Comey’s side …Trump wanted his ‘loyalty.’…Open Thread for May 11, 2017…

It is indeed strange times for America….

A President under investigation along with his close associates ?

That same President invites the guy doing the investigation?….

The Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation to a private dinner?

Then HE SAYS he asks the FBI Director if he’s being investigated ?

He also admits that asked the FBI Director THREE TIMES if he was being looked at?

But it gets worse…

We ALL KNOW Trump fires the guy for about 15 different stated reason that change everyday but amount to Trump being pissed that the FBI Director was spending SO MUCH time investigating Trump people and their possible Russian connections,  the fact that Comey was all over the media and that Trump REALLY didn’t like the guy?…..

Now we have James Comey out with his side of the story, since in dealing with Donald Trump the truth is often bent to fit Trump’s view of reality….

Comey now say he was pressed several time ‘s to give Donald Trump his ‘loyalty’…..



WTF did Trump mean?

In some eyes a President being across the table from his chief cop , who is probing contact HIS buddies had with Russians, who in the past have LENT Trump MILLIONS of dollars to keep his businesses afloat asking such question could interpreted as intimidating…..

THAT could launch ANOTHER investigation and if it had someone else like Hillary Clinton?…The Republicans would be SCREAMING  IMPEACHMENT….

Things aren’t going to that point right now because Republicans have hitched their wagon to Donald Trump and most seem to be willing to go down with a Trump ship if it comes to that….


Who do you believe?

A worried Donald Trump who BADLY wants to hook up with the Russians who have been ‘loyal’ to his bank account in the past?

Or an ex-FBI Director that has made some mistakes in the last year but should know better than to have told a possible subject of his troops probing that he was in the clear….THREE TIMES?


And BTW?

It just keeps Dripping and Dripping…..

And it will keep getting worst….

Overtime Trump opens his mouth…

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  1. Certainly, MSNBC is not a hotbed for conservatives! Joe Scarborough is an exception, but he is less conservative now
    compared to when he served in Congress. Nicole Wallace was recently promoted to Chief Political Analyst, and Van Susteren was hired recently. If she was appointed last year as you claim, it was certainly late last year. I agree with James that MSNBC has been “less liberal” recently – although I also agree with CG that it still clearly leans left..

  2. It’s not like Nicolle Wallce or George Will are being given their own shows. They will get air time, just like MSNBC (minus Olbermann) has always had for people on the right.

    Plus, both of them are certainly vociferous political critics of Donald Trump, firmly in the Never Trump camp/ MSNBC doesn’t even have a Jeffrey Lord character. That goes along with the theory that MSNBC is seeing their ratings increase because of the way the network opposes Trump.

    1. No doubt on being negative Trump coverage arranged BY Trump…

      But then CNN is also doing Trump stuff in the negative ….

      My take is as explained in the Salon piece ?
      Maddow IS the Franchise….

      Around the edges they HAVE jettisoned several lefties

  3. What new management?

    Your impression is simply not based on anything factual. One source is from early 2015.

    If Lawrence O’Donnell is gone, I would think it is a safe bet that his prime time slot will be filled with someone else on the left.

    Do you folks remember Ed Schultz? The former liberal MSNBC host is now working for RT and hawking the pro-Putin line.

  4. That’s not a very convincing source or argument. MSNBC is a firmly liberal network. If their ratings are increasing it is because of that fact and not in spite of it. (and FNC has undergone some internal chaos as well.)

    The Atlantic piece is from early 2015.

    1. New management HAS moved to strip the channel of past left leaning talking heads….It HAS been going on for a while…Both links give a score card….

      Maddow seems to be carrying the who place on HER back…
      But around the edge’s and the contributing talking heads HAVE MOVED things to the center/right …

  5. That’s not a very convincing source or argument. MSNBC is a firmly liberal network. If their ratings are increasing it is because of that fact and not in spite of it. (and FNC has undergone some internal chaos as well.)

  6. Nicole Wallace has been on MSNBC for a few years now and Greta would have joined there last year. I certainly would not consider Greta to be a “conservative” voice, although she used to work at Fox.

    I do not think james impression is correct to say the least. While it is true that Keith Olbermann would never have a guest on that disagreed with him, which differentiated him from everyone else on cable, left and right, there have always been conservative “talking heads” on CNN and MSNBC, just like there are liberal talking heads on FNC.

    In any event, if the ratings for MSNBC are up and Fox are down, it is not because conservatives are rallying to MSNBC (Never Trumpers like me may be an exception), but because Trump is so polarizing and a lot more people, especially on the left, are motivated to hear negative commentary about him.

