Donald Trump stands Defiant…And increasingly Alone…Open Thread for 8/16/17…

In a pattern that got him last years GOP Presidential nomination and the Presidency itself?

Donald J. Trump has pushed back against what is expected of person who is supposed to be leading the nation and LOUDLY proclaimed HIS version of the truth….

Pushed into walking away from the rightwingnuts that supported him and are against Minorities and Jews…

Trump doubled back to blaming the racial and religious  violence in Charlottesville on EVERYBODY except the White Power types that have been shown on TV being the aggressors…

We’ve always said here the Trump operates in an Alternate Universe and his actions recently seem to be proof…

A mixture of listening to rightwingnuts and anger at being led to do the ‘right thing’ seems to have made the man VERY angry and defiant…

(He STILL has his base people..But even that number is dropping in new polling…They seem to be ALL he has?)

And seems to be pushing him away from what ever support he has had from establishment GOPer’s…Not many are up front in chastising his action in the last 48 hours…But those same establishment GOP lawmakers that he needs to get any legislation passed ?….(Congress voted AGAINST him on Russian sanctions…There is NOT Obamacare Repeal and the Congress is getting ready to take away Trump’s ability to withhold Healthcare Insurance subsidies)

They have to be wondering WTF they would be going out on a limb to do what a New York Real Estate guy, who could give a shit about anybody but him wants….

“After Trump won the election he had the whole party behind him, except for some malcontents in Washington, but that’s shrinking now,” said one GOP strategist who requested anonymity to talk candidly about the president’s standing with his party.

“Even when all we heard about was the dysfunction and staff infighting and leaks, most Republicans were in lockstep behind the president,” the strategist said. “It feels like that is starting to break. It feels like this is getting away from him.”….



Trump is sure to point to his being down though in the nomination race and the general election…And how he came back against the odds …BOTH TIMES….

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105 thoughts on “Donald Trump stands Defiant…And increasingly Alone…Open Thread for 8/16/17…”

  1. I just saw the Red Sox come back and get a walk off win against the Cardinals, so DSD has bragging rights over Scott for the day…

  2. Because Scott?

    Trump STILL has HIGH support numbers among ALL GOPer’s ….

    Those numbers ARE falling, but they are Still up there….

    But I believe people running in the special elections are supporting Trump against getting beat up…
    But NOT his specific actions…
    Trump IS losing traction nevertheless

  3. If the CBS poll is to be used it marks another DROP in Trump’s support among Republicans…

    Other polling had his GOP support higher…..

  4. I agree that they should ask him to give it up….

    He adopted them…

    Then ran against them…

    He is now their leader and they are suffering for it…

    If you read around you see numerous accounts of the squirming the establishment is doing because they
    capitulated to the guy….

    I HAVE pointed out here that already the GOP lawmakers have gone their own way win sanctions and healthcare…

    The cheaky throw down about how Trump isn’t the poster guy for the party is just a old rehashed effort to continue something that is old….

    Ya need to find a new angle to debate….

  5. As for Ron G?

    He seems to have leans for the dark side…

    Like other’s….

    They have a heavy load to carry with the NY Real Estate Guy leading most of the party faithful…But causing the establishment he has pimped, to have daily headaches….

    And the Robert Mueller show is waiting in the wings….

  6. I will repeat this….

    Trump HAS to be thinking …’I beat EVERYBODY BEFORE…I’ll beat’m again…’

    And I ‘ll do it on my own….

  7. Breaking…

    In Barcelona Spain….

    Jim Sciutto

    Local Spanish media report two armed men have entered a restaurant after a van crashed into a crowd of people, Reuters reports.

    There are fatalities

  8. I don’t agree that the numbers in the CBS Poll reflect a drop in support for Trump overall.

    The response was as to Trumps handling of the Charlottesville situation.

    One could disapprove of his handling of that situation ,but approve of his performance overall.

    Anyhow ,the fact that two thirds of Republicans think it’s ok to equate Nazis and White Supremacists with others ,even if they disapprove of their politics ,is very disturbing .It confirms much of what some of us have been saying about the state of today’s Republican Party.

    More importantly though, it’s very disturbing for the country.

  9. According to a Pew Research Poll ,22 out of 36 counties,including Germany, France and Japan ,trust Vladimir Putin more than Trump.

    Putin might be proud of that fact or he might think that he is being damned with faint praise.

