Breaking! Trump has Fired FBI DIR COMEY….

The White  House has announced that Donald Trump has fired FBI Director James Comey….

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The reasoning for the action should be forthcoming

This is developing story that is sure to be YUGE…


The Democratic view ….

Democrats think now-fired FBI Director James Comey cost them the presidential election. But hardly any Democrats in Congress are celebrating the fact that he’s gone.

Comey was leading the investigation into whether Trump campaign associates colluded with Russia to try to help Trump win the election in 2016. For all of Comey’s sins in the eyes of Democrats — re-upping Hillary Clinton’s emails 11 days before the presidential election, not announcing the FBI’s investigation into Trump earlier — he was the best FBI director they were going to get in the Trump administration.

And by “best,” we mean most apolitical. As my colleague Aaron Blake wrote this week, Comey had a reputation as an aggressively apolitical public servant who, yes, sometimes made mistakes that upset the politicians (and potentially had massive political repercussions).

Lawmakers react after President Trump fired FBI director James Comey on May 9.(Victoria Walker/The Washington Post)

That reputation was fraying during the campaign, but it got absolutely shredded Tuesday when we learned that Comey told Congress it found “hundreds and thousands” of Clinton emails on the computer of disgraced sexting congressman (and ex-husband of Clinton aide Huma Abedin) Anthony Weiner. Turns out there were just several.

It was the excuse Trump was looking for to fire Comey. And Democrats, as much as they probably would have liked to fire Comey, too, know they just lost one of their best chances for an apolitical investigation into Trump-Russia connections. Whomever Trump nominates only has to clear a majority vote in the Senate (as opposed to a 60-vote filibuster that until 2013 was the norm for these kinds of positions). Republicans have a slim majority and could conceivably approve a Trump nominee over every single Senate Democrat’s objections…..



….from Chris  Clizza

Citing the Comey July 6 Clinton presser to explain the firing is something no novelist could write

…..from. Jim Sciutto

“This is an investigator investigating the White House and he has just been fired by the White House” @JeffreyToobin just now #COMEY

CNN Breaking News


Schumer: Only way American people can have faith in investigation is if it’s led by independent special prosecutor

Jim Sciutto

Just in: Comey learned he was fired from TV news as he was addressing workforce at LA FBI field office -@PamelaBrownCNN & @Rene_MarshCNN

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  1. Matt Bai on Trump…I think he has a point about both candidates in the election…either one was going to face a crazy amount of scrutiny because of who they are…Obama faced it as well, but not on the level as either Clinton would have faced or Trump is facing face…and let’s face it Obama’s scrutiny mostly had to do with his race which is something I think he was well equipped to deal with seeing as he understood that he was a trailblazer in being the first president that Identified as being black…

  2. For any of you planning to conduct any state government business in SC tomorrow?

    Forget it…

    All State Offices and Courts are closed in observance of Confederate Memorial Day,

    Nothing actually happens .Ocassionally a Condefederista group will place some flowers on old Condefderate graves at a cemetery in Charleston but that’s about it.Otherwise ,it’s just a holiday for state workers.

    You might think this has been a”holiday” for years.You would be wrong.It only became a state sanctioned holiday in 2000 when Republicans in the State Legislature tied it onto a measure officially recognizing Martin Luther King Day.

    I won’t be “celebrating.”

  3. Once again what did Schumer say? And Reid left before Trump came in, so what does any of this have to do with the Republicans refusing to investigate now, or as an excuse to fire Comey.

    To my knowledge neither Schumer or Pelosi said Comey should be fired. That is the party leadership. So that GOP talking point is inoperative.

    “The Democrats wanted him fired” isn’t a credible argument.

    Comey was fired to stop an investigation into treason.

    Party before Country, the Republican game plan.

  4. I said Schumer, not Pelosi and I gave a link. Since you brought up Pelosi though she had said that Comey was “not in the right job.”

    Schumer said he no longer had confidence in Comey’s ability to do his job, but Reid, who was still the Leader at the time, went further and directly said that Comey should step down.

  5. But we were told yesterday that Schumer and Pelosi had called for Comey to be fired. Still waiting for the quotes from the two most prominent Democrats in Congress.

