As Usual …Trump’s quiet at first…Then rants against Special Counsel…

He does the same thing over and OVER…

This time it could get him out of a job….

President Trump’s silence lasted just over 12 hours. Then, he let it all out.

The appointment of a special counsel to investigate possible collusion between his campaign and Russia was the “single greatest witch hunt in American history,” he tweeted.

Hours later, during a news conference with Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, Trump revisited the topic.

“I think it’s totally ridiculous. Everybody thinks so,” Trump said when asked about the appointment. “Everybody, even my enemies, have said there is no collusion.”

The comments underscore Trump’s seemingly unstoppable drive to combat an investigation that has dogged him since his first day in office — even if it prolongs the controversy and potentially puts him at greater legal risk….


13 thoughts on “As Usual …Trump’s quiet at first…Then rants against Special Counsel…”

  1. The whole Seth Rich matter is nothing more than a made up from whole cloth fantasy invented by the Republican News Network aka Fox News.

    It was later picked up by the network of Right Wing kooks who take their cue from the RNN.

    There is not a shred of evidence to support the lie(sounds like Trump and his minions of which the RNN is their media outlet) and Richs family has pleaded with the nuts to stop with their lies.

    It is noteworthy that these kooks often wrap themselves in a mantle of moral righteousness ,often using religious metaphors to further their ends.I believe them to be the worst pieces of trash in the country,utter filth ,as are those who play footsies with them and propagate their lies.

  2. Seth Rich’s own family has asked that he please be allowed to rest in peace and for this tinfoil hat shit to STOP!

    1. John King on CNN just related that Trump spoke to HIS Lawyers yesterday about keeping his mouth SHUT and his possible political and legal liabilities …..

        1. After his talk with HIS lawyers?


          Major Garrett liked
          CBS News‏ @CBSNews
          Asked if he, at any time, urged Comey to close investigation into Flynn, Pres. Trump says: “No. Next question.”

          1. Leak in The NY Times reports a grand jury is getting info on Flynn….
            In addition, the probe is focused on people NOT currently working in the White House….

            1. Politico Mag…..

              “The president of the United States has a 12-second attention span,” NATO’s Sec.-Gen. told a former senior official

  3. Manila, unlike you, I honestly do want to know the truth. All I asked for is your source of information – that for some reason you don’t want to share. I suspect you know that your source is not credible. Essentially you believe that because this guy was killed AND he worked for the DNC, he must have been associated with Wikileaks. Blame the dead guy.

    And I can’t begin to understand your thoughts on this $20k reward issue. Do you think that a $20k reward is too low for a murder case and so Hillary or the Democrats must be behind this?

  4. Seth Rich?

    Why the reward?

    Is it a feint to get attention away from the Russians?

    Or is it because he was the source?

    That’s seems to be an unanswered question.

    Don’t you want the truth?

  5. Manila, What is your source of news on Seth Rich? I am willing to bet that you got it from one of your conspiracy-theory websites that you read. I would also like to read what it has to say.

  6. This is a “Shot in the Dark!” but here I go.

    It is a witch hunt.

    And I think Gen. Flynn is the witch.

    And I do not think Trump will throw him under the bus.

    But we may be looking at Oliver North II.

    WOW! Think of the ratings!

    Because when Trump urged Russia to locate Hillary’s e mails during the July debate, the Kremlin sent out emissaries to see if there was fire near the smoke with easing sanctions as the bait.

    And there is only one reason they would have done that.

    They have them.

    And it looks like Assange may finally get out of the Embassy.

    And be free to talk about why he has a reward of 20K dollars on the Seth Rich case.

    Who might have been the source of the Podesta info.

    Where is Peter Sellers when you need him!

    Or maybe Joe Lieberman?


    1. It appears that Trump feels he OWES the Russians something….

      Assange STILL has the Brit’s and the US looking for him….

      Would Lieberman sign the ‘Loyalty’ oath for a job offer?

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