Donald Trump has been President for Six Months…Open Thread for 7/16/17….

Actually ?

It will be six month on July 20, 2017….

Some of us didn’t think he’d get this far….

But he HAS muddled thru….

His numbers haven’t moved much…..

And the Russian questions still define his time in office….They won’t be put to bed until Robert Mueller hands down his call…..


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I’m betting he doesn’t last for the whole four years….

We’ll see….

Trump’s election reflected many voters’ exasperation with the status quo and sense of permanent estrangement from some gilded clique of winners. He was their pyrrhic retort. How much hotter will their anger burn when they realize they got played?

I’m more likely to win a season of “The Bachelorette” than he is to build that incessantly promised wall. His professed disdain for Wall Street was a campaign-season pose, abandoned the minute he started assembling his administration. Health care that’s better, cheaper and more universal? Oh, please.

It’s possible that Trump’s fans will never blame him, because of one of his most self-serving and corrosive feats: the stirring of partisanship and distrust of institutions into the conviction that there’s no such thing as objective truth. There are only rival claims. There are always “alternative facts.” Charges of mere bias are the antiquated weapons of yesteryear; “fake news” is the new nullifier, and it’s a phrase so dear to him that his unprincipled acolytes are building on it. Last week a Trump adviser, Sebastian Gorka, lashed out at the “fake news industrial complex.” Trump reportedly swooned.

What happens to a democracy whose citizens not only lose common ground but also take a match to the idea of a common reality? Thanks in part to Trump, we may find out. He doesn’t care about civility or basic decency, and even if he did, he lacks the discipline to yoke his actions to any ideals. The Democratic strategist Doug Sosnik expressed it perfectly, telling me, “His presidency is what happens when you have road rage in the Oval Office.”….



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  1. A new Economist/YouGov poll finds that Republicans favor having courts “shut down media outlets” for “biased or inaccurate” stories by a 45% to 20% margin, with 35% unsure.

    Of course Trump is a Republican.

  2. Sanctions bill passed House 419-3 with three dissents, all Republican:

    Justin Amash (Mich.), John Duncan Jr. (Tenn.) and Thomas Massie (Ky)

    The two dissenters in the Senate (98-2) were

    Bernie Sanders (Ind-Vt) and Rand Paul (R-Ky)

  3. Zreebs very clearly said he was taking an extended break because of what he regarded as your inaccurate and half truth reporting of Bernie Sanders.

    Indeed, it was noticeable that the more he complained ,the more you attacked Sanders and ,as usual, with some over the top stuff that was sure to anger him.

    Interestingly,since Zreebs left ,there has hardly been aof Sanders in any of your posts,

    1. As I always say?

      It’s ‘your’ keyboard….

      I’m me….

      It’s been seven years here and I’m gonna keep on being me…

  4. Breaking,,..
    It is being reported that somehow Republicans will bring John McCain to Washington DC tomorrow , cancer and all, to work…..
    It is THAT bad for them on the healthcare bill ….

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