Trump seems to lock Democrats out of Federal Judge picks….

One area Conservatives are happy with Trump is judge picks , which will be in effect for decades in the Courts….

President Donald Trump’s judicial nominees are ignoring key Senate Democrats as they vie for lifetime appointments to the bench — a break from longstanding practice that diminishes the minority’s power to provide a check against ideologically extreme judges.

The brewing tension between the White House and the Senate over filling an unusually high number of judicial vacancies is impeding the pace at which Trump installs lifetime appointees to the federal bench — so far one of the president’s few major victories, with his legislative agenda largely stymied in Congress.

University of Pennsylvania law professor Stephanos Bibas met privately with his state’s GOP senator, Pat Toomey, before Trump chose him to the 3rd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in June — but not with Democratic Sen. Bob Casey, according to a questionnaire submitted by Bibas to the Senate Judiciary Committee about his nomination. Same goes for 7thCircuit nominee Amy Coney Barrett, who interviewed with Sen. Todd Young (R-Ind.) about the appellate vacancy but not fellow Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly, a Democrat.

And in Minnesota, 8th Circuit nominee David Stras met personally with two House Republicans who had recommended him to the White House but with neither of the two senators — Democrats Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar — who actually wield influence over whether Stras’ nomination can advance.

“Let’s be clear: The Trump administration did not meaningfully consult with Sen. Franken prior to Justice Stras’ nomination,” Franken spokesman Michael Dale-Stein said. “Rather than discuss how senators traditionally approached circuit court vacancies or talk about a range of potential candidates, the White House made clear its intention to nominate Justice Stras from the outset.”

Though the nominee questionnaires don’t disclose all communications between the White House and senators about a judicial candidate, Democratic senators and aides argue that consultation over court nominees — generally a bipartisan custom — has been minimal under Trump, at best….


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52 thoughts on “Trump seems to lock Democrats out of Federal Judge picks….”

  1. Who cares what he was “was?”

    He’s now President of the United States.You seem obsessed with what he used to be or what he said in the campaign.

    What does any of that have to do with the present?

    It is hilarious how you attempt to absolve Republicans of having nominated and voted for him for President by always noting in any discussion of Trump that he “used to be” or “blank years ago he said.”


    1. His used to be has been quoted EVERYTIME hebreaks a campaign promise…
      His used to be withbe ammo used against until he leaves office ….
      People who forget history are doomed to make the same mistakes….

  2. Wilkie was a Democrat who voted for FDR in 36 before he ran against him in 1940.

    Eisenhower was an independent who the Democrats flirted with nominating for President in 48 before he ran and won as a Republican in 52.

    Reagan was a longtime Democrat before running for Governor of California and then President as a Republican.

    Donald Trump is a Republican.

  3. Please provide an example of the “used to be” quote James?

    He is the leader of the Republican Party. Just like Eisenhower and Reagan.

    1. Donald Trump donated money to his fellow Democrats Hillary Clinton and Chuck Schumer….
      He runs with the GOPer’s now
      So MOST of his Democratic like promises
      Like helping Dreamers, Abortion and other stuff promised during last years campaign are HISTORY….
      Like I said….
      He runs with who he can pimp..

  4. Back in the (hardly unimpeachable) days of filibusters, Senatorial Courtesy and Blue Slips, administrations of either party had to consult with both Senators to avoid having a judicial nomination held in indefinite limbo when one of those Senators withheld his consent (returning a blue slip to the Judiciary Committee).

    Whoever in the administration was picking judges did consult first with Senators of the same party, but also needed to check with the state’s legislators or governor of the opposition party.

    But I’m probably garbling the procedures and customs of fifty years ago, and exactly where they differed from what is apparently being done (or not done) now.

    Someone more knowledgeable about Washington practices is more than welcome to correct or clarify my rough impression.

  5. Where are the quotes James, who else besides our ex-Republican friend from blue Illinois is fixated about what Trump used to be?

    What political observers classify Trump as an adopted Republican?

    Name them?

      1. Make no cuts to Medicare

        “I’m not going to cut Social Security like every other Republican and I’m not going to cut Medicare or Medicaid.”

        Ensure funding for historic black colleges

        “My plan will also ensure funding for historic black colleges and universities, more affordable two- and four-year college and support for trade and vocational education.”

        Establish a commission on radical Islam

        “One of my first acts as president will be to establish a commission on radical Islam which will include reformist voices in the Muslim community who will hopefully work with us.”

        Guarantee 6-week paid leave

        “We can provide six weeks of paid maternity leave to any mother with a newborn child whose employer does not provide the benefit.”

  6. Yes, what did Trump say in the campaign about abortion that strayed from the Republican line?

    Indeed he is literally the darling of the religious right ,some of whom claim that he a literal agent of God.A slacker on the Abortion issue wouldn’t merit such an accolade.

    As for the fact that at various time he donated to some Democrats or even that he called himself one in the past,once again,


    Let’s talk more about the here and now.His criticisms of various GOpers is essentially that they are not “Republican ” enough.His proposals are standard Republican.Indeed, even You ran an artcie about his Right Wing judicial picks and how he ignores the Democrats.

    So, once again, why do you insist on with your evidence less claim that he is anything other than a Republican?

    Obsessive and weird in my view.Your “defense” above is barely comprehensible.Its almost as if now that you’ve made these statements you’re just mindlessly and robotically repeating them and the facts be damned.

  7. Trump said, without seemingly having given it any thought beforehand, that there should be punishment for the woman. That definitely goes against the Pro-Life movement’s stated goals and viewpoints and looked like he might even been trying to undercut them by doing so.

