Charlottesville White Power Protests Turn Violent….

Chants against Blacks and Jews turned violent in Virginia today as white power demonstrators clashed with Black Lives Matter and other groups  squared off….

Members of white nationalists clash a group of counter-protesters in Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S., August 12, 2017. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts

The governor of Virginia declared a state of emergency in Charlottesville on Saturday as a protest of a plan to remove a statue of a Confederate general turned violent, leaving several people injured and threatening to plunge the area into chaos.

Protesters clashed in the historic college town, home to the University of Virginia, as white nationalists — some waving Confederate flags, chanting Nazi-era slogans, wearing helmets and carrying shields — converged on the statue of Robert E. Lee in the city’s Emancipation Park and the surrounding streets. The protest was the apparent culmination of more than a year of debate and division over the fate of the statue.

Saturday’s rally was supposed to start at noon, but the scene at the park had grown chaotic by late morning, with white nationalists and neo-Nazis facing off with Black Lives Matter demonstrators and other counterprotesters. Inside the park, which was encircled with metal barricades and the police, hundreds of white nationalists gathered around the Lee statue, chanting phrases like “You will not replace us,” and “Jew will not replace us.”

Outside the park, a huge mass of counterprotesters grew, shouting phrases like “Nazi scum.” By 11:35 a.m., the police had retreated, the barricades had come down and fights had broken out. People were seen clubbing one another in the streets. Pepper spray filled the air as the police attempted to contain the situation.

By 11 a.m., when the city declared the state of emergency, several people had been injured, including a University of Virginia police officer. It was unclear if the injuries were serious. The governor, Terry McAuliffe, followed with his own declaration an hour later.

“The acts and rhetoric in #Charlottesville over past 24 hours are unacceptable & must stop,” Governor McAuliffe said on Twitter. “A right to speech is not a right to violence.”……



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29 thoughts on “Charlottesville White Power Protests Turn Violent….”

    1. There is a report that several people, counter demonstrator’s, have been injuries by someone deliberately driving into them….

      1. …twitter…

        Jared Rizzi Retweeted
        Ubadah Sabbagh‏ @Neubadah
        This is why Trump carefully chose a non-specific generic denounciation. No mention of KKK, Alt-right, Nazis, or Charlottesville. Get it now?

      2. …twitter…

        Matthew Yglesias‏ @mattyglesias
        Back in June, Trump’s DHS decided to cancel planned spending on deradicalizing violent white nationalists.

        1. Update…..

          Update: 1 killed after car plows into protesters in Charlottesville
          SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 2017, 12:56 PM PDT
          At least one person was killed today and several others injured after a car struck a group of protesters in Charlottesville, Va., the city’s mayor said. The group had been dispersed by police following a large gathering of white nationalists, an event marred by brawls with the governor declaring a state of emergency.

          President Trump condemned the violence, saying, “We condemn in the strongest possible terms this egregious display of hatred, bigotry and violence, on many sides.”

          LA Times….

          1. “White fragility”….

            A lot of white men are marching in Charlottesville, Virginia, this weekend, chanting slogans like “white lives matter” and “you will not replace us.” The rally suggests that white men are the real victims of the American political climate, due to plans to tear down Confederate monuments — symbols of white supremacy and racism — in the Southern city.

            The reality, of course, is white men have dominated America throughout its history. White Americans beat their black and Latino counterparts in terms of wealth, income, and educational attainment. All US presidents but one have been white men, and the current Congress — supposedly the most diverse in history — remains dominated by white and male legislators.

            So what’s going on here?

            One concept to explain this is “white fragility.” Robin DiAngelo, who studies race at Westfield State University, described this phenomenon in a groundbreaking 2011 paper….

            More @

              1. Update on casualties from car running into the crowd in Charlottesville…..

                One DOA….
                19 injuries….

                (My thought is that law enforcement around the country should be going alert for protest marches and violence tonight and in the near future…)

  1. Why should the thoughts expressed by Erick Erikson be met with “wow?” He stated what conservatives believe, and his also representative of the teachings of his own Christian faith.

    It is extremely disheartening that the current President of the United States, who knows exactly how to frame messages he wants to frame, is drawing moral relativism today to say that this is a problem of hatred “on all sides.”

    No, the tumult today and the subsequent death and injuries occurred because of the actions of white nationalist neo-Nazis. Some leaders of their protests today have indicated that they are doing so in the name of Donald Trump and doing so as his supporters. That ought to make it crystal clear to Trump that he ought to be denouncing them without any equivocation, but he seems unable to do so, sadly.

        1. It appears that the police chopper involved 2 DOA’s…..

          So the car incident claimed one.,…

          It is UNK if the chopper had anything to do with the protests,..

          More updates to come…

          1. Jeff Zelemy….

            Many Republicans privately wincing at president’s response and his failure to call out white supremacists. Sen. Gardner did it out loud.

            1. The chopper that went down was Virgina State Police a/c

              The driver of the car that went into crowd has been arrested

              The organizer of the white rally disavows the violence…

              Trump is coming under whithering criticism
              For NOT DIRECTLY DISOVOWING White power/Nazi type protests….

              1. The are calls for the Fed’s to join the local and state law enforcement efforts….
                We’ll see if AG Sessions sends the FBI and DOJ in…..

