Add Rep Tim Ryan to the 2020 Democratic Presidential sweepstakes list…

The Democratic list continues to grow 3 years out from the 2020 Presidential Election….

Ryan was unsuccessful in trying to get House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s job….

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Massachusetts Rep. Seth Moulton and Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan will join Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos as the headliners of the annual Polk County Steak Fry of the Iowa Democratic Party in September, multiple Democrats familiar with the arrangement confirmed to POLITICO. The trips fuel speculation that Moulton and Ryan are considering White House runs.

The Iowa state party committee was set to announce the speakers for the closely-watched event on Wednesday.

The Des Moines event is a reincarnation of the steak fry fundraising event that former Sen. Tom Harkin used to host. That event was a frequent destination for presidential hopefuls. Hillary Clinton stopped by the event in 2014 in her first return to the first-voting state of Iowa since her loss in 2008. Barack Obama spoke at the event in 2006, and then he and Clinton both headlined the event in 2007.

Early trips to Iowa are frequently designed as ways to game out a potential national bid: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar are both due in the state twice this summer, for example.

The Des Moines swing will be Ryan’s second in recent months…..



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26 thoughts on “Add Rep Tim Ryan to the 2020 Democratic Presidential sweepstakes list…”

  1. …. What the hell is Ryan doing?

    A Cheshire Cat-style smile spreads across his face when a reporter at New Hampshire’s major television station, WMUR, casually asks if Ryan’s running for president. Ryan’s sitting in the green room, waiting to do a television hit. “Is this interview happening right now?” he says after a few seconds. This will be the first of four times he gets asked this question in the span of six hours.

    Tim Ryan for President wouldn’t be totally out of left field — he’s a charismatic guy with a compelling biography representing Democrat-turned-Trump counties in arguably the most important swing state in the country. He’s been on the short list of potential candidates for nearly every statewide office in Ohio for several years. But one by one, he’s passed on each one of them…..

    More @

  2. There being no real frontrunner for the Dem nomination in 2020,I imagine lots of people will test the waters.

    Ryan is saying, why not me?

  3. Right now Biden , Harris and Warren ARE the Democratic front runners…Sanders is NOT a Democrat….

  4. Harris is in no way a frontrunner of any sort at this point.

    Biden leads in name recognition but is unlikely to run . Sanders and Warren are the front-runners, in that order.

  5. In the last SEVERAL Democratic polls Biden leads….

    He is followed by Warren….

    Harris is the most mentioned by Democratic insiders right now….

    It is unknown if Biden will say he’s running for the job for the 3rd time….

    Sanders is NOT a Democrat……

  6. Harris in the only one of the three less than 60 years old….

    Of course she is a mixed race woman which could very well could preclude her from getting the nomination….
    But COULD also actually help her?

  7. This is in your head and your head only. You have nothing empirical to base this off of. It’s very early in the process but there are polls and there are also websites and casinos that have betting lines. Harris is nowhere near the top. Sanders and Warren are (and Michelle Obama would be if she ran.)

    The Democrats who vote in primaries want Bernie Sanders to be the candidate, at least a great deal of them do, so that is something you have to accept, just like I had to come to terms with Republicans embracing Donald Trump.

  8. Needless to say, Elizabeth Warren is a mixed-race woman, right?

    I mean, that’s what she said when she was at Harvard.

  9. If Kamala Harris does eventually run, she will have to deal with the issue of her ties to Wall Street. That is a big issue for Democrats.

  10. SEVERAL Polls out in July 2017 (Early yes..but the nomination race IS forming up ALREADY) HAVE Biden/Warren #1 and #2….

    I have posted several articles pointing to STRONG support for Harris, even above Biden by Democratic establishment and donor…

    Search the site if you doubt me…

    The Democrats in the primaries DID NOT vote majority Sanders against Hillary Clinton, who we agree here was NOT a strong candidate…
    I have several articles here that continue the feeling the those Democrats who vote regularly STILL do NOT want the 74 year old socialist/indie to be their candidate…

    This IS my feeling…
    And I have a LOT of company….

