Donald Trump …The Democratic Gift that keeps on giving….

The Washington Post points to the  continual VERY public beat down and hurting  Donald Trump is putting on his adopted party to play to HIS ego…..

Donald Trump is doing more damage to the public image of congressional Republican leaders than any Democratic operative could in their wildest dreams.

The president’s threat to shut down the federal government if Congress does not pony up $1.6 billion for a border wall could further corrode his relationship with Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan. It might also cause additional damage to the Senate majority leader and House speaker’s standing with the Republican base.

By creating a new artificial crisis and making a demand that’s unlikely to be met, Trump is setting up his supporters to be disappointed once again. But he’s banking that Republicans on Capitol Hill will get blamed far more than him if the gambit fails.

Trump is probably right about this. Tony Fabrizio, who was the president’s pollster during the 2016 campaign, has just conducted a survey of GOP and GOP-leaning voters that found the congressional wing of the party has shouldered more blame than Trump for everything that’s gone wrong the past few months.

Everyone’s image has taken a hit. Fabrizio reports that Trump’s favorability rating has slipped from 78 percent among Republicans in June to 71 percent now. Ryan’s favorability has dropped from 56 percent to 52 percent in that period. McConnell has slipped the most, however. The Kentucky senator was viewed favorably by 38 percent of Republicans and unfavorably by 30 percent in Fabrizio’s June survey. Now he’s viewed favorably by 27 percent and unfavorably by 44 percent. Again, this is among Republicans.

Trump’s approval rating is 75 percent among Republicans in Fabrizio’s poll, but just 54 percent approve of the job Republicans in Congress are doing.

Asked who they blame more for the failure to repeal and replace Obamacare, 18 percent picked Trump and 82 percent picked Republicans in Congress.

What’s going on when Trump does not fulfill his campaign promises? In Fabrizio’s survey, 81 percent said it’s because “the Republicans in Congress didn’t support the president and blocked his promised proposal or policy.” Only 19 percent said it’s because, “The president didn’t work hard enough and do what was needed to be done to fulfill the promise….


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24 thoughts on “Donald Trump …The Democratic Gift that keeps on giving….”

  1. Is it right for Democrats to think someone or something is so bad for the country yet be good for them?

    That sounds like a rationale for opposing both parties in the Age of Trump.

    (By the way, polling numbers for Democrats in Congress and as it relates to the overall image of the party, in addition to Democrat fundraising is horrible, so it may not be as much of a gift as some think)

  2. Well CG you could easily substitute Mike Pence for Democrats in your question.

    Yet you have made it very clear you would support him if he became President.

  3. The objective answer for Democrats (and thus for everyone) should be that Mike Pence would be an improvement for the country over Donald Trump.

    I don’t think I made it clear I would support Pence politically if he became President. I would prefer someone else to be the 2020 Republican nominee, but a lot would depend on the circumstances at the time.

  4. I am not sure that having a “pray the gay away” bible thumping President who calls his wife mother is the cure for Trump or America’s problems at this point. But, why would anyone assume that the Democrats are essentially happy about the problems our Republican President is creating here at home and overseas? It is an un-patriotic thought at best. But, given the Congressional Republican’s inability to be critical of their Party’s leader, a question that would be best put to them.

    But, I am pretty sure from my conversations with Hill staffers that Brother Pence probably won’t escape the investigatory shit storm that is about to hit DC. Just a guess of course.

  5. Of course Scott, but he and those Republicans either believe or are asserting that they believe that Trump is “good” for America.

    That’s different than a Democrat saying that they believe what he is doing is very bad but yet they are glad it’s going to help their party. Country first and all.

  6. When has a Democrat proclaimed that the damage Trump and the Republicans are doing to America is good for their party?

    Are they partisan, of course they are, but the silence you hear from Republicans these days, and the votes the majority has cast to, among other things, deny health care coverage to millions of Americans, is anything but patriotic. The Democrats have already signaled their willingness to work with the majority on things like infrastructure and the debt ceiling – an offer that has been met with silence.

    The Republicans control all the levers of power with healthy majorities in the House, and they still cannot get anything done. They can deflect all they like, but they gave their nomination to a racist divider with a mental illness. That was their doing, and they cannot control this “nutter” as the Brits would say.