    I mean being “trusted” more than Trump isn’t exactly anything to brag about.

  10. The Cubs are down 8-0 in the 2nd. I guess that one is over. I was hoping to be able to distract myself by following the game instead of all this stuff here.

  11. I have taken to reading old history books and watching old movies on Turner Classic Movies.

    I particularly enjoy Humphrey Bogart movies and the crime film noir of the forties and fifties.

  12. Trumpists now look to be ready to embark on a campaign to oust Mitch McConnell because they have unearthed a photo of McConnell accepting an award in front of a large Confederate flag. The photo appears to be from the late 80’s or early 90’s (I’ve seen it referenced by the left before) but they are acting like McConnell just did this after Charlottesville.

    McConnell called for Confederate flags to come down several years ago.

  13. I’ve been meaning to ask if anyone has any idea what the origin or significance of “Jews will not replace us” means.

    I don’t really get it. Are the Nazis under the impression that the number of Jews are increasing in America or elsewhere? Sadly, it’s just the opposite.

    And replace them where? Trailer parks? Campgrounds? They may have some bad info.

    CNN had a feature with one of the leaders from Charlottesville. He was basically saying Trump was really good but so far from perfect because he let a Jew get ahold of his “beautiful” daughter.

  14. It sounds like it could be Bannon’s daily mantra at the White House about Jared and Ivanka and others..

  15. The Cubs have just hit four home runs in the bottom of the 4th are now within three…

    But for superstitious reasons, I will re-state, that it’s over!

  16. What group would McConnell be receiving an award from that would be flying a Confederate flag?

    It could have been a group in Georgia Or Mississippi where the Confederate flag is part of the state flag maybe?

  17. Daughters of the Confederacy or something in 1991. It’s old news.

    The thing is that Trump backers think they can “get” McConnell on this because they are claiming that he criticized Trump on Charlottesville and then took a picture in front of the flag… and somehow looks about 30 years younger!

  18. One of the marchers whose face was plastered all over national news came from the Ladue area of St. Louis–one of the toniest suburbs around here.

    We can joke about these haters being white trash from trailer parks but in reality a lot of them are from well to do and connected families. They aren’t”oppressed” in any way shape or form. They simply hate. In smany cases the radicalization of white 20 yr old is eerily similar to that of middle eastern youth with Am Qaeda/ISIS

  19. The Cubs, having been down 9-0, are now in a 9-8 ballgame in the 5th, but I repeat it’s over. They have lost.

    (I should have learned my lesson with Hillary)

  20. The Daughters of the Confederacy are actually responsible for many of the Confederate memorials throughout the south,most having been erected in the late Nineteenth and early Twentieth century.

    They operate a museum in Charleston They used to fly a Confederate flag in front of it but took it down about ten years ago.

    Besides that ,their main activity is celebrating Confederate Memorial Day,which is a legal holiday in SC .All state offices are closed.They usually plant small Confederate foags on the graves of soldiers at a local cemetery.

    Unlike the Sons of Confederate Veterans, which has become more political,the Daughters ,their ranks mostly older and thinner, stick pretty much to the type of activities above.

  21. ok, upon further research, it was the Sons.

    Nonetheless, in 2015, McConnell said the time had long come for the Confederate battle flag to come down everywhere.

  22. Trump shifting the discussion from what he said about white supremacists to arguments about statues and monuments is of course no coincidence. Anything to muddy the water. It’s something that is probably going to work to benefit him. The left should be smart enough to not take the bait, but alas…

  23. The SCV became more political in the late nineties.

    There was actually a power struggle between the old timers, who were mostly the male equivalent of the Daughters ,and a younger group ,which included some avowed White Supremacists.

    The split still exists with individual SCV chapters being more Heritage oriented, while others have distinct overtones of a distinctly White supremacist organization.

    The SCV in Charleston managed to purchase Castle Pinckney, a small island in Charleston Harbor ,which was the first installation the Confederates captured.They fly the national flag of the Confederacy over it.Many tourists probably don’t know what it is as they are more familiar with the battle flag .

  24. People are trolling various Confederate monuments by putting up “Second Place Participation Trophy” banners and things as such.

    It’s pretty funny, but there might be a backlash. Less of one though than the images of radical left-wing mobs physically tearing down statues.

  25. As I came commented earlier,Trumps championing the Confederate monuments is,in my view, as much a move to shore up his base among southern Republicans where his support is almost universal among Republican activists.

