A Government Shutdown Is A Bad Idea…

Erick Erickson’s blog features a Conservative arguing against his parties adopted leaders call for a  ‘Wall’ money or a Government shutdown…
By   @ Resurgent


There are some issues that conservatives of good conscience can disagree on and remain well within core conservative principles. One of these is the issue of shutting down the government. As President Trump and congressional Republicans consider shutting down the government over funding for the “big, beautiful wall,” they should avoid falling into what is Democrat trap.

The core problem for Republicans is a lack of votes. Although Republicans have a majority in both houses of Congress, the margins are slim and they lack the 60 votes required to end a Democrat filibuster. As a legislative strategy, a government shutdown does nothing to resolve this problem.

The only way for Republicans to pass a bill funding the wall – or anything else for that matter – is to make Democrats and moderate Republicans change their votes. The way to do that is to sweeten the pot. To give Democrats something they want in exchange for something that Republicans want.

A shutdown would do the opposite. It would be a combative policy that would further alienate Democrats and give them no incentive at all to vote for the Republican bill. In fact, a government shutdown would play directly into the hands of Democrats who want nothing more than for the Trump Administration to fail….


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13 thoughts on “A Government Shutdown Is A Bad Idea…”

  1. James…How is he adopted when he took it over and won?

    He used the very classes less nature of the parties followers and won the nomination…he ain’t adopted…he overthrew it…Adopted is too soft a word…He took that shit over and made it his own…

  2. I agree with everyone other than James. James’s use of the word “adopted” is very strange. Is Caitlyn Jenner an adopted female?

  3. Oh he just uses that word because Keith and I pointed out to him awhile back how silly it was.

    James is sort of like a small child.When chastised he stubbornly digs in and just keeps doing it .

    Actually though he sounds like a Republican trying to disown Trump .Of course it conveniently ignores the fact that it was his supposed “adopted” party that voted for and nominated him as their candidate.In Jamesworld though,the poor Republicans sort of had Trump forced on them by he himself .


    1. Like I said…

      Some of us have roles here…

      Has NOTHING to do with the truth that some of us won’t accept…

      I’m fine with ya Jack…

  4. Yes the “truth” James.

    That’s funny coming from you

    You’re so full of crap!What Bdog said,Keith and I have said a hundred times and you know it.

    And every time we did?We got nothing but incoherent babbling from you.Today ?The “point is well taken?”

    I rest my case.

    1. He, he, he….

      No ya don’t Jack…

      I’m sure if I say the earth is round you’ll reopen it…..

  5. James, Although you probably won’t believe this, All of us ignore far more comments from you that we think are foolish than those we comment on. Jack is probably more willing than most to read and comment on your comments, but I can promise you that he ignores a lot of what you say.

    And by the way saying “the earth is round” is a foolish comment too because it adds nothing that we don’t already know, and isn’t even 100% accurate.

    1. Thank You Z…..

      But Jack mostly reads my stuff , because he THEN can say I don’t know what I’m talking about….

      And when HE THINKS I don’t know what I’m talking about here?

      He goes out his way to say so…

      He DOES Like to harp on people …admitted so a couple of times…And Not just on me…Again…It seems to be his self appointed role here

      I actually quite enjoy when HE gets caught wrong and does a wiggle dance..

      But This is enough of about me for the night…

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