Donald Trump is at it AGAIN…Open Thread for August 11, 2017…

This time it’s the North Korea’s…

If ya haven’t noticed by now?

This is TYPICAL Trump….

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With the Media breathlessly reporting EVERY utterance…..(which scares most people, but gets eaten up by his base)

Donald Trump is on center stage throwing haymakers at SOMEBODY….

During the campaign last year it was his adopted parties other candidates…and few judges…

Then it was Hillary Clinton…

Then it was the FBI Director which he fired….

Recently it ‘s been his own Republicans…

Briefed that the North Korea’s won’t actually fire anything AT America and now say they’ll think about Guam?

Trump has the green light to beat his chest and be that guy that gets in your face knowing that he’s got his posse standing behind him and there isn’t gonna be a fight….


Turns out that the US and North Korea HAVE BEEN talking for months…

Beyond the bluster, the Trump administration has been quietly engaged in back channel diplomacy with North Korea for several months, addressing Americans imprisoned in the communist country and deteriorating relations between the long-time foes, The Associated Press has learned.

It had been known the two sides had discussions to secure the June release of an American university student. But it wasn’t known until now that the contacts have continued, or that they have broached matters other than U.S. detainees.

People familiar with the contacts say the interactions have done nothing thus far to quell tensions over North Korea’s nuclear weapons and missile advances, which are now fueling fears of military confrontation. But they say the behind-the-scenes discussions could still be a foundation for more serious negotiation…


In addition?

The US and Allies will hold annual military drills with the South Korea military that the North Korea’s have always been uncomfortable with….


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110 thoughts on “Donald Trump is at it AGAIN…Open Thread for August 11, 2017…”

  1. So you believe three fourths of Republican voters just have so much hatred for “the Left,”

    That they would vote for a Klansman against any Democrat?

    That’s pretty incredible.

  2. The die-hard (non explicitly white nationalist) Trump supporters will stick to “he said the right things technically. He denounced the Klan, etc, specifically, and yes, its true there were bad people on both sides.” and “whatabout, whatabout…”

    And yes, all that is true technically, but it so beyond the point and a million miles apart from how a President should have reacted to the specific events.

    I don’t know how they square the circle though of accepting that Trump thinks that a bunch of the people who were “protesting” on Friday night were good, quiet people. They are just going to overlook that or shrug and think “well, that’s what he thinks and maybe he’s wrong.”

  3. 3/4 of those who voted for Trump. Many people voted for Trump who were do not call themselves Republicans and of course Republicans like me did not vote for Trump, aka “Duke Lite.”

  4. That’s still pretty incredible even with that qualifier.

    I thought I was cynical on that score, however, I don’t think I would rate it that high.

  5. And also easily 3/4, if not more, of the people who voted for recent Democrat nominees would have voted for Al Sharpton or someone similar against George W. Bush or Mitt Romney.

    I read something about how similar Trump and Sharpton really are and how Sharpton’s history of racially inflammatory lies (which actually led to deaths in one circumstance) and outright refusal to apologize for anything ever mirrors Trump in this matter.

    No, Democrats did not come close to nominating Sharpton in ’04. Kudos to them for that, but at that convention, he had the loudest cheers during his speech of anyone who spoke.

  6. Hillary was so distrusted and so feared and people were so worried about the future of the country that they would have been willing to vote for literally whomever stood between her and the White House. They would justify it by talking about the Supreme Court, etc, since like Trump apologists now do.

    It wouldn’t have been enough to win the election but there would have been substantial support from people who would have said that “Congress will keep Duke in line” or “he knows he won’t be able to get away with this or that”, etc. etc. A big one would be, “he won’t win and doesn’t deserve to, but by golly, Hillary needs to know I cast a vote against her and was not in her column.” That’s precisely what a whole bunch of reluctant Trump voters told me online.

    I asked a bunch of those people if they would vote for David Duke against Hillary and they got tremendously offended and eventually said things like, “no there are limits” and maybe for them, that was actually the case, but I was trying to show them how people like me and other Republicans felt about Trump. As an informed voter, I saw it was a pretty minor jump to get from Trump to Duke.

  7. I disagree with that too.

    Assuming Sharpton somehow had won the Democratic nomination,I think there would have been a serious Independent Democratic candidate much more viable than Evan McMullin ,who attempted the carry the establishment Republican banner against Trump.

    For the sake of discussion,if we accept you number,and Trump is again the Republican nominee ,that would not seem to augur well for this unnamed Third Party candidate (presumably a well known Republican) unless he could attract a substantial number of Democratic voters,

  8. Sharpton and a “mainstream” running mate against Bush/Cheney during the height of the Iraq War? No, they would have fallen in line.

    As I said, they would have voted for a pile of Michael Moore’s dirty laundry against them.

