Barack Obama quietly begins to help his party out…

When the former President left office he said he didn’t want to be involved in politics anymore…

THAT is not gob be possible….

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He left the Democratic party actually in worst shape then it was when he first got elected in 2008….

It is not unreasonable to expect him to help the party which seems divided and rudderless…

Since leaving office, he has held meetings — on a by-request basis — with a handful of House and Senate lawmakers in his office in Washington’s West End and over the phone.

In recent months, for example, he sat down one-on-one with freshman Sen. Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.), according to a Democrat familiar with the meeting.

He has also met with and has had phone conversations with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez throughout the spring, according to two sources.

“Hey man, it’s only the future of the world in your hands,” Obama joked with Perez in one conversation, according to a DNC aide.

Obama’s former political adviser David Simas, who is now the CEO of the Obama Foundation, has also been making a string of calls to DNC officials in recent months.

Sources familiar with Obama’s meetings with members of Congress declined to offer the names of all of the lawmakers he has met with, saying the sessions were meant to be private.

The DNC source described Obama’s chats with Perez as regular “check ins.”

Obama hasn’t had a major public presence on the political stage since leaving the White House.

“He doesn’t want the focus to be on him,” said one source close to the former president. “He doesn’t want to be out in front.”

But the private activity suggests that the former president, who left the White House with a 60 percent approval rating, is quietly doing more to shape the party than is often visible.

The meetings and calls have come at a time when the Democratic Party, still reeling from the stunning 2016 presidential election loss, is searching for leadership……



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4 thoughts on “Barack Obama quietly begins to help his party out…”

  1. Some do NOT like having Obama still keeping his hands in things….

    In Democratic Party, Obama Still Reigns as King of Trump Resistance

    When Obama assumed office, Democrats had a super majority in Congress. During his tenure as president, the party suffered drastic losses, but he enacted no reforms to change its downward trajectory. While Obama remains behind the scenes dictating and swaying leadership decisions, the party’s voters will perceive that the Democratic Party represents the status quo….

    More @

    (For those who Obama is NOT in touch?…Please read the linked piece above…)

  2. Interesting passage from the above linked piece:

    “Just as he did during his president, Obama has favored elites since he left office. He has vacationed with billionaire Richard Branson and endorsed anti-labor union French President Emmanuel Macron—who recently claimed France needs a king and insisted his thoughts are too complex to attend a press conference. Further, Obama has pushed the Democratic Party to continue its courtship of wealthy donors instead of embracing Sen. Bernie Sanders’ popular reforms. Obama has failed to speak out against the ban on lobbyist and PAC donations to the DNC being lifted and the super delegate system, both of which ensure party elites’ control over the party.”

    Lots of division in that party if even Obama cannot be a unifying figure.

  3. The Reality is to actually win the Presidency-you must have money….
    Lots of it….
    While Sanders and Warren rant against the WallStreet types?
    They continue to be. Part of the picture
    To exclude them is foolish…

    Obama following behind Trump to give assurances,I would think , is in America’s interest …

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