Conservatives smile and wait for their guy…Mike Pence…

Lets face it….

Conservatives have NEVER REALLY liked or accepted Donald Trump…

He’s REALLY NOT one of them…

Sure, they have found a way to live with Trump because he  has adopted THEIR party….He isn’t a Democrat….

But deep down they know that Donald Trump is a just a one man band that plays off key…

Trump hasn’t Repealed Obamacare…

Trump hasn’t Cut the ball’s out of the budget….

Trump hasn’t flight hard enough on the Muslim Ban…

And there ain’t gonna be that “wall’ he promised…

Nope ….

He may sound like a Conservative Republican…

But he ain’t a real one….

So while it appears that Donald Trump is gonna do what he ALWAYS does and let things go out the window…

Conservatives wait for the day when they can see and say President Pence….

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The still far-fetched proposition of removing Trump from office has increasing appeal to Republicans who are growing weary of defending Trump and are alarmed by his conduct in office. But such whispers are cringe-worthy for Pence and his aides, who have made an art of not upstaging the mercurial president. Pence’s press secretary declined to comment for this article.

On the campaign trail, Pence would shut down any conversations about the possibility of his own future bid should Trump lose, telling donors who raised the prospect that he was entirely focused on the race at hand. Aides said that sentiment was sincere — even if they engaged in some thinking about what Pence’s future could entail after a likely loss.

Still, some conservatives are hinting that Pence looks like a particularly good alternative right now, especially as the Justice Department moves ahead with a special prosecutor for the FBI’s Russia probe…..


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  1. I’d say Melania could threaten to divorce him if he didn’t resign, but I’m doubtful he gives a shit. I think both are checked out of that marriage

  2. She can convince him to leave. Maybe nobody else can. I have little doubt in that.

    If she wanted him to not run or to end his run at any point, he would have listened to her as well.

  3. The Trump/conservative relationship is completely a marriage of convenience. They know he is not a conservative and they do not pretend otherwise. They think they can get something out of him, but the more they see they can’t and how he might actually imperil them, they are going to look for other options.

    If these people are truly conservatives (and not just alt-right lunatics), they are going to start thinking that they need Pence in there soon.

  4. The most influential person in the country, perhaps even ahead of Mueller, will eventually be Ivanka. She can determine if he ever resigns.

    1. Ivanka?

      You kindling me?

      That is an old SE answer….

      Trump listens to HIMSELF

      His daughter ain’t gonna be the decision maker…

  5. Who is “Trump-like?”

    What does Pence do? Give a tearful mea culpa and back away from Trump forever or is he going to pardon him for the good of the country? Probably the latter.

    It is interesting that Pence is starting his own PAC now. That is unprecedented for Vice Presidents in a first term. I think Pence right now expects to be running for the top job in 2020.

  6. Yeah I could see a Trump like independent candidate in 2020 running against Pence.

    And I could see a former President Trump encouraging him.

  7. If Ossoff actually beats Handel, there will be a reaction (perhaps an overreaction) among GOP leadership types to start driving away from Trump as fast as possible.

    I definitely prefer Handel to Ossoff on the merits but cannot ignore the longer-term political possibilities that might result from the opposite result, and how that could work out for what I most want.

    Unless there is some sort of sudden bombshell, this investigation is going to drag on for a long time. Trump’s mental health will continue to worsen and Republicans in Congress will find out that there is very little that they can get done with this cloud hanging over Trump.

    More and more people will realize that Pence replacing Trump will be in the best interest of everything Republicans had hoped to do in terms of both governing and future elections. The calls for Trump to resign will gradually increase, but when the dam breaks, it is going to drown everything.

  8. As long as Trump is gone…

    I don’t know if there is any specific person who would be able to duplicate what he did.

    There are a ton of voters that can be gained be it in 2020 or wherever for a Republican candidate, among those who did not vote for Trump in 2016. Especially as the Democrats face their own increasing problems.

    My preference is that Pence becomes President (via lawful means, preferably a resignation) as soon as possible, not because he has ever been a favorite of mine or that I like him very much now, but because he is simply not Donald Trump.