    Moving it forward to what *could* happen in 2020, I think there are several changing variables- Among them:

    1. Hillary is (presumably) off the scene
    2. people coming to realize Trump cannot pull the job off
    3. an additional viable choice (which did not exist in 2016) eats away at the binary choice argument
    4. Yes, the next Democrat nominee will be so far out there, and so similar in regards to angry populist rhetoric and vitriol to Trump, that an additional non-Trump alternative looks very appealing to scores of mainstream Democrats.

  9. While there has been over the past almost forty years now , an,in my view, outsized emphasis on the Supreme Court,the fact is ,it has been dominated by Republican appointees since Eisenhowers administration .

    Interestingly Republicans still always complain about it.

    The last Democratic Chief Justice was Fred Vinson in the early fifties.In other words the CJ has been a Republican appointee for the past sixty three years.

  10. Sort of contradictory…

    First you say that almost all Democrats would have voted for Sharpton,then you say that mainstream Democrats will abandon the party over an unnamed left Wing Extremist in a 2020 matchup of Trump, the left wing Extremist and a presumably middle of the road type.

    You can’t get much more leftist than Al Sharpton.So,if you really believe that most Democrats would have voted for Al Sharpton as the Democratic nominee( for the record I wouldn’t have) , there is no reason to think they wouldn’t still vote for a similiar left winger in 2020.

  11. The people I saw online (you know the site) would at the end say things like, “of course Hillary is going to win, and of course Trump belongs nowhere near the White House, and will soon be going away, but people still need to vote for Trump to keep Hillary’s margins down. She needs to not have any kind of mandate whatsoever…”

    Then, some of these same people, who either presented themselves as very reluctant Trump voters or in a couple cases did not vote for him, after the election, are now huge fans of his, and talk about how he must be supported. I wonder if they were lying before or are just brainwashed/Stockholmed now.

    People who openly said on blogs that they hoped he would die of a heart attack before the election, are now talking about how “viciously unfair” everyone is to Trump including the sanctimonious “NeverTrumpers” like Bill Kristol, etc.

  12. Yes, the point I was making was that there was oversized opposition to Bush/Cheney, similar to the oversized opposition to Hillary.

    By also saying around 3/4 that also leaves a lot of people out of that factor too of course.

    This theoretical third party candidate would not need a majority of Democrats or a majority of Republicans or anything like that.

  13. When it comes to social issues conservatives have been shown to be losers in the long term on every issue no matter how many elections they win. So they blame the Supreme Court, save their occasional idols like the late Antonin Scalia island Silent Clar Thomas

  14. Trump fans tend to hate the Supreme Court picks of Republican Presidents.

    It is true that a few of them did not at all work out the way the GOP Presidents intended, but take John Roberts, whom almost always sides with conservatives on the court, but he voted one way on the Obamacare case, and that’s all people remember or care about.

    Trump and his fans used John Roberts as a weapon during the primaries. Ted Cruz was attacked for writing in favor of Roberts during the confirmation process (and Cruz would try to defend himself by saying he wished someone else had been chosen) and Trump talked in debates about how somehow Jeb Bush prevailed over his brother to pick John Roberts, which is ridiculous of course.

    For his part, Trump, besides having said and continuing to defend his pro partial-birth abortion liberal federal court judge sister in saying he would want her on the Supreme Court, was trusted on the matter to stick to his “list.”

    The first time he actually did, which at least somewhat surprised me, because based on his past statements, the only issue before the court that he really seemed to care about was Eminent Domain (as it related to his casinos) and he continued to vigorously argue in favor of that position during the primaries, which would certainly put in in league with the left-bloc of the court and against the right. So, I just assumed he would tend to pick someone who would share his views on that matter.

  15. Trump has been uniformly picking conservative judges for the lower federal courts too,,not even going through the courtesy consultation with home state Democrats.Im not surprised by that.

    Most Republicans ,as well as others ,don’t understand or at least don’t want to understand that courts and particularly the Supreme Court are inherently little “c” conservative institutions .In other words ,for the most part, they move slowly ,while many Republicans are looking for quicker, dramatic changes.

    Then there is the interesting conundrum of the internal battle between big “c” Conservatives over the criminal law and the inherent conflict between individual rights and the desire among many to make it easier to convict criminal defendants by less emphasis on technicalities,particularly prevalent in search and seizure.

    Those looking for quick ,dramatic changes from the courts either on the Left or Right are likely in for perpetual disappointments.

  16. At this point if he does something to lose those on the right who support him almost solely because of judges, he really will be left with virtually nobody. He’s boxed in.

    I bet he thought that he would be a lot more popular and that Democrats would come to love him by now.

  17. I have no idea what goes on inside Trump’s mind but if he thought acting like a right wing Republican on his best days and a neo Nazi apologist on his worst would make him popular with Democrats he is pretty damn dumb!

