Trump National Security Council reportedly want’s to send up to 50,000 troops BACK to Afghanistan…

The General ‘s(Led by National Security Advisor McMaster)  running the Defense side for Donald Trump have seen the work they did in uniform slip back to the Taliban because the Afghan’s simply cannot hold ground….

Others have followed the Russian and  Obama actions of packing up and leaving the place….Fighting in Afghanistan is an unforgiving endeavor ….

The word is Trump isn’t happy with the idea….

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U.S. intelligence and national security officials familiar with the assessment tell me that it was drafted in April, and that it provided estimates of necessary troop strengths for various strategic options. But it found that if an ambitious war plan approved by the National Security Council’s principals committee got a green light from the president — a big if — more than 50,000 U.S. troops would be needed.

That proposed strategy would place the U.S. on a new war footing and in a deeper partnership with the Afghan government in its current campaign against the Taliban. It would also remove arbitrary timelines for withdrawal set by President Barack Obama.

One reason the new war strategy would require more troops is that it envisions using U.S. forces in a support role that until now has relied on outside contractors. Using contractors for functions like vehicle maintenance and other logistical aid have meant that U.S. forces deployed to Syria and Iraq have largely focused on war fighting and training locals. This has kept the total number of U.S. troops artificially low, while increasing the overall cost of the U.S. presence….

Trump has signaled he is in no mood to escalate America’s longest war. Indeed, he has complained to close aides in the last month about how great powers throughout history — from Alexander’s Macedonians to the British Empire — have failed to pacify the country.


The NATO angle……

NATO’s military leaders are laying the groundwork to send thousands of additional troops to Afghanistan and Iraq to train local forces locked in fierce battles with militants. The move comes as alliance leaders shape and debate a multi-year plan to protect combat gains in those countries and eliminate safe havens where extremist groups might plan attacks against the West.

“I think what we’ll see is that NATO will continue with a fairly modest contribution in the near term and that political leadership in the coming months will discuss the potential for NATOassuming a greater responsibility in Iraq,” Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Joseph Dunford told reporters Wednesday after a day of meetings at the alliance’s headquarters.

Dunford said specific troop levels were not discussed during the meetings, which took place one week before NATO heads of state meet here.

“What I just want to do is try to find a way for each country to optimize the contribution they could make,” he said.

NATO leaders hope to know how many additional U.S. troops will be sent to Afghanistan by month’s end, allowing the alliance to deploy troops to meet the uptick in fighting that comes with warmer weather. U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to make a decision after next week’s overseas trip to NATO and the Middle East, National Security Advisor H.R. McMaster said last week.

At the same time, NATO generals appears to have a consensus that the alliance should take on more responsibility in Iraq…..


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8 thoughts on “Trump National Security Council reportedly want’s to send up to 50,000 troops BACK to Afghanistan…”

  1. Afghanistan operations are futile without Pakistan’s cooperation. So long as significant elements in Pakistan’s military (e.g. Inter-Services Intelligence) and politics (the Islamist opposition) help or connive with Taliban-like forces, Western intervention will get nowhere.

    Similarly, Iraq is insoluble without a fundamental agreement between Iraq’s Kurds, Sunni Arabs and Shi’a Arabs. Either Iran or the Saudi constellation will support armed, terrorist resistance when their opponents are in power in Baghdad (so today’s Iranian presidential election is quite important).

    1. So True DSD….

      Your comment points to a two prong way at the the two countries…

      That is beyond the reach of Rex Tillerson , who didn’t want the job, hasn’t hired staff and seems unable to advance ANY POLICY….

      But Trump likes the guy…

      The general’s may want to use troops but even Trump is doubtful…

      Another situation that will require the next Democratic President to make sense….

  2. Rex Tillerson is doing fine.

    As to this rumor, it’s a rumor.

    There is no popular support for more waging of conventional war in Afghanistan.

    High tech war or innovative war yes.



  3. Well open your eyes then.

    CNN and MSNBC should not be the only window to your world.

    Try BBC America for some perspective occasionally.

  4. Yet another stupid comment from Manila. Has anyone else noticed that he appears to be getting noticeably more paranoid and irrational in the last couple of years?

    James provides news sources and commentary from a wide range of souces – including some extremely conservative ones. In fact, despite what Manila suggested, James generally does not provide news sources from either CNN or MSNBC. Take a look at his last 30 articles and judge for yourself.

    I will criticize James when I think he deserves it, but Manila’s suggestion that MSNBC and CNN are James’s only sources of news can easily be proven as wrong.of news

    1. And yes thanks Z for pointing out that I DO post stuff here form BOTH sides….

      And I DO support Dem’s , but DO take them to task when I think they mess up…

      1. Trump to announce his Afghan Policy moves tomorrow…..
        It appears the General’s want more troops going back in…..

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