    Last Sunday Adam Schiff spoke to the process in which any further investigation of the President’s collusion with Russia would proceed. He is, of course, very careful to not provide any of the details of what exactly his committee is investigating or to their progress. I wonder if his Republican colleagues would act the same if the subject of the investigation was President Hillary Clinton? I think we all know the answer to that question.

    Of course, the actions of the Hill Republicans per Donald Trump speaks volumes. They vote with their President with only very few minor defections, and are critical of him in public. Once again, when Ryan and McConnell are publicly critical of Trump get back to me. Until then, for them at least, it is Party over Country.

  7. In regards to Trump, there has been nothing to speak of to “vote on” regarding his policy proposals thus far with the exception of the health care bills, and Trump himself gave very mixed messages on those to say the least.

    He hasn’t been “governing.” He’s been Tweeting and making speeches and signing “Executive Orders” on large pieces of paper for photo-ops.

  8. Let’s see the Republicans control all branches of government but they just can’t get anything to vote on?

    That’s as searing an indictment of the utter and complete failure of the Republican Party as well as the Republican President as anything I’ve read yet.


  9. Yeah, it’s been like he’s trying to screw them.

    But in fairness, there are also elements of the Congressional delegation, on the right, who are such “purists” that they never want to go along with anything and then there is the Senate filibuster of course which greatly demonstrates the power of the minority in Congress. (I think it should remain as it relates to legislative matters.)

  10. Re your post @10:28

    Do you think the country would be better off without two major parties or with say three or four major parties?

  11. Ideally, the two party system works best. It’s just that both major parties have lost their way in my view. Thus, there is a vacuum for people who cannot find their way into one of the parties, not because they are rigid hardliners on ideology but for moral reasons.

    So, right now, additional parties might work out for the best. Perhaps they could lead to a permanent realignment, as has happened before in our history. We do not have a parliamentary system and thus none of the problems that would be associated with European countries that have those problems. The mechanisms are there to handle such a thing, but ideally, I still think a two party system works best.

  12. With the many partied Trump now leading the Republican Party and the openly non Democratic Sanders a major power in the Democratic Party,one can make a pretty good argument that the “two party system” is surely suffering some type of identity crisis.

    Yeah I would agree that ideally a two party system would be best;however,more and more it seems that lots of people are simply identifying with one party simply because it isn’t the other party.

  13. Are talking about the Conservatives CG?

    The ones that shut the Govt down and patted themselves on the back?

    The ones that sometime force their party to work WITh Dem’s to get around them?

  14. For this country the two party is so firmly entrenched that there is NO chance a third or fourth could amass enough power…

    That isn’t the case I believe on the local political level…..

    From time to time 3rd, 4th and even 5th party people get elected on specific local issues…

    But I would assume they HAVE to aline themselves with one of two parties to survive…

    When I go to vote the big guys and women have there names on several party lines….


    I would image that those 3rd, 4th and 5th parties COULD become critical in local and state tight races…

  15. A Presidential election is nothing more than a collection of state elections. It’s very possible theoretically. France had a long-standing two party system and in the first round of the last election, the traditional major parties finished 3rd and 5th. We don’t even have to worry about runoffs or second rounds here when it comes to the Presidency.

  16. How Trump could tweet the GOP out of its Senate majority

    ….Here’s the thing: Attacking Flake — and seemingly supporting former state Sen. Kelli Ward, Flake’s challenger — makes it less likely that Republicans win Arizona next fall. And outing Corker’s retirement dilemma makes it — stop me if you’ve heard this before — less likely that Republicans win Tennessee next fall….

    More @

    ( Seems like it ain’t just me thinking Donald Trump could be fellow New Yorker Chuck Schumer’s secret weapon to get McConnell’s job in 2019..)

  17. Some time back, it was mentioned that Corker was deciding between running for reelection and the Governorship of Tennessee. That is probably whatever discussion he had with Trump was about. Corker is very popular there and the Democrats are not going to be winning any Senate seats in TN anytime soon, against Corker or whomever.

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