Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump ain’t getting along….

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And THAT isn’t a good thing for Republicans AND Donald Trump….

Trump has been after McConnell personally for NOT being able to get a Repeal of the Healthcare Law  and other legislation and  also NOT helping him get out from under Robert Mueller’s investigation of him and his aides and family….

Donald Trump is continuing his history of attacking ANYTHING or ANYONE who doesn’t give him what he wants….

But like with judges?

Attacking his adopted party’s leader isn’t gone get him far….

Other GOP Senator’s have been quiet….

But they are said to be VERY unhappy with Trump’s attacks against McConnell and Republican lawmakers….

Trump will NEED McConnell and Republicans support on  important legislation coming up this fall ….Throwing at them isn’t  making them happy …..

Added to all this is yesterday’s threat from Steve Bannon, in his new job , against Republican lawmakers who don’t give Trump what he wants….

Let me add also that most people have forgotten that Donald Trump campaigned AGAINST these very people of HIS party in Congress, so this dissing should not be a surprise….

But all of this has led to comments from McConnel slipping out that he doesn’t think Trump will last in office….

Trump has gone on to say that he thinks McConnell, who has his leadership post by the votes of fellow Republicans in the Senate,  should step down if he can’t get Trump what HE wants….

…..Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee rebuked Mr. Trump last week for failing to “demonstrate the stability nor some of the competence” required of presidents. On Monday, Senator Susan Collins of Mainesaid in a television interview that she was uncertain Mr. Trump would be the Republican presidential nominee in 2020.

There are few recent precedents for the rift. The last time a president turned on a legislative leader of his own party was in 2002, when allies of George W. Bush helped force Trent Lott to step down as Senate minority leader after racially charged remarks at a birthday party for Senator Strom Thurmond, Republican of South Carolina.

For the moment, Mr. McConnell appears to be far more secure in his position, and perhaps immune to coercion from the White House. Republicans are unlikely to lose control of the Senate in 2018, and Mr. Trump has no allies in the Senate who have shown an appetite for combat with Mr. McConnell.

Still, some allies of Mr. Trump on the right — including Stephen K. Bannon, who stepped down last week as Mr. Trump’s chief strategist — welcome more direct conflict with Mr. McConnell and congressional Republicans.

Roger J. Stone Jr., a Republican strategist who has advised Mr. Trump for decades, said the president needed to “take a scalp” in order to force cooperation from Republican elites who have resisted his agenda. Mr. Stone urged Mr. Trump to make an example of one or more Republicans, like Mr. Flake, who have refused to give full support to his administration.

“The president should start bumping off incumbent Republican members of Congress in primaries,” Mr. Stone said. “If he did that, Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan would wet their pants and the rest of the Republicans would get in line.”

But Mr. McConnell’s allies warn that the president should be wary of doing anything that could jeopardize the Senate Republican majority.

“The quickest way for him to get impeached is for Trump to knock off Jeff Flake and Dean Heller and be faced with a Democrat-led Senate,” said Billy Piper, a lobbyist and former McConnell chief of staff.


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) is expressing doubts that President Trump can succeed in office after a summer of controversies and crises, according to a bombshell report from The New York Times.

The Times reported Tuesday that McConnell has privately questioned Trump’s willingness to learn how to govern and the president’s ability to lead the GOP into the 2018 midterm elections, according to people who have spoken to him.

The report that McConnell has expressed reservations about Trump’s ability to salvage his presidency follows a week in which the president was put on the defensive after blaming both sides for the violence in Charlottesville, Va., after a white supremacist rally.

McConnell was reportedly troubled by Trump’s remarks that placed equal blame on hate groups and counterprotesters.

The Senate GOP leader also signaled his unease with Trump’s comments to business leaders who quit their posts on presidential advisory councils in recent days, according to the report….


23 thoughts on “Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump ain’t getting along….”

  1. Hey James,

    Did you see where McC said he and Trump agree on almost everything,only mentioning trade as the issue they might have some disagreement on..

    While you are peeing in your pants over this little soap opera that Trump has going with McConnell which ,of course, has nothing to do with any issues.My point was that the personal name calling has nothing to do with the fact that Trump and McConnell fundamentally agree on the issues.

    Maybe you could get a subscription to Soap Opera digest to satisfy your craving for irrelevant BS like this.

    Also I always enjoy when someone essentially disagrees with you as Bdog did(referring to your insistence ofTrump as an “adopted Republican as “shit”,referring to your opinions as yours “alone,” presumably he doesn’t agree and them and once again implicitly disagreeing with your “he’s not a Republican ” routine) and you try to rope them in as an ally( see your pst@9:14.) You often do this with DSD who has to gently remind you that in fact his post is not in agreement with you at various times.BTW,Is Bdog a relative of yours?

    Scott really handles you best as he basically just ignores you,rarely ,if ever, addressing you, while publishing his forthright disagreements without reference to you.

