Wash Post…Most Trump voters were NOT Working Class…They were affluent…

The Washington Post has gone  back and looked at the Presidential  election numbers (and GOP Primaries) more in-depth …..

Their look reveals something that seems to be a surprise….

Trump lost the over vote…

But his so called ‘base’?

Isn’t what has been reported….

That base isn’t working class voters that where looking for jobs…

Most are people who HAVE jobs and make between $50,000 to $100,000….


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Oh, an the college thing?

Most Republicans do NOT have college degree anyways….

So THAT isn’t part of the conversation at all….

For one, most 2016 polls didn’t include information about how the people surveyed earned a living, that is, their occupations — the preferred measure of social class among scholars. When journalists wrote that Trump was appealing to working-class voters, they didn’t really know whether Trump voters were construction workers or CEOs.

Moreover, according to what is arguably the next-best measure of class, household income, Trump supporters didn’t look overwhelmingly “working class” during the primaries. To the contrary, many polls showed that Trump supporters were mostly affluent Republicans. For example, a March 2016 NBC survey that we analyzed showed that only a third of Trump supporters had household incomes at or below the national median of about $50,000. Another third made $50,000 to $100,000, and another third made $100,000 or more and that was true even when we limited the analysis to only non-Hispanic whites. If being working class means being in the bottom half of the income distribution, the vast majority of Trump supporters during the primaries were not working class.

But what about education? Many pundits noticed early on that Trump’s supporters were mostly people without college degrees. There were two problems with this line of reasoning, however. First, not having a college degree isn’t a guarantee that someone belongs in the working class (think Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg). And, second, although more than 70 percent of Trump supporters didn’t have college degrees, when we looked at the NBC polling data, we noticed something the pundits left out: during the primaries, about 70 percent of allRepublicans didn’t have college degrees, close to the national average (71 percent according to the 2013 Census). Far from being a magnet for the less educated, Trump seemed to have about as many people without college degrees in his camp as we would expect any successful Republican candidate to have.

Trump voters weren’t majority working class in the general election, either.

What about the general election? A few weeks ago, the American National Election Study — the longest-running election survey in the United States — released its 2016 survey data. And it showed that in November 2016, the Trump coalition looked a lot like it did during the primaries…



The results of this , if proven to be true ?

Would mean that Democratic efforts going forward will have to be adjusted to go after a different voter….

This does go along with the recent piece I did here on the Romeny voter being a possible target for Democrats going ahead…


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10 thoughts on “Wash Post…Most Trump voters were NOT Working Class…They were affluent…”

  1. I would hardly call someone who makes between $50k and $100k affluent. I do not find these numbers surprising at all.

    1. I DO….

      The impression up to now was of people who where OUT of jobs or making little income…
      People in the Rust belt hurting…

      THAT is not what this piece implies…

      This are people who in the MidWest , PA and Fla make decent money….
      $100,000 in the four states that Clinton narrowly lost IS a LOT of money…
      Making $75,000 I ‘m guessing in a lot of Red states IS a LOT of money …
      So I can see why the piece calls them affluent….

      The piece is important and if correct, good journalism….

  2. The People’s Flag is palest pink,
    It’s not as red as you might think:
    The working class can kiss my arse —
    I’ve got the foreman’s job at last !!

    Cf: [It waved above our infant might,
    When all ahead seemed dark as night.
    It witnessed many a deed and vow;
    We must not change its colour now !

    Then raise the scarlet standard high !
    Beneath its folds we live and die !
    Though cowards flinch and traitors sneer,
    We’ll keep the Red Flag flying here !]

    1. Another Theory on why 50k and above voted surprisingly FOR Trump…

      …Mr. Wilmers also describes how policies enacted since the financial crisis have robbed the middle class of a decent return on their savings:

      This extended period of ultra-low interest rates no longer benefits the average U.S. household. The majority of the wealth of the typical M&T customer, like that of most Americans, takes the form of equity in their homes, retirement savings, bank deposits and, to a lesser extent, stock market investments. Low rates initially provided middle class households with relief both by lowering monthly mortgage payments and supporting a recovery in home values. However, the investments of these same families have suffered.’….

      More @ https://www.wsj.com/articles/why-trump-won-1496788008?mod=e2tw

  3. Maybe it is not surprising to me because I closely follow how the various demographics poll not just in this election, but in prior elections. Just curious – Do other people besides James find this story surprising?

    And no James, I have lived in red states, and I am not aware of anyone (literally, anyone) who would make $75k and would consider themselves affluent, although I suppose that could be true in some rural communities- I don’t know.

    I do recognize that a person who lives in San Francisco making $75k would likely consider themselves downright poor. Making $75k in a rural community would be a very liveable wage, but I even doubt they would consider that affluent.

  4. I know only a few people in R.I. who suggested last year that they might vote for Trump or who will admit or imply now that they might have voted for Trump, but not a single one of them could be considered anywhere near affluent or ruling-class (a CNA ?)

    Within deep-blue Rhode Island, almost all of the the less-affluent or more-rural inland towns voted for Trump-Pence over Clinton-Kaine.

    But were you to look at the demographic and socio-economic composition of the Ocean State’s Trump electorate, you would no doubt find it relatively prosperous.

    1. Guys?

      I know a doctor , who IS a democrat….

      Like Z?

      He strongly dislikes Hillary…

      Voted for Trump….

      Would vote for him again….

      Give the same reasons Trump does about the media….

      THERE ARE MORE money making people that voted for Trump…

      Personality AND the Money thing…

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