    The bottom line is that he has no core. It doesn’t matter what he used to be or what he is now or what he might be in the future. He is all about himself.

  8. People who have a decades-long obsession with denouncing the Republican Party and everything associated with it will use any took at their disposal to do so. I know how that works. But if Donald Trump were an active liberal Democrat today, those people would still be just as anti-Republican, would have found another bogeyman in it, and would also be more willing to accept or at least tolerate Trump and what comes with him.

  9. In regards to the current Senate, we can all agree that Collins is a moderate Republican, but by any measure, I think it is fair to say that Murkowski and Capito also qualify and probably Heller as well.

    In the House, there are a lot fewer moderates than before but if I went through a list of all the names, there would easily be about 12-15 currently, (associated with the Tuesday Group) who are moderates. The number of moderate Democrats currently in the House would be much lower than 12.

    1. REALLY CG????

      OH MY GOSH!

      There ARE several MODERATE Republicans?


      And Jack admits there ARE ‘moderate Conservatives ‘ also?

      WHAT NEXT?????

  10. In fact, Murkowski’s American Conservative Union ratings appear to be slightly lower than that of Susan Collins.

  11. Besides for the last one, which is a huge big government program, I don’t know how the others fit in. Despite what Trump says, Republicans do not want to cut Social Security and I am not sure the point of the other two entries.

    1. Yea CG…..

      That’s one the reason I have fun with him and Jack….

      They make me work for it…

      But I love it when they are proven wrong….

  12. My copy of the Almanac of American Politics is supposed to ship in early September. I eagerly await (although I have far less politicians than ever to admire these days). I will have all the pertinent information in regards to interest group ratings, etc. and who might be described as a “moderate” in their profile, with reasons why.

    I have noticed from past editions that ACU ratings are down across the board for Republicans. They have turned surly and distrustful that very many people are truly worthy “conservatives” by their standards.

  13. Wow, the obsession continues. I’m up next for the mineral bath (I wonder if they protect you from radiation poisoning). Got to go, packed afternoon.

    The word moderate sure is being abused.

  14. How have you “proven” me (or anyone else for that matter )”wrong” James?

    (The illogic ,nonsensical blabbering and blatant lies to follow are sure to be of some minor amusement)

    1. Ha, ha, ha…..

      You Funny Jack…..

      You wouldn’t admit your name if could argue out of it….

      I’m batting 666 with ya recently….

      I got ya on two…You thankfully got me on one….

  15. CG,Do you seriously contend that Dean Heller will be running as a “moderate” in the Republican primary next year?

  16. He won’t use the term in the primary, but as long as Heller has been active in Nevada politics, he has been talked about as coming from the moderate wing of the party.

  17. I have no idea(nor I presumed does anyone else here I imagine) what you are talking about,

    Please skip the utter nonsense and explain what you have,
    “Got ” me on.

  18. That’s nice…

    Next year he will be running as a staunch conservative and will be bragging about his support of Donald Trump,

    1. Probably…..

      When Trump is running for cover from Mueller at 25% in approval?

      Should be interesting….

  19. I doubt Heller will be running as an ally of Trump in any sense. He didn’t vote for him in 2016.

    He won’t even mention him, if he can get away with it. If he has to, he will say he supports him when he is right and opposes him when he is wrong such as….

  20. He has a serious opponent in Tarkanian and is likely the most vulnerable Republican in next years Senate contest.

    He better grab ahold of Trump if he expects to win that primary.

  21. Ah James you’re still here.

    Now for the second time I ask you to explain what you have “got” me that on?

  22. In a Republican primary that overall ” approval” number is irrelevant.

    It’s the approval number among Republicans that matters.

  23. There isn’t anything moderate about Dean Heller and his flip flop (see Mitt Romney) on health care will be very tough to recover from in increasingly blue Nevada.

  24. Oh, and I am on to the wind tasting part of the afternoon. The consensus among the Hill staffers here is Heller is a Dead Man Walking!

  25. Not worried, I will master this new iPhone soon. But will the Republicans ever get control of their President. Still no answer for that one.

  26. Mitch stopped him from getting to any of those recess appointments. Pretty unprecedented to do that a President of the same party.

    And all the GOP Senators today seem to be putting out statements siding with McConnell, now that Trump is attacking him.

    So, while there are really some very dangerous concerns out there in the world this weekend, I hope that the inevitable Republican political civil war will go into higher gear as soon as possible.

  27. Mitch stopped him from getting any of those recess appointments?? One appointment, and actually it was Lisa Murkowski who did it (as usual ignore the woman’s effort).

    It was one appointment and it was done to save the Keebler Cracker’s job. If you haven’t noticed,, Trump has left hundreds of job appointments vacant (you know all those Obama appointees who are no longer working for the government).

    Got to go, our guests leave today for a conference at Stanford and I promised breakfast.

      1. The next Democrat is gonna have a rough and heavy lift job putting the government BACK TOGETHER….

  28. I suspect that a goodly number of the Republicans who ,while not being Trump fans support him,is for that very reason.

    Their unabashed hatred of the “government” is so strong that they console themselves with that fact,that Trump ,by his actions, is crippling that which they hate.

    Contradictorily.many of these types are some of the big consumers of government services:
    Oldsters on Medicare and Social Security,businessmen who have received SBAloans, developers who receive Section 8 payments from HUD to pay for their apartment projects,various service providers who receive agoodly part of their business from government entities.

    None of this matters however.They want to believe so deeply that “government” only exists to help”those people”(a catchall term reflecting the users animosity against one or another ethnic or racial grouping) that their own dependence upon “government” is ignored and only their prejudice against it remains,

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