    1. MSNBC and the ‘Move Away From Left-Wing TV’

      Updated February 24, 2015

      Late last week, MSNBC made an unsurprising announcement: It would be canceling the low-rated afternoon shows of Ronan Farrow and Joy Reid. Less expected? The move, an MSNBC source told The Daily Beast, is part of the network’s broader push “to move away from left-wing TV.”…

      More @

      …Fans of MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell are planning a march against the network at its New York headquarters later this week in protest of the channel for not having renewed his contract….

      ….In the past several months, NBC chairman Andy Lack has let go several left-leaning correspondents and anchors, including Alex Wagner and Melissa Harris-Perry. Other progressive hosts have had their shows moved to the weekend, including Al Sharpton and Joy-Anne Reid. At the same time, NBC has also brought on several right-leaning hosts and pundits including former GOP spokeswoman Nicole Wallace, Washington Post columnist George Will, and former Fox News host Greta Van Susteren….

      More @

  7. In what possible way is MSNBC “turning right?”

    If anything, it’s just the opposite, which explains the increase in their ratings.

    Of course, since I hate Trump, I am more apt to check out MSNBC (or CNN) in prime time compared to whatever apologist babble is on Fox.

    1. CNN and MSNBC have brought on more conservative talking heads….
      Before they would just have lefties

  8. It figures that Stephen Miller (from the little I know about him) wrote that speech, repeating the great Wolfowitz/Bolton error of 2002-3 (when Khatami reached out to GWBush, only to have his fingers bitten off).

    Two days after Rouhani is heavily re-elected President by the people of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the (popularly-rejected) President of the United States goes out of his way (well beyond the inauguration of this counter-terrorist center) to attack Iran.

    Now Raisi’s supporters (in many ways a mirror image of Trump’s rural, religious, populist and authoritarian base) can tell the Iranian people that they were right.

    (And incidentally — together with Likud and the U.S. neo-con, evangelical and super-Zionist Right —that the JCPOA on Iranian nuclear development was a mistake that needs to be torn up soonest.)

      1. Some people in charge of stuff say REALLY Dumb things….


        Karen Tumulty Retweeted
        Abby D. Phillip‏@abbydphillip
        The commerce secretary praises the lack of protest in a country where it’s punishable by death @pbump

      2. Michelle And Barack Obama Are Living Their Best Lives As Italian Tourists

        …’After Obama left office in January, the couple has traveled all around the globe. They’ve made stops in Palm Springs, the British Virgin Islands, an island in the South Pacific and even enjoyed a little yachting with their famous friends.

        While many people have lamented the Obamas’ absence during this turbulent time, Michelle promised the two would be back soon during a recent appearance in Washington, D.C.

        “We’re not gone, we’re just breathing, y’all. Let us breathe,” Obama said, per People magazine. “We’ve got to get our new lives set up.” ….

        More @

        1. Trey Yingst


          SCOOP: Three White House staffers have been identified for leaking classified info. POTUS will fire ‘multiple people’ when he returns to DC.

  9. Also, Congrats at Trump not using the term “Radical Islamic Terrorism”. Ditch the campaign rhetoric that appealed to the Crazies. They will still vote for Trump regardless of what he says or does.

    1. Can you image Trump facing the Saudi’s after signing off on over $100 Billion of ‘deals’ calling them names?


      The guy must have a ‘woody’….

      He was Donald Trump at heart making money ‘deals’….

      No rocking the boat and just another reason to watch what Trump DOES…Not what he says….

      1. I might add that Trump’s foreign policy starts seems not much different than an carbon copy Republican or even what you’d expect from Hillary except for his Russian and Immigration ‘wants’…..

        1. …twitter…

          Jeff Zeleny‏ @jeffzeleny
          Watching @realDonaldTrump, I’m thinking back to covering ’09 @BarackObama speech to Muslim world. So far not as different as you might think

          1. I’ll have a post on Trump’s speech to the Saudi’s and the assembled Middle East leaders after the dust settles….

            The speech was written by Stephen Miller , Bannon’s cut buddy, those two did the original Muslim band by themselves and lost it in court….

    1. A addition to his shooting someone in Times Square and getting away with it, eh?

      Teflon Donald?


  10. This may surprise some of you, but I do not have problems with Trump saying to the Saudis that he is not there to tell them how to live their lives or run their government. American advocacy of Democracy hasn’t been very effective In recent decades. In fact, it might even strengthen the hand of religious extremists. Time for a change in strategy. Trump was right in that comment.

  11. It’s more like no politician has ever been more of a “whiny, little, ….”

    Every day is getting us closer to DJT’s ultimate disgrace.