  2. “We should call evil by its name. My brother didn’t give his life fighting Hitler for Nazi ideas to go unchallenged here at home” – Senator Orrin Hatch

    1. Will Trump say he was joking and do ‘the right thing’?
      Or try to change the subject and go on about North Korea and McConnell not doing his bidding…..
      I’m out and heard in two separate conversations people asking when is Trump gonna be gone?
      They don’t know how?
      But they just want him to disappear…

      1. Pence via twitter….

        Karen & I saddened by the loss of lives in Charlottesville. Thoughts & prayers w/ families of officers & young woman.Also w/ injured victims

        1. Barack Obama via twitter…

          “People must learn to hate, and if they can learn to hate, they can be taught to love…”

              1. It appears that Trump couldn’t say it HIMSELF….so he actually had his Press office release the below…

                AP Politics

                White House says Trump “very strongly” condemns hate groups such as “white supremacists, KKK and neo-Nazis”:

              2. An answer to my Trump David Duke question?….

                Jake Tapper….

                “This exchange wasn’t just a failure to denounce Duke and white supremacist groups; it was a refusal to do so.”

  3. A lot of Republicans like that Trump refuses to condemn white supremacists. They think Republican politicians like Rubio and Cruz who have condemned the actions are sellouts.

  4. I agree.

    Indeed ,in perusing the sites where many Right Wing Republicans hang out, that feeling is almost universal.

  5. I see it like this. For years Republican politicians have responded to incidents like this by correctly acknowledging that white supremacy, racism, etc is wrong. But radio show hosts like Rush Limbaugh have been slower to make any such concession.

    Trump is our first talk show host President. And Republicans who like that stuff no longer have to hear a GOP politician who they deem as just being “politically correct”

    1. After Charlottesville, Republicans must grapple with their history on race

      The Republican Party entered the political scene as the party of “free soil, free labor, and free men.” When Republican Abraham Lincoln captured the presidency, white Southerners seceded from the Union. During and after the Civil War, Republicans became the party of emancipation, a legacy that their modern-day successors like to invoke to ward off criticisms of racism (while reminding Democrats of their past hypocrisy on race).

      And yet this weekend’s white supremacist campaign to defend the legacy of the confederacy in Charlottesville occurred under the banner of “Unite the Right.” The white supremacists proudly identified as part of the party that Lincoln built.

      The horrific spectacle highlighted the complicated relationship that the modern Republican Party has with racial conservatives. GOP political success over the last half-century has hinged on courting white Southerners who have steadily migrated away from their ancestral Democratic home. Through a combination of racially coded phrases like states’ rights and law and order, the Republican Party has absorbed the rhetoric and ideas of the former confederacy.

      With the eruption of domestic terrorism perpetrated by white nationalists in Charlottesville, the GOP stands at a crossroads….

      More @

  6. Here is another very relevant section of the Post article directly referencing the symbolism of Reagan’s campaign kick-off in Mississippi mere miles from where civil rights workers were murdered by the Klan in the 60s.

    Now, while Red State and other right wing blogs have argued that Reagan didn’t actually kick-off his campaign in the heart of Klan Country, the fact remains, he went there shortly after his nomination to nail down the racist vote, and the symbolism of this visit was not lost on anyone at the time. Remember, Donald Trump Jr. followed in the Gipper’s footsteps and went to Philadelphia to rally the racist base of the Republican Party during the last campaign. So to argue the timing of the visit seems rather disingenuous don’t you think? The message for both campaigns was exactly the same.

    Here is the paragraph:

    “Ronald Reagan fell into a similar pattern as Nixon, courting the votes of white Southerners as well as African Americans. He launched his general election campaign at the Neshoba County Fair in Mississippi, mere miles from where white supremacists had infamously murdered three civil rights workers in 1964. Reagan chose this historically charged location to note his support for states’ rights, a phrase that embodied genuine conservative convictions about federalism. But, thanks to its sordid history — the phrase had justified confederate secession and the post-Civil War system of Jim Crow segregation — it also sent signals to racists that the federal government would abstain from protecting the rights of African Americans.”

    And Reagan, as Trump has done, appointed an Attorney General who, without actually saying so, reversed Justice Department practices that benefited minorities.

    So, yes, the Republican Party has lots to answer for on the issue of race, they have used it as a political weapon to win elections. It appears they may have overreached with Trump this time.

    1. Militia leaders who descended on Charlottesville condemn ‘rightwing lunatics’

      The men in charge of the 32 militia members who came to Charlottesville from six states to form a unit with the mission of “defending free speech” were Christian Yingling, the commanding officer of the Pennsylvania Light Foot Militia, and his “second in command” on the day, George Curbelo, the commanding officer of the New York Light Foot Militia.

      “We spoke to the Charlottesville police department beforehand and offered to come down there and help with security,” Yingling told the Guardian.

      “They said: ‘We cannot invite you in an official capacity, but you are welcome to attend,’ and they gave us an escort into the event,” he added.

      Gun laws vary from state to state and even city to city, but Virginia has one of the most relaxed sets of laws in the US. It is legal for civilians to carry weapons openly, including intimidating assault rifles loaded with 30-round magazines, which the Light Foots – but not the police or official military – carried during the Charlottesville event.

      Yingling said he had been asked to bring a team to Charlottesville by a local militia, the Virginia Minutemen Militia, to reinforce their numbers, and to be in charge on the day.

      But Yingling said the original request for a militia force to attend the event had come from the organizers of the white nationalist rally, who wanted them to act as security.

      The militiamen had said: “No, we will not come and defend just you,” Yingling recalled. “It’s important for us to say we were there in a neutral stance.”….

      More @

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