RedState…Conservatives should Stop giving Trump cover by comparing him to Obama…

The Red State piece lectures Conservative’s to stop comparing Donald Trump to Barack Obama who isn’t President anymore…

The piece ask’s that the American Right take a GOOD HARD LOOK at Trump as a guy who is OUT FOR HIMSELF and NOTHING else….

I have pointed out here yesterday that all the media cover that Conservatives were happy with Trump in the White House was a media narrative…

With Trump probably on his way out?

Republicans ARE beginning to wake up and jump off of Trump’s ship that IS talking self inflicted hits….

Conservatives will argue Obama was a worse President than Jimmy Carter. That’s one hell of a benchmark. Many conservatives seem too content to measure Trump to the standards of Obama.

If Trump screws up, he screws up. Comparing him to Barack Obama doesn’t make up for his failure. In fact, it spotlights Trump’s incompetence by arguing what he’s doing is no worse than Obama’s behavior.

Conservatives should beware of lowering their standards for a man who only a few years ago was writing checks to Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump has no core beliefs. He is an opportunist. He doesn’t deserve loyalty from people involved in the conservative movement for decades. He certainly should not have his behavior excused by saying, “Well what about _________?”


Over at Erick Erickson Resurgent Trump’s get’s no cover either….

Martyrdom doesn’t really become Trump, but he loves to play the sympathy/underdog card. He is President of the United States, but can’t deal with being seen as anything but the victim, or Rocky coming back from impossible odds. It worked for the campaign, but it’s low-rent, classless idiocy coming from the Oval Office….


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