      1. ….twitter…

        Karen Tumulty

        BREAKING: House majority leader to colleagues in 2016: ‘I think Putin pays’ Trump


        BREAKING: McCarthy: “There’s two people, I think, Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump…Swear to God.”

          1. BTW?

            Cornyn and Gowdy do NOT want the FBI Dir Job

            Former Sen Lieberman is mentioned as a possible?

          2. ..Trump’s DISapproval average keeps DROPPING at RCP…


            Poll: Trump approval rating hits new low

            Donald Trump’s approval rating is at a new low — and that’s before claims that he disclosed sensitive information to Russian officials in the Oval Office and tried to shut down an FBI investigation into former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

            A new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll, conducted after Trump fired FBI Director James Comey but before the two latest blockbuster revelations, shows Trump’s approval rating at 42 percent, with half of registered voters disapproving of the job Trump is doing as president. In the previous poll, conducted last Tuesday through Thursday, 46 percent of voters approved of Trump’s job performance, and 47 percent disapproved….

            More @

            1. Morning People….


              ..for the record?…I repeat something I said before….

              I just don’t think Trump lasts the entire four years…..

              1. …twitter….

                Benjy Sarlin Retweeted
                Alex Seitz-Wald‏ @aseitzwald
                New: House Dems already beat their online fundraising haul for all of 2015 and it’s only May.

                Tump = ATM for Dems.

              2. ….twitter….

                John Harwood….

                after Rosenstein briefing, Graham says Congressional probe tougher because Trump/Russia is “a criminal investigation” – not counter-intel

              3. Anthony Weiner to Plead Guilty to Resolve ‘Sexting’ Inquiry

                Anthony D. Weiner, the former Democratic congressman whose “sexting” scandals ended his political career and embroiled him in a tumultuous F.B.I. investigation of Hillary Clinton before the election, is to appear in a federal courtroom in Manhattan on Friday to enter a guilty plea….

                More @

                (Weiner is married to Hillary Clinton close aide Huma Abedin)

              4. Joe Lieberman backed Mike Flynn for the NSC job…..

                He ran as a Indie in the end….

                He backed John McCain….

                He is is one of the finalist in Trump’s FBI Director job search…

              5. Iran General Election….

                …. twitter….

                Omid Memairan
                Rouhani expected to defeat hardliner Raisi in a landslide victory. Raisi undoubtedly enjoys the support of all hardline institutions.

  12. Ex-coal CEO fresh from prison urges Trump to probe 2010 blast

    By Timothy Gardner (Reuters) | WASHINGTON

    A former coal executive who last week finished a yearlong prison sentence for conspiring to violate safety standards at a mine where a deadly blast occurred, has urged U.S. President Donald Trump to “get to the truth” about the incident.

    Donald Blankenship, who was chief executive officer of Massey Energy Co during the April 2010 explosion that killed 29 people at the Upper Big Branch coal mine in West Virginia, said in a letter to Trump dated on Monday that former officials had rushed to judge the accident before an investigation was completed and that the media distorted the truth.

    The letter said the Mine Safety and Health Administration cut airflow to the miners, causing natural gas to inundate the mine, and sparks from workers cutting sandstone ignited the gas.

    “The truth needs to be told about what happened at UBB,” Blankenship said in the letter. “If the truth is not told, coal miners remain at risk of another tragedy.”

    A fire caused by a methane or natural gas leak probably set off the blast at Massey’s now-closed Upper Big Branch mine about 40 miles (65 km) south of Charleston, according to federal investigators.

    In January, the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected Blankenship’s effort to overturn his conviction and prison sentence.

    Contrary to Blankenship’s position, a mine operator is not immune from criminal liability “by characterizing his mine’s repeated failure to comply with safety laws as a consequence of tough decisions he had to make weighing production, safety, and regulatory compliance,” Circuit Judge James Wynn wrote then.

    Blankenship also attempted to compare himself to Trump. “You and I … share relentless and false attacks on our reputation by the liberal media,” Blankenship said in a letter, a copy of which Reuters saw.

    A White House official had no comment…..

  13. Oh poop.

    He didn’t.

    Why do I say that?

    Penis size is important?

    The Russians respect that.

    PS: Did you get ransomed today?

    Microsoft’s response to that is ridiculous.

      1. Erick Erickson


        Scoop: GOP polling over the weekend shifted against them in Montana and Georgia. National GOP starting to worry.

  14. Tomorrow night, Bernie Sanders and John Kasich are going to “debate” on CNN. I do not know how much of it I will be able to catch, but I think the dog should watch it to help make up his mind as to which of the two of them he might be voting for in November 2020.

