Something for Republican senators to ponder: Americans prefer Obamacare to Trumpcare, 2 to 1

CHICAGO, IL - JUNE 22: Demonstrators protest changes to the Affordable Care Act on June 22, 2017 in Chicago, Illinois. Senate Republican's unveiled their revised health-care bill in Washington today, after fine tuning it in behind closed doors. (Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

In a second poll in less than a week, opposition to Trumpcare is growing in the American public. The Kaiser monthly health survey for July showed a 6-point increase in disapproval of the proposal over just the past month, to 61 percent. Now a new Washington Post-ABC News poll shows not only that the people hate Trumpcare, they prefer Obamacare over it by a 2-to-1 margin, 50 percent to 24 percent.

There’s a split by party, as you might expect, with Democrats broadly favoring the existing law and Republicans the latter. But that split wasn’t even, with 77 percent of Democrats favoring the legislation passed in 2010 by their party and only 59 percent of Republicans favoring their party’s solution. Independents in this case came down on the side of the Democrats, with 49 percent favoring the existing law vs. 20 percent backing the GOP alternative.What’s more, roughly 6 in 10 Democrats and a third of independents strongly prefer Obamacare. Only 43 percent of Republicans strongly prefer their party’s proposal. […]

More worrisome for Republicans hoping to pass a new bill is how the support broke out by demographic. Only among Republicans, conservatives, white evangelicals and white men without college degrees did more Americans support the GOP bill than Obamacare. In every other group analyzed, including older respondents and white women without college degrees—an important part of President Trump’s voting base in 2016—backed the existing law by some margin.

Greg Sargent teases a bit more out of the poll, details which show just how much disaster Republicans are courting with this bill. Asked “On health care, which of these do you think is more important for the federal government to do: provide healthcare coverage for low-income Americans, or cut taxes?” a great big majority—63-27 percent—picked healthcare coverage. Majorities across all demographics, even non-college white men (53-38), say the priority is providing health care. So when the 15 million people CBO has projected will lose their coverage in 2018 alone, well that’s maybe not going to go so great for the GOP at the ballot box…..


8 thoughts on “Something for Republican senators to ponder: Americans prefer Obamacare to Trumpcare, 2 to 1”

  1. That’s really not true. I tend to oppose the proposed legislation on the merits, but I think honesty matters.

    The question in the poll puts forth a proposition that all government Medicaid would end.

    The American people would clearly want something where health insurance is available but also does not have sky-high premiums and substandard care.

    Obamacare is a disaster and untenable, but Obama is personally more popular than Trump, so that would be reflected when names are attached to choices. It’s a big part of the reason why Trump and his “allies” are having an extremely hard time getting anything done, Normal Presidents have political capital they can use to their advantage.

    What has been put forth by John Kasich and other Republican Governors sounds like a better option for improving health insurance coverage.

    1. Ok
      I agree that ALL Medicaid would not end
      Only 33% which would affect tens of Millions?
      The pre-existing loss of Cruz’s amendendment
      Is worst…
      The program is actually ok in most the populated area’s of the country…
      The program DOES need fixing
      Not a REPEAL that is about a tax break for rich people….

      1. This is more like a effort to form fill a misguided campaign promise more than anything else ….

  2. If it were a true “blind taste test”, they wouldn’t.

    The question in this poll asks a loaded question, which pushes for a particular result.

    1. The Law has moved towards what is was supposed to do….
      Provide healthcare to More Americans….
      Even those who couldn’t afford it…
      The effort is to now take the benefit AWAY FROM tens of millions of Americans…
      It is just THAT SIMPLE….

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