  18. New Maris poll shows in a hypothetical matchup Trump would crush Kasich 64 to 23% among Republican and Republican leaning voters
    I exspect CG to be very defensive upon hearing this.

  19. Trumps disapprovals among Republicans needs to drop another twenty to thirty points before it can be said that a serious primary challenge by Kasich or anyone else could be viable.

  20. In regards to the Marist Poll, there is no other President in modern history who would have such a low number in a primary, especially during their first year in office.

    But as I have repeatedly said, if Trump runs for reelection, as a Republican, while I definitely would expect him to have an opponent and support them, the smartest strategic move, by the person who could do best in a general election, is to plan early for a third party/Independent bid. It obviously would take a ton to dislodge an elected President in a primary.

  21. Trump at just 64% in his own party primary as an incumbent, less than seven months after taking office, is actually pretty terrible politically for him or any President.

    And against Pence, he’s only up 56-33. Even worse. I wonder if he will Tweet that out though to mock Pence.

  22. I would like a caveat….

    For Trump?

    This is
    as much about no ONE making him say
    What he doesn’t want say…as the much as the ‘both sides’ stuff…..

  23. Well,if you think that Trump is already approaching the level that he is vulnerable to a primary challenge,

    Why would you advocate aThird party challenge where the odds of victory(despite your ,in my view ,way too optimistic view of such) are very small?

  24. I agree with Trump that he could shoot someone in plain sight on Broadway and still have his support….

    As with something like that which is a BS THROWDOWN…Trump’s hardcore supporters are in for the whole Magella….

  25. I want opposition to him on all fronts. Can’t put your eggs in one basket. As it relates to the primary though, if that is what happens, someone is going to have to “take one for the team.” It logistically cannot be the same person.

  26. The Sharpton comparison is off base…
    While he’s an icon….(good and bad)
    He was NEVER a serious Presidental contender
    All Democrats running though HAVE to check in with him….

  27. It says something bad about them if they HAVE to check in with him.

    There are a ton of comparisons that could be made between Trump and Sharpton though. Trump is unlikely to ever lose weight though.

  28. Ok ?
    Now you are stretching things CG…
    Hillary CKINTON WON the VOTE …..
    Lost the election by 100,000 votes
    Reality Check….

    Demonized Obama and Clinton
    Now look what they have
    A guy who wasn’t supposed to win showing why….

  29. You’re losing me. Is there a microchip malfunction in the pdog3000? I am not sure what those “points” have to do with me or how they relate to each other.

  30. The top Democrat in the 2020 early polls is NOT OUT THERE….

    The top Democrat is Ole Joe Biden…

  31. Embarrassing ?


    JUST IN: Phoenix mayor calls for Pres. Trump to delay his plan to hold a rally in the city next week.

  32. The Marist Poll shows that Trump is in good shape with his base at this point.

    For those who claim this doesn’t bode well for Trump, I invite them to look at where both Carter and Johnson stood with their primary electorate during their terms in office.

    At various points in time both Presidents were running behind their respective challengers in early polls.

    Now, every situation is distinct, but it is clear Trump speaks to the Republican base. Clearly after yesterday the base still loves the Donald.

  33. Suggestion James, the new thread should focus on the silence of elected Republicans in being critical of Trump’s pro-Nazi comments.

  34. You missed the point as usual, Carter got his nomination against a Kennedy after trailing in the polls early on, and Johnson would have been renominated if he had stayed in the race.

    The general election is irrelevant given this was a primary poll about who would be the nominee. You do understand that right?

  35. “Early on” when?

    Certainly, not seven months into office. This is supposed to be the “Honeymoon.”

    At this point in his term, Trump easily has the least political support for reelection inside his party than any President in modern history, or perhaps ever. Still, unless there is a far more dramatic erosion, it would be theoretically extremely hard to dislodge him through the primary process.

  36. I’ve never heard anybody muse before what would have happened if LBJ would have been re-nominated in 1968 (seeking a quasi third term).

    Nixon would have won a landslide is the most likely result.

  37. As one who once contemplated seeking to overturn the Cook County Democratic machine’s unchallenged one-party stranglehold on Animal Control at the polls, CG might appreciate this paragraph from Holman Jenkins’ column in Wednesday’s Wall Street Journal

    “If the president or a scraggly someone close to him in the West Wing is soft on white supremacists because he thinks these groups are a vital bloc, this would be the miscalculation of the century. Their adherents couldn’t swing a race for dogcatcher. It is precisely the left’s fantasy of the right that these people constitute a useful electoral base.”

  38. Why aren’t elected Republicans callong out Trump by name? McConnell and Ryan are still wussing out. Until we see an actual rebuke by GOP heavyweights in Congress or the cabinet the Republicans are now the party of Nazi apologists by proxy.

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