  15. My question was rhetorical James, I know where they stand, firmly behind their President – Donald J. Trump as do overwhelming numbers of Republican voters.

    Why would that be? Another rhetorical question James.

  16. I didn’t ignore what you said.Indeed I directly referenced it in my third paragraph.

    I have no doubt you personally find Trump abhorrent .

    1. …twitter….

      Dave Weigel‏ @daveweigel
      In 2002-2003, Bush was at 70% approval and MSNBC swung to the right.

      In 2017, Trump is at 39% approval and MSNBC is… swinging right.

  17. Republicans “grumble” a lot.

    Oh and express their “concern”

    In the end?They will go along with Trump and from a straight political point who can blame them?

    Republican voters overwhelmingly support Trump.Who do you think is going to decide their fate in a Republican primary?

  18. Where do McConnell and Ryan stand on Trump’s agenda or an independent investigation of his Russian ties?

    1. Both AGAINST at THIS Time…

      But there ARE some GOPer’s grumbling and asking for a copy of any ‘tapes’….

  19. You ignore the fact that Sasse, McCain, (and myself) have also expressed profound policy differences with Trump as well.

    But again, you also ignore what I have brought up many times. Even if I agreed with Trump on everything policy-wise, that should not matter. I have expressed my views about him and why I find him and his Presidency so repulsive. I am sorry that you cannot reconcile those things, but thank you for confirming that I am a conservative. I believe I always have been, and I hope it is ok, if I do not have to lie about my beliefs as they relate to policy or disingenuously change them just to meet your approval.

  20. The above has been my point to CG that seems to get him so exercised almost daily.

    To simply say you are “against” Trump,but then daily lavish praise on Republicans who ,while making negative remarks about him ,yet still vote with him seems almost duplicitous.

    Unless,of course, as I’ve mentioned ,ones opposition to Trump is more in the way of a personal objection to his various wild pronouncements and general boorish behavior rather than any significant policy differences.

    Indeed,despite the various talk about labeling him all sorts of different “things,”the plain fact is that here and now he is Governing as a conservative Republican.

    And Sasse, McCain and yes CG are conservative Republicans.

    Their protests as t Trumps behavior is noted as is their general support of his policies.

  21. That nomination is nothing short of stupefying considering her past and why anybody has even ever heard of her.

    1. …twitter…

      Matthew Yglesias‏ @mattyglesias
      Matthew Yglesias Retweeted CBS News
      The Sasse/McCain “say mean things about Trump while voting with him all the time” strategy seems flawed to me.

  22. Imagine this in a Republican campaign after (say) 1948:

    General election 2017: Workers’ rights protections promised by Tories

    1 hour ago

    BBC UK General Election news

    Theresa May is promising what she says would be the biggest expansion of workers’ rights by any Conservative government, if the party retains power.

    Its manifesto will promise to keep all workers’ rights currently guaranteed by EU law, put worker representation on company boards and protect pensions.

    There would also be a statutory right to a year’s unpaid leave to care for a family member.

    But Labour said Mrs May was “taking working people for fools”.

    And the GMB [General, Municipal & Builders’] union said its members would “believe it when they see it”.

    In what BBC political correspondent Ben Wright says is an “unabashed pitch for Labour voters”, Mrs May will promise a “new deal for workers”, with a string of proposals.

    The statutory right to leave to care for a family member is similar to provision that already exists in countries such as the Republic of Ireland.

    There would also be statutory leave for parents whose child has died.

    There would also be new protections for people in the “gig economy”, a statutory right to training, measures to protect workers’ pensions in the wake of the BHS scandal, and a guarantee that European Union rights will be protected in the Brexit process.

    The national living wage for workers aged 25 and over, currently £7.50 an hour, would rise in line with average earnings until 2022.

    ‘Watered down’

    The Tories would also insist listed companies had representation for workers on their boards – whether on advisory panels, as a non-executive director or through a directly appointed worker representative – although firms would not be forced to have actual employees in the boardroom.

    Mrs May will say: “By working with business, reducing taxes and dealing with the deficit, we have delivered steady improvements to the economic prospects of working people.

    “Now is the time to lock in that economic growth and ensure the proceeds are spread to everyone in our country.”

    Labour, which has repeatedly warned of the threat to workers’ rights posed by Brexit, dismissed the announcement.

    It argued the Tories had overseen an “era of non-compliance of employment law”, an “explosion in low pay and stagnating wages” and a “massive expansion in bogus self-employment”.

    It also said a pledge from Mrs May to put workers on company boards had been “watered down”.