    I keep pointing out the guys is NOT a Democrat…
    His choice to run the DNC LOST…
    Several people he endorsed LOST…

    You are just regurgitating the wet dream of Republicans who would LOVE to run against Sanders…

  11. I really don’t get the Republican obsession with Warren’s bloodline. Of all the shady things politicians have done exaggerating your Native American roots is hardly scandalous in my opinion.

    Of course she goes after Wall Street crooks so of course Republicans will find anything to bring her down.

  12. Yeah, trying to portray yourself as a racial minority for some sort of benefit or preference is pretty shady. Sorry if we have to disagree on that one.

  13. It is so early that all this is right now is pure speculation.

    There is no real frontrunner at present.

    Sure Sanders has to be in the mix .If he’s not a Democrat now?Then he wasn’t one last year and a lot of Democrats voted for him.

    Actually, I find this”he’s not a (blank) “amusing in the extreme.I think I’ll let the members of the respective parties make that determination in the primaries and caucuses rather than depending on those at this little blog.

    It is quite apparent in the cases of Trump and Sanders that large numbers of the members of each party simply either don’t agree with the “he’s not” routine or ,if they do, dont care.

    The voters of the parties today do not seem to place great store by the fact of length of adherence to the party label or whether they even claim to be a party member.

    Just repeating a mantra ,while maybe being some kind of elixir for the one so repeating ,has nothing to do with the reality of the situation.

    However if it makes one feel better,by all means carry on.

  14. She used it to try to advance her career after having not previously attempted to do so. If it advanced her career, it came at the expense of someone else.

    I have no doubt that you would be outraged if a Republican had done that.

  15. I will continue to repeat the fact that Sanders isn’t a Democrat….
    As Keith pointed out when asked to help Democrats by sharing his data base ?
    He refused….
    He HAS STATED Clearly and Strongly he isn’t a Democrat….
    In fact I KEEP pointing out Democratic voters HAVE CHOOSEN NOTE have Sanders as their choice the media and some people keep bringing up his name….
    With possible legal trouble with his wife also he’s got his hands full….
    But people can still talk him up….
    Works for Bernie….

  16. I’m not saying it was right but my guess is if she was now a Republican fighting for tax cuts for the 1% you’d be a little less outraged.

  17. On your Sanders and Trump similarities Jack?
    Why the Fuck would Democrats let themselves get pumped like Trump and have a guy shit all over them?

  18. I’ll have post later on how Trump and McConnell haven’t had ANYTHING to do with each other since the Repal failure….

    I just don’t get why Democrats would stupid enough to do a Trump to themselves and let the Republican laugh all the way to the White House?

  19. Give the guy some attention
    Put him some Senate Committee
    Works for all involved….
    But that’s it…
    He’s like a bleed cut on your ankles that keeps getting infected after you treat it…

  20. Why? Because Sanders represents the ethos and the passion of the party. Warren comes second and has the benefit of being a woman (and not being a Jew, since the pro-Hillary DNC felt that such a thing could be used against Sanders.)

    His age is his biggest political handicap. If he were 15 years younger, it would be a slam dunk for him.

  21. As I told CG yesterday as regards Trump and his support among conservative Republicans,

    Your argument isn’t with me,it’s with the millions of leftist Democrats who support Sanders,

    I’m not arguing for Sanders.I personally don’t support him,but I’m realistic enough to note that he does have a very large following in the Democratic Party,your unrealistic suggestion that he not being a registered Democrat as disqualifying him per se notwithstanding.

    Trumps not a conservative ,Sanders isn’t a Democrat?Fine

    Go convince the conservatives who support Trump and the Democrats who support Sanders.

    The reality is what it is.

  22. I DO admit that there ARE good many Democrats who like what Sanders is selling….but not enough to get him the Democratic prize….

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