    I hope when he is President, he can begin to repair some damage and act in a competent matter but I would also prefer he not seek the office in 2020.

  9. Well,it’s gotta a helluva long way to go before a President Pence.

    Further my post was disputing your characterization of “conservatives ” not accepting” Trump.That is a totally erroneous view as is readily exhibited by his continuing high level of support among Republican voters who readily call themselves “conservatives.”

    Now I will agree that a “segment ” of the “conservative ” movement has always been hostile to Trump(see George Will,John Kasich, Bill Kristol, and our own CG).Further, I can agree that a lot of “conservatives” who voice support for Trump probably don’t like or trust him.

    However, the majority of Republican voters do and their claim to the term ,”conservative” has just as much validity as the ones I mention above.

    1. We then disagree on this….

      I HAVE posted from time to time anti-Trump
      Stuff from ‘Conservative’ blogs…

      Including today’s posts…..

      1. And I agree Trump’s across the board REPUBLICAN supporters has fallen off only marginally….

        It’s the conservatives in Congress that seem to be slowly defecting on him….

  10. CG has been pushing John Kasich as a potential “independent” candidate in 2020.

    If Trump goes, it’s possible that the “independent” candidate might be aTrumpite or at least a known politician whose candidacy would be based on the “raw deal” dealt Trump by the establishment.

  11. Manila actually makes a very good point.

    It’s not like these “Trump conservatives” care about Mike Pence or the Republican Party for that matter(thus I refer to them as Republican “voters”) .Dumping Trump or a forced resignation will not be an easy sell to these types ,even if it can be proven thatTrump committed impeachable offenses or out and out crimes,We have already seen their proclivity for avoiding reality

    They are unlikely to flock to the Democrats ,but they may simply desert the political process.

    Such would be devastating to the Republican Party.

  12. Yeah I concur with Jack re:Trump and GOP voters. He hasn’t lost many yet. On the other hand he hasn’t gained any from anywhere.

  13. GOP nightmare.

    No Trump?

    No votes.

    Millions came out for Trump that would not walk across the street for Pence or the others.

    That was the point.

    They were shameless glad handers.

    Let them commit suicide.

    Just like 1974.

    That wiped out the GOP across the USA.

    1. Manila?
      You make a good point….
      But for Republicans it has been about carrying him on their backs
      Let’s also not forget that ‘establishment ‘ Republicans REALLY do like or trust Trump anyways.,..
      The goings on right now are a way for them
      To get Trump off their backs…
      Trump HAS MOT gotten much of his campaign promise stuff
      After this if he survives (I think not) he’s gonna get less….

  14. There is still no evidence of any large scale shift away fromTrump by Republican voters, your non response “response” notwithstanding.

  15. Well,it depends on what ones definition of “conservative” is?

    CG is a conservative and he would welcome a President Pence.

    Then there are the over 80% of Republicans whon support Trump and almost all of them call themselves ,”conservatives.”They aren’t “smiling” and awaiting a President Pence. Indeed one doesn’t know what their reaction would be , particularly if they were to conclude,as is likely, that Trump was railroaded out by the “damn librul media” with Republican acquiescence.

    So making these blanket statements as to what “conservatives” want all depends on who you are talking about because almost all Republican voters refer to themselves as “conservatives,”even those you define as “moderates.”

    1. You are talking about something BEFORE THIS week Jack….

      The ground HAS begun to shift…

      Mike Pence May Be Our President Soon

      ….Pray for Pence that he continues being a, “Christian, conservative, and Republican in that order.”

      I wouldn’t even begin to guess what is coming in the weeks and months ahead for the Trump Administration and the country it leads. Damaging revelations from Special Prosecutor Mueller (for the record, I don’t think this investigation sinks Trump)? A White House staff exodus or firing spree? More damaging leaks? An impeachment effort? A resignation? Absolutely nothing would surprise me at this point.

      And that means regardless of where you place the odds, there’s an ever-increasing probability that Mike Pence may be our president soon. Pray for him….

      More @

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