    Indeed, just in the south,I would imagine his approval ratings among GOPer is well in the Nineties percentage wise.

  26. The type of people it will piss off already vigorously support Trump and vote Republican.

  27. We’ll see….
    Trump has got a little more than a year and Robert Mueller to screw up his base numbers….

    Congress, even Republican led, is gonna HAVE to vote against his wishes come the fall…

  28. Gonna have to support the healthcare Insures, Pass a budget and CR……

    All those things will involve NOT funding most of Trump’s BS campaign promises….

    Like I pointed out…

    Just a continuation of the direction they have gone on sanctions and healthcare….

  29. What does ny of that have to do with Republicans voting “against his wishes?”

    He and the Republicans broadly agree on those issues.

  30. It appears that my son was right….

    The Trump equivocation on Charlottesville story DOES have legs….

  31. Bannon is Out..

    The pace of news about the Trump administration is dizzying. There is going to be a new psychiatric disorder named for the pace at which this news comes out and how people digest it….

    Maybe a Trumpover?

  32. Trump might be in a giant stew pot helping the chef cut the carrots on this but gee, I wonder when Charlottesville will be sued? Church burners and Neo nazis having a torch parade the night before and their Police don’t even have their riot gear on the next day. I guess they were only expecting photo op’s and not a death cage match.

    Between that pathetic Governor and stupid Mayor, they could not keep order. Only after everything is predictably out of control do they rescind the permit which was kinda like throwing gas on a fire. Now someone’s dead.

    If I has been injured, I would sue the City over it’s incompetent handling of the whole affair. As to these Confederate Memorials, I would move them to the nearest Confederate graveyard. Like Fort Sumter with slavery, this event will only accelerate that process.

    Mind you, I have been in situations where the regular opposition, not these clowns, have thrown shit, poked sticks, and done other nasty things. I was in a Vote Mitt trolley driving around the debate hall in Boston and not only did we have the Union hacks pulling shit but we also had some of the workers from the factory that Mitt’s investment Company closed. They were breaking up their signs and throwing the lumber at us like spears. Menino finally got some cops out there but by then it was over.

  33. Yea ….

    Trump has managed to get his butt in trouble again and his campaign buddies are hitting the dirt….

  34. I’ve been saying the first part of this for weeks….


    Jared Rizzi liked
    John Harwood‏@JohnJHarwood
    prediction just in from top R strategist: Trump resigns “once Mueller closes in on him and the family,” Pence makes Rubio VP, “GOP recovers”

  35. I see where some of Trumps staffers are using what might be called the “H R Haldeman defense..”

    One is being quoted anonymously that the public has no idea how much “crazy stuff” his aides kill in the Trump White House.

    Haldeman, Richard Nixons Chief of Staff ,in later life, noted that ,while many regarded him as a villain, that they had no idea how many of Nixons orders he simply ignored.,usually involving paranoiac Nixon instructions to “get” someone whom Nixon was mad at.

  36. All well and good Jack, but when will McConnell and Ryan denounce this racist by name?

    Did you see the poll on how many Republicans supporter Confederate Monuments?

  37. I haven’t seen the poll but anecdotally ,at least here in SC, I don’t know any Republicans ,of prominence ,who support removing Confederate monuments.

    Indeed, as I mentioned last week,SC actually has a state law requiring 2/3 vote of the legislature before it could be done.

    In my view, any Republican ,who supported such removal would be primaried and would lose.

  38. Their removal will NOT change history….

    And it will be up to the American people to move ahead thru the 21st Century….

  39. That doesn’t surprise me .

    James,seems as if Trumps “adopted” party agrees with him .

  40. CNN jumps right to their Town Hall with House Speaker Paul Ryan…….

    Ryan front’s Trump ‘Principal Realism’

    As I thought…..
    They will use the fight Obama started against ISIS as part of their reason to re-engage in Afghanistan ….

  41. “I said I would change the world, I said I did, I made it worse. It wasn’t what I wanted to do.”

    — Arthur Finkelstein (1945-2017), reclusive electoral strategist of the Republican right, Prague, 2011 — as quoted in his New York Times obituary, Monday, August 21, 2017 (page A17 of the New England edition).

  42. US Treasury announces sanctions against Russian and Chinese business and individuals supplying North Korean arms….

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