    I admit that I have in the past claimed that I was going to do the same thing but lapse back into being drawn into these pointless back and forths with you .That is a mistake on my part.I don’t enjoy this anymore.Its tiresome.

  2. Once again, call me when McConnell and Trump disagree over a substantive issue like repealing Obamacare or tax cuts. The fact that Trump is a showboat that churns the news cycle and is trying to distract from the Russian investigation isn’t the point here. This is how he operates, and until the Senate and House Republicans start opposing him with their votes (and not off-the-record comments), as Peggy Noonan once said, “nothing to see here, move on!”

    1. In fact the Republica DID join against him on sanctions and the healthcare repeal….
      No money for his wall either….
      Ain’t gonna shut down the government for that also…
      As a matter of fact ?
      Congress is surely gonna fund the healthcare program….
      I have to keep giving actual facts here
      Against the media hype….

      1. Sure Trump got his court vote
        But DSD cam correct me
        The 80% GOP go alone vote figure hasn’t gone for major stuff except the failure
        Of healthcare ….

  3. I think Keith and Jack missed the mark because your so hung up on James’s comment about adopted Republican shit…

    We all know that is James’s opinion and his opinion alone…But the larger point here is this: Trump isn’t like most Republicans and isn’t like most politicians, he isn’t playing by the usual rules…He is a vindictive and a Uber Narcissistic man who will literally cut the balls off of anyone who he feels gets in his way or embarrasses him. By not passing the healthcare Bill, McConnell has embarrassed him and he will literally feud with the guy even if it is not for the good of the party. Which James will say makes Trump not a Republican, I would say it just shows how narcissistic the man is…He is republican, but he doesn’t care about the Republicans he only cares about himself…

    1. And Yes Bdog….

      He, he, he….

      Jack is my favorite person here to TRY to twist and TURN to make sure he counters my almost every comment, even IF I prove him wrong….

      We all play roles here…

      It works….

  4. Yes,this is a prime example of his total ignorance of politics.

    So McConnell and Trump call each other names.Maybe they viscerally hate each other?So?

    They are both Republicans James.What about that don’t you “get?”

    Oh that’s right ,you’re still playing that little game in your fevered imagination that since Trump isn’t “really” a Republican etc etc…

    As I point out here everyday,he is pursuing a Right Wing Republican agenda.His argument with McConnell has nothing to do with that.They largely agree on most issues.His disgruntlement with McConnell is over tactics and McConnells inability ,in his eyes, to sufficiently rally the troops.

    You simply don’t understand the way things work and are so obsessed with this dumb,idiotic little narrative about Trumps degree of “Republicaness” that you refuse to see that he continues to govern as a conservative Republican.

    1. There IS something wrong with you Jack….

      I haven’t said Trump wasn’t a Republican….

      I HAVE said he IS the adopted LEADER of the party about a hundred times….

      I DO agree that politician’s have disagreements all the time…

      I just pointed out that the tenor and public nature to the current President and Senate Majority leader is NOT something that has NOT been seen anytime recently if at all…

      Maybe DSD can correct my view…

      You are just gonna take your daily supporting comments for me….

      1. I WILL continue to believe that Trump actually has NO ideology and most his tweets and speech handles are just outreach to his base…..

        Which of course he uses to leverage his adopted parties lawmakers, who won’t go the record with support for him…But as I acknowledge and you constantly reminded us have voted UP TO NOW more that 80% with….But will have to grow balls to keep the country running….

      2. Hey Jack?

        …Less than 24 hours after the White House tried to tamp down reports that President Donald Trump was feuding with Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, Trump published tweets Thursday morning reigniting the standoff in the public sphere.

        Trump began by preemptively blaming McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) for any difficulty in passing legislation to raise the debt ceiling.

        Trump followed up an hour later explicitly stating that he does have a “problem” with McConnell and chastising the Senate leader for failing to repeal Obamacare this summer.

        The tweets from Trump come amid reports that he is in a standoff with McConnell. The two reportedly yelled at each other in an early August phone call during which Trump berated McConnell for not protecting him from the Russia probes, and the two have apparently not spoken since. Though the two have reportedly not spoken, they have taken jabs at each other in public….

        More @

        (Just a little spat among party members IN PUBLIC , eh?
        Donald Trump just KEEPS THROWING punches)

  5. Of course they aren’t buddies James, but most President’s aren’t really buddies with Members of Congress, and Mitch’s wife does work for our Republican President, and Mitch does support the President’s agenda. So, since Elaine controls the purse strings I think you could say it’s all in the family right?

    What about that don’t you understand?

    We have now spent almost eight months here with some other folks trying to deny that Trump is the head of the Republican Party. But, his agenda is their agenda, and the vast majority of rank and file Republicans support not only his agenda, but his racist comments.