    This is a deflection and part of the Trump defense. You know, he was just doing what the Democrats wanted.

    Anyone who understands government knows it doesn’t work that way. As the Republican leadership in Congress circles the wagons around the Republican President. A Nixon redo.

  6. I accept your view but plenty of prominent Democrats did call for Comey to be fired or said they lost confidence in him. They questioned his integrity. Harry Reid said he was a Republican operative. Post-election, the Democrats made Comey a villain as it related to Hillary and Trump is trying to co-opt them on the matter.

    It won’t work among anti-Trump politically attuned people or those who consume the mainstream media, but among those who only get their news from Facebook, it’s probably going to work to some extent.

  7. I do not think that Comey used good judgment regarding the election. But I never called for him to be fired. I’m sure there are potential FBI Directors who could do better than Comey, but he wasn’t fired because of his incompetence. Despite Trump’s rhetoric, he was fired for doing his job.

    Again, I see no hypocracy. The Senate should not confirm a new FBI Director until we have an independent prosecutor. And the new Director should be respected by both parties. I don’t care if he is a Republican. But I do insist that he not be political in his decisions.

  8. If a Democrat were President, I can certainly imagine I would have a lot of policy disagreements with the Administration and would be vocal about them. I may not like the person who was President that much either, but I doubt there would ever be a circumstance where I would look upon any other potential President of any party with as much disdain or fundamental distrust as I think Trump deserves.

  9. “I see no difference in you today or ten years ago”

    You shouldn’t, as it relates to fundamental beliefs and values. I do not think I am the one who changed. I think its the party that changed. I already went over this several times with over in regards to the question of “am I still a Republican.” I have never claimed to be a Democrat, so you don’t have to worry about that. I would prefer to be a Republican for the rest of my life, but I do not know if that will be possible. I did not vote Republican for President in 2016 and unless something dramatic happens, I won’t be doing so in 2020 either.

    I don’t know what “programs” you think I support but you can disagree with what I state not what you think I believe. (You can always just ask) Just like a couple months back you just assumed on here that I supported the travel ban when I most certainly did not.

    As I have said before though, even if I agreed with everything single thing Donald Trump said from a policy standpoint, that would not change my outlook on him as a person or what he represents for my country.

    I hope your summer vacation will be enjoyable.

  10. Yes like you would have a “problem” with any Democrat who was President.

    What “outrage” have I exhibited?I call you a Republican.You are.So?

    On the contrary it’s you who appear outraged pthat I have questioned your assertion that you were Less the same “Republican “than you were.

    I see no difference in you today or ten years ago ,except tha you personally don’t like Donald Trump,although you still support his programs which ,despite your assertions to the contrary ,are pretty typical conservative Republican.

    As to my “breaks?”I have frequently done so over the years as all the regulars here know.Since these are apparently of interest to you(weird) ,I will be taking an extended one from late June to mid July as I will be on a three week vacation in which I have vowed to concentrate on some light sightseeing and some heavy relaxation.

  11. Polls show both parties are unpopular, deservedly so in my view, but those polls show the Democrats doing even worse.

    Trump has an appeal to people that surpasses party though. It is simply a fact that he received many votes in 2016 that had not gone Republican in 2012 or 2008 and in many cases before that.

    For all the doubts that people have about Trump, Democrats are not going to be able to capitalize to their benefit just hoping for him to mess up and to expect that the people will flock to them. Democrats have fundamental problems with the electorate and I believe Republicans do too. Republicans have been winning more though lately.

    You certainly make valid points about the peaks and valleys about politics but after going through 2016 and the aftermath we are all in now, it is hard to say that there has ever been a time in American history where both parties were in such disfavor and with so many internal problems.

    If an Independent “centrist” can get on the ballot in all 50 states and get in the debates in 2020, I think they will have a good of a chance of winning the Presidency than ever before.

    America has never been France, but perhaps we can learn from them this time.

  12. According to polls,Both parties are relatively unpopular .


    I don’t believe that one election ,Obamas in 2008 when The Democrats swept or Trump eight years later when the Republicans swept are long range harbingers of anything.

    I’ve messed around politics since I was a youngster in the sixties and have seen both parties in perks and valleys.I have concluded that American politics is cyclical and influenced by any number of factors including economics, culture and demographics.