    “Theresa May and her Tory government have failed to stand up for workers, with hundreds of thousands not being paid the money owed to them, thousands unable to get their case against their employer heard, and hundreds of complaints of employment agency malpractice going un-investigated,” said campaign chairman Andrew Gwynne.

    ‘End pay squeeze’

    Vince Cable, the Liberal Democrats’ former business secretary, said: “The Conservatives tried to ban workers from striking and were blocked by the Liberal Democrats in government.

    “It’s clear they aren’t the party of workers’ rights and that you can’t trust them to care about you and your family.”

    GMB general secretary Tim Roache said achieving the greatest expansion of workers’ rights by a Conservative government “wouldn’t be that hard to achieve given recent history”.

    He called for an end to the squeeze on public sector pay and to the “wide scale abuse” of agency contracts.

  23. Manila is calling people insane? He wants us to believe it is all part of a brilliant plan. But if it is so brilliant, why is Trump’s favorability rating so low, and why has he been so ineffective at getting anything passed?

      1. Income advancement…

        GOP House Oversight head Jason Chaffetz who is quitting Congress will start a new job as a On the air talking head at Fox News….

        1. ….AP….

          President Donald Trump’s administration must announce by May 23 whether to continue that status for about 50,000 Haitians legally living and working in the U.S. before Jan. 12, 2011. Otherwise they could face sudden deportation.
          Miami is home to thousands of Haitians, centered on its Little Haiti neighborhood….

              1. Callista Gingrich set to be named ambassador to the Vatican

                Callista Gingrich, the wife of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, is the preferred nominee to be the next ambassador to the Vatican.

                The White House hopes to announce her nomination before President Donald Trump meets with Pope Francis on May 24 in Rome.
                The decision to nominate Gingrich has been made, but the announcement has taken longer than expected pending approval from the Office of Government Ethics, an administration official said….

                More @

  24. Who are his opponents?

    The FBI?

    It’s pretty sad that we have a President who is so brazenly on the wrong side of the law.

    I don’t think Trump is necessarily senile. He’s just a psychopath. He’s unfit to hold any public office of any sort and generations of future Americans will wonder just how exactly the country went so crazy in 2016 and the period after.

    1. In fact we will probably be able to add the FBI to the Intelligence Community that has to keep a WATCHFULL eye to make sure he doesn’t get in bed with the Russians….

      How many of those agencies people are happy with the Russian Foreign Minister and Russian Ambassador to the US, who HAS been ID’d as a possible cultivator of contacts for his country laughing WILL Trump over THEIR boss being fired airing on the TV before he knew what was going on and had to travel back from Cali to DC after finally finding out?


      Trump , and I guess and his people, HAVE to be operating in an alternate Universe to think that firing his FBI Director while he COULD be target of their probe (WTF did he say he asked Comey THREE TIMES???) would NOT strike up a shit storm?

  25. Your all absolutly insane!

    He’s baiting his opponents just like he did the Republicans all during the primaries.

    You should read up on the Fetterman Massacre.

      1. Sessions orders tougher sentences in DOJ memo

        Attorney General Jeff Sessions is rolling back Obama-era Justice Department charging and sentencing guidelines, instructing federal prosecutors to charge defendants with the most serious crime possible….

        More @

        Not so fast?

        Two Senate conservatives expressed their disapproval Friday after Attorney General Jeff Sessions directed federal prosecutors to be tougher on crime, diverging from an Obama administration policy that shielded non-violent drug offenders from harsher mandatory minimum sentences….

        More @

        1. A man who REALLY can’t understand WHY the damn Media does NOT see things the way he does?
          A man who has staff trying to help him WITH the media…
          But he doesn’t LIKE people correcting him…
          Trouble is he’s in a whole NEW WORLD….

          Maybe if he tries hard enough?
          He can get himself run out of the job…

  26. And yes Zreebs I think there are mental issues with Trump. His father had Alzheimer’s and we may, like Reagan, be seeing early stages of the disease.

  27. Until the Republicans in Congress decide to do something about SCROTUS this madness will continue.

    They have essentially rejected a special prosecutor.

    Party before Country.

    Did everyone see Lester Holt? I thought he did a good interview. He used to workout at my gym in DC. Nice guy, but he had a reputation as a lightweight. That may have been why he got the interview. Some great lines from Trump especially when he asked if he was under investigation.

    Who in their right mind would take that job now??

  28. Yes,those were the days.

    When the RepublicanNews Network could go bonkers over such silliness as that.

    Just think what they would our have done if Obama had met with the Russian Foreign Minster ,welcomed the Russian media ,and excluded the American?

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