with traffic during that time with all the evacuees in town.

  6. Guys?

    People on Long Island and New Jersey STILL haven’t gotten the money thue where promised….

    Guys like Cruz said fuck’m…..

    Federal spending for these two storms will be boucing around for a decade …AT LEAST….

  7. Scott, I was also living in Austin when hurricane Rita hit, but I don’t recall the evacuationtraffic. Of course, Austin traffic is almost always awful!

  8. It looks like most of the models now project that Irma will come up near the coast of Florida without landing in Florida. But almost all models still have the hurricane landing in the US in NC or further south.

    I may need to take back my comment that SC looks safe. but as previously stated, it is best that people listen to others besides me for their weather forecasting needs.

  9. Irma storm track now could have the path up thru the center of Florida….

    Some have it staying in-land towards Tennessee some out to the Carolina’s…

  10. Update…

    Irma is crossing Cuba at this time…

    Outter wind and rain bands are descenting on the Keys…..

    Storm path is projected inland towards Georgia and Tennessee right now…It would be weaker (Tropical Storm) in those places as storms dissipate over land…

    The West Coast of Florida is projected to get the worst of the storm…

  11. And let’s remember(I know you don’t want to hear this James),Limbaugh is a respected figure among the vast majority of Republicans.

    Indeed, at one point in the 90s the National Review(the premier bible of American conservatism) defined him as their “leader.”

    Limbaugh, a drug addled fruitcake ,a respected voice in the Republican Party.

  12. I’ve been saying since the election President Trump is the end result of the Limbaugh-ization of the Republican Party.

    Starting in the 90s the GOP started flirting with presidential candidats, most with little or no experience in elective office who were basically talk show hosts–some actual talk show hosts–Alan Keyes, Gary Bauer, Bob Dornan–later Herman Cain and Ben Carson.

    Rush never ran himself but the same people who would have proudly voted for him went overwhelmingly for Trump. The cast majority of them hard core Republicans

  13. And the remarkable thing is that Limbaugh was just some old rock n roll disc jockey who started mouthing off political opinions and what passes for the conservative “movement” in this country eagerly latched upon him as some kind of guru.

    Even his brother said that Limbaugh himself was frankly startled at the reception he got,never imagining that so many people would flock to him as their source of information.Yet they have and continue to as he pontificates on all sorts of subjects of which he has no knowledge whatsoever.

    Knowing this,it’s not surprising that these same types flocked to the a tv reality host as the man to “make America Great Again.

    Yes that pretty much nails it…Donald Trump is the end result of the Limbaughization of the Republican Party.

  14. Yeah Rush was the party boy of the family. The Limbaughs are well known lawyers and judges in southeastern Missouri. In fact the Courthouse in Cape Girardeau County, Missouri is named the Rush Limbaugh Courthouse–After the loudmouth host’s grandfather.

  15. Well, both Rush and Trump are respected figures in the Republican Party.

    Both overweight blowhards with too many wives.

  16. ….twitter….

    Wall Street Journal‏@WSJ
    Islands recovering from the damage of Hurricane Irma are now bracing for Hurricane Jose

  17. A reported 75,000 people are in shelters in Florida as Irma bears down the Florida Keys, Miami and the Western part of the state….

  18. First recorded winds for Key West are at 74 mph down from the highest 185mph and the 140mph approaching Cuba…..

  19. After getting back some stregth from the waters between Cuba and South west Florida the winds are gusting back up to 120mph….


    #BREAKING More than 195,000 homes and businesses without power as Hurricane Irma comes within 90 miles of Key West

  20. Very Dangerous situation for the Keys and the West Coast of Florida. My Aunt and Uncle sold their home in Cape Coral, Florida two years ago and moved back here to the Chicago. That area could get up to 15 feet of storm surge which will flood and destroy many homes in that area.

  21. The European weather program gets it right again…

    Irma seems to moving up the West coast of Florida ….After the Keys Tampa is landfall then moving back over water going North into Georgia , Tennessee and Arkansas as it downgrades due the fact that it loses strength without warm water feeding it….

    Problem is it has gotten stronger coming off the Keys…

  22. Good to hear from ya Brandon!….

    Miss ya here….

    Glad your Aunt made the move…

    So many people move from up North down South for the warm weather…
    But the storms seem to becoming more and more down there and bigger and BIGGER in the last decade….

    Texas pols go out of there way to offer support to its citizens and now has it hands out for us the taxpayers to help them rebuild…
    The politics of the rebuilding will be contentious if it’s anything like Katrina and Sandy aftermaths…

  23. It appears Miami was spared major wind damage….

    But my son has pictures from people he knows down there that shows the main streets flooded….

  24. Over 1,000 people, primarily U.S. citizens, have been evacuated from St. Marteen and St. Thomas after Hurricane Irma tore through the Caribbean islands, the government of Puerto Rico announced Sunday.

    Puerto Rico Governor Ricardo Rosselló said his government had “responded to the call of our fellow Americans in need not only out of solidarity but because it is our responsibility as the closest United States territory,” according to a press release.

    Six C130 aircrafts led by the Puerto Rico, Kentucky and New York National Guards transported people to safety, the statement said, adding that more evacuation trips will take place after weather conditions in the area improve…..

    More @

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