Will the Pentagon do it’s required review of its finances ?

The American military budget is up around  $500 Billion…..

But NO one has ever let the bean counters find where ALL the money is spent….

What has prevented the Pentagon from being examined this way before? The answer lies somewhere “between lethargy and complexity,” said Gordon Adams, a distinguished fellow at the Stimson Center who was the top budget official for national security in the Clinton White House. “It hasn’t been done ever,” he told me, “partly because it’s incredibly complicated to do and also because there’s not a great, powerful will in the building to do it.”

The complexity of the project dates back to the Civil War, Adams said, when the Army and the Navy set up their own separate accounting systems. The Air Force also went its own way after its creation following World War II, and the military build-ups of the last four decades scrambled the department’s financial records many times over. The explosion of military contractors since 9/11 has made scrubbing the books harder still. Adams estimated that an audit would have to account for 15 million to 20 million contracting transactions each year. The Pentagon has spent several billion dollars over the last seven years just trying to consolidate its accounting systems in preparation for a potential audit.

Despite the ramp-up costs, the project has never risen to be a top priority; the Pentagon has simply been too busy fighting wars. “The military has repeatedly argued that they need to focus on the war effort and accountability can come later,” said Kori Schake, a fellow at the Hoover Institution who previously served in a variety of national-security positions in the government. That excuse carried more weight with lawmakers in the years when the United States had hundreds of thousands of troops fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan.


3 thoughts on “Will the Pentagon do it’s required review of its finances ?”

  1. “I am ALL for an audit….”

    There may be accountants there still working on the last audit who have not been told the audit ended 20 years ago,

    And what about inventory?

    Was some surplus purchased with EBT cards?

    Did a community of 2,000 get an army tank?

    And is the box with marked “mini nuke” actually have something in it?

    “There HAS to be a LOT of waste in the agency….”

    Many here think the entire agency is a waste.

    “In addition, I’d bet there is a LOT of budget lines for OTHER agencies hidden there…”

    Free sandwiches for the NSA?

    Who knows?

  2. We probably have stuff dating back to the Korean War, not to mention Vietnam, sitting around rotting in warehouses around the country that the Pentagon has forgotten about and that has been replaced six or seven times since.

    Also, audits are often more expensive than they are worth.

    1. I am ALL for an audit….

      There HAS to be a LOT of waste in the agency….

      In addition, I’d bet there is a LOT of budget lines for OTHER agencies hidden there…

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