GOP Sen. Collins vote of confidence in Donald Trump then, now, and even a second term….

When the Maine Republican Senator, who helped torpedo the Healthcare Repeal effort in the US senate, was asked about her parties leader already running for a second term in 2020….

“Well, I didn’t support the President when he was our party’s nominee. That was a very difficult position for me to take,” Collins said. “I’d never taken it before.”

“So what happens — he’s already running for reelection,” Jackson pressed. “What happens next?”

“Well, it’s far too early to tell now,” Collins replied. “There’s a long ways between now and that point.”

“Do you think he will end up the party’s nominee in 2020?” Jackson asked.

“It’s too difficult to say,” Collins said….


image….Robert F. Bukaty/AP

Manila Calling!

Who cares really.