    Lots of Senators have resented the sitting President for all sorts of reasons over the years. First because they almost all think they should have the job, but also because they disagree on core issues, like immigration, budget, and debt limit. That is what “regular order” is for, they work out their differences if they aren’t writing legislation in secret. You know hearings and the like.

    Call me when McConnell and Ryan actually disagree substantively with Trump over issues, or, if they ever give any indication that they might actually want to seriously look into both Trump’s ties to Russia and Russia’s involvement in last year’s election.

    1. Sure… Keith ….

      I’ll keep letting ya know….

      For the record?

      Very FEW Majority leaders of the same party as their party leading President have endured the public beat down McConnell is getting….

      Ask around for others institutional memory…

  6. Mitch’s Wife must really be struggling, her boss publicly criticizes her husband…that shit must not be easy to stomach…

    And if she is just Mitch’s plant in the Trump Cabinet, it still must be tough to be undercover dealing with the shit Trump says…

    1. Prime example there Bdog….

      Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said Tuesday that she stood by both her husband and President Donald Trump, despite the public feud that has erupted between the two in recent weeks.

      “I stand by my man, both of them,” Chao said when, appearing with the president in New York, she was asked at a news conference on transportation policy whether she agreed with Trump’s statements slamming the work of her husband, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell….

      More @

    2. ….In a series of tweets this month, Mr. Trump criticized Mr. McConnell publicly, then berated him in a phone call that quickly devolved into a profane shouting match.

      During the call, which Mr. Trump initiated on Aug. 9 from his New Jersey golf club, the president accused Mr. McConnell of bungling the health care issue. He was even more animated about what he intimated was the Senate leader’s refusal to protect him from investigations of Russian interference in the 2016 election, according to Republicans briefed on the conversation….

      More @

  7. You’ve run several posts chastising the Republican tax reform proposal.

    Now, how about you explaining the differences between McConnell and Trump on this issue?

    Trump wanted to repeal Obamacare.So did McConnell.Indeed Trumps criticism of McConnell is that he didn’t accomplish it.Apparently, you don’t understand that.

    Sure they have shared goals .Theyre both Republicans and both support a Republican agenda .

    1. Simple Jack

      Donald Trump wanted a complete Reeal of the Law….
      McConnell at first tried to offer op amendments like they do on regular order…
      That wasn’t gonna work so he just try the Bum’s rush hoping Trump might help him.

      I guess that ‘s a common goal right?

      In the end McConnell KNEW he would get no joy….

      I forgot that first try McConnell pulled the vote…

      Trump doesn’t give shit how he wins

      McConnell does…

      So their shared goals are NOT REALLY THE SAME….

      On taxes it should More the regular Ole Republican take from the poor and middle class for the rich..
      But like the above?

      McConnell will be trying to get a square peg thru a round hole while Trump hits him over the head with verbal 2 x 4’s

      Ya gotta love these guys screwing themselved

      1. Update…

        ….In a statement, McConnell said Wednesday afternoon that he and Trump were “committed to advancing our shared agenda together and anyone who suggests otherwise is clearly not part of the conversation,” but said nothing to bat away now widely reported details of their tense relationship.

        And in fact, the duo has no plans to meet until at least the first week of September when Congress returns from summer recess, a senior White House official told CNN. Perhaps in a nod at the now infamous profanity-laced phone call that Trump and McConnell had earlier this month about efforts to repeal Obamacare, that official noted: “There were conversations about having calls on several items, but I think we felt it would be better to do it in person.”

        More @

        (Like I said earlier..These two ain’t talking and ain’t buddies right now…)

  8. Really?

    Mitch McConnell is out with a statement that he and Trump are in contact regularly and are working together on “shared goals.”

    And why shouldn’t they be?

    They are both Republicans.

    Once again , this increasingly desperate effort to seperate the Republican President from his fellow Republicans in Congress fails.Just because they might occasionally say some negative words toward each other doesn’t mean that the two conservatives aren’t working together on their mutual agenda.

    Now they failed in trying to deny healthcare to millions.Perhaps they will do better on every Republicans dream….
    Massive tax cuts for the wealthy or as they e euphemistically refer to their goal…

    Tax “reform.”

    1. The McConnell statement is to be expected….
      WTF does it mean?
      What kind of contact?
      What shared goals?

      Trump wanted NO SANCTIONS AND A REPEAL

      Trump just last night bitched about the fillerbuster, Healthcare and the wall,..
      All things he got NOTHING on and he is STILL blaming McConnell…
      I do Not agree with your constand view that things are ‘fine’ between Trump and Senate GOPer’s…..
      McConnell trying to make things seem ok withstanding….
      Trump is chewing on McConnell’s ass and the Majority Leader is stuck of his parties own accord….

      1. Jared Rizzi…

        Nothing says unity like separate statements asserting things you should agree on with little evidence of papering over differences

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