    Accordingly, I never take as an apocalyptic view as others as to what is happening at any given time,even the present.

  13. Thank you for pointing out policy areas you think the Democrats should go towards but unless there is a connection that you think can be made, it doesn’t really point to anything related to the 2016 election or why the party is unpopular today.

  14. I only focus on you when you refer to me first and have lied about things I have said or what you think I believe. I will continue to state my beliefs here and you can either disagree with me on them or ignore them, but you are not going to invent beliefs that you think I really have when I have said something different.

    You have a problem with “Republicans” That is nothing new with you. If John Kasich or George Pataki or Susan Collins were President you would be just as angry about them as you are about Donald Trump. So, that’s why I think you exhibit phony professional wrestling outrage.

    When I agree with the “Republican line” I will agree with it and when I disagree with it I will disagree with it. I am not going to lie about my views or change my views for your sake. I hope you can accept that and we can agree or disagree civilly. Otherwise, I am sure you are going to eventually take another “break” anyways.

  15. That’s a dumb question .

    As regulars here know I have been quite critical of Democrats on may occasions.For example I have supported wide ranging reforms in Social Security and Medicare,was critical as to the long term viability of Obamacare and have opposed efforts by both parties to prevent presidential nominations from receiving an up or down vote.

    As is quite obvious to everyone here your new found focus on me is because I called BS on your assertions ,upon your return here, that you were no longer “much of a Republican .”And it is noteworthy that over the past few months ypu have essentially dropped that line with only the snarky remarks about Trump left as you have resumed your typical Republican line.

  16. Can you name one single solitary thing you believe Democrats did wrong in 2016 or have been doing wrong or that you would want them to do better?

  17. I’ll leave it to more unbiased sources than the Likes of you to judge my “coherence.”

  18. Quinnipiac is out with a poll today,taken obviously before the Comey firing,showing support for Trump down to 36% with 58% opposed.

    Interestingly, this is the first one I’ve seen that shows him actually losing support among non College educated and White men.

    Unlike others here however,I don’t think polls three months of so after inauguration for a four year term means much of anything for an election in 2020.

  19. You aren’t even being coherent anymore jack. I have criticized the Republicans who have closed ranks around Trump on this matter while also pointing out that there are plenty who are not doing so.

    I can see the truth about those Republicans. Your problem is that your black and white mind causes you to completely ignore any issue or possible mistake or flaw of Democrats. You even went on and on about how Perez was only talking sense about not needing Pro-Life Democrats.

    You can keep thinking that way if you want though as they continue to lose more and more elections.

  20. Headline from Political Wire…..

    Republicans Close Ranks Behind Trump…Headlinde FromPolitical Wire

    And here we have a Republican closing ranks behind the Republicans who are closing ranks behind Trump with fanciful theories that somehow the Democrats are providing “cover” for the lapdog Republicans who have pretty much been supporting Trump down the line since his election.

    Amusing in a weird way..

  21. It makes it tougher for them to complain. If they truly believed that he deliberately tried to throw the election to Trump (which I don’t believe for a minute) then you should want him fired and put up on charges.

    Maxine Waters went on tv and said that Hillary would have been right to fire Comey but Trump is wrong to do so. That argument is a hard one to make to the country as a whole.

    I do believe it is true to think that Comey made mistakes in office and that there might be someone better for the job while also recognizing that Trump firing him does not pass the smell test. I would have believed the same about Clinton firing him too though.

  22. of course the Democrats were right when they criticized Comey for his efforts to move the election to Trump. And of course his firing was political.

    I don’t see any hypocracy.

  23. Maybe not, but he and his lackeys wouldn’t be able to use them as cover. Now, it just makes the push-back against the move harder. They are just putting out what all these Democrats have said about Comey, in which they did everything including questioning his integrity. The Trump people believe they outsmarted Democrats. People who follow politics closely, such as the people here, know its a bs cover story, but we aren’t most people.

    It will be interesting to see Trump’s poll numbers in about a week. If he has not taken at least a modest hit, that’s pretty unfortunate, especially so for Democrats and their prospects.

  24. What are you suggesting?

    That if the Democrats had “supported” Comey,Trumps wouldn’t have fired him?

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