The basic’s of Obamacare aren’t going anywhere….

The idea that the government should help those less fortune started back almost a hundred years ago coming out of the depression with FDR…..

There are those on the Right in the American Congress and beyond who want their country to cast aside any safety net for the less fortunate and play to the rich…

Those people have NOT had their way…

The House Repeal Bill that finally made it thru on a slim margin points to problem for those who want to go backwards….

Their publicized efforts have actually pushed American to INCREASE support for a healthcare program born of the Democrats and the countries first black/mixed race President….

In the last few days as the House Repeal bill has come under study?

We see something MUCH less than  the media made it out to be…

Most of the major parts of the Affordable Healthcare Bill have been left intact….

Now THAT doesn’t mean that Democrats and others should accept the Republicans cuts in the House bill….But the fact is?

When  this is  all over?

Either the House and Senate will craft a bill that will be able to get the votes ?

Or the Affordable Healthcare Law will have to be fixed in little pieces….

Donald Trump has repeatedly said he does NOT want to make cuts to Social Security …..

Wether Conservatives like it or NOT?

Americans are solidly behind having Big Government help them in their lives….Risking THAT could have negative political effects on their party come the 2018 Midterm elections….

Fighting the expansion of the so-called welfare state is a fundamental premise of the American conservative movement. But as tens of millions of Americans have come to rely on coverage under the 2010 health law, Republicans have learned the political risks of being seen as taking a hatchet to the program, however imperfect it may be.

So conservatives have now cast aside their high-minded arguments of political principle, replacing them with dense discussions of policy. Pre-existing conditions, risk pools and premium costs — not the more conventional Republican disquisitions in favor of the free market, personal responsibility and smaller government — dominate the debate today.

This dramatic shift in focus has confirmed what conservatives said they always feared when Democrats granted the government expansive new powers over health care. The government can giveth, they said, but it can almost never taketh away…..


6 thoughts on “The basic’s of Obamacare aren’t going anywhere….”

  1. Polls are just propaganda, fake.

    Obama Care, with it’s individual mandate is an unfunded mandate.

    It’s basically a regressive tax.

    Most young people just pay the fine, oops, I mean the John Robert’s “tax”, rather than pay very subjective “affordable” insurance rates.

    Health care is a right!

    Homeless people still get care but not under Obamacare.

    The uninsurable underclass still increase the overhead.

    Illegal immigrants literally put Hospitals out of business in CA.

    I guess they ran out of free care money.

    Obama Care is candy coated free care.

    Cause if your subsidized you ain’t paying.

    Social Darwinism still rules.

    So my plan would be to emulate MLK and fill the hospitals with the uninsured just like he filled the jails.

    And see what happens then.

    1. The fact REMAINS Manila?

      Republicans are so scared they won’t even face their district voters….

      THAT is NO WAY to go into a Midterm election…

  2. Trumpcare is a product of the Republicans in the House of Representatives. I doubt if Trump actually knows what is in it other than it gives his friends a big tax cut.

    Does Manila know it doesn’t cover mental health services……

    The GOP owns this one, with or without Trump. Ryan has shown himself to be a terrible leader for his party — getting rolled again and again. I doubt if they will get a final bill by the end of the year, and if they don’t nothing will happen next year.

    Today was a good day all around for the Democrats.

  3. Watch our out what you ask for. The “winners” of Trumpcare are the young, wealthy and healthy, and the losers are the old, poor and sick.

  4. Obama Care is an ulcer upon the land.

    The proponents of said law are on a power trip.

    It’s a 1960’s solution to a 21st century problem.

    Trump will bring us the solution to universal health care.

    All Hail the Donald!

    He will make America great again.

    1. Have you been listening Manila???….

      Roughly 50% of Americans DO NOT WANT THE Affordable Healthcare Program (Obamacare) Repealed!

      They want it FIXED….

      I have posted here that actually the House Repeal Bill does NOT kill most of the Law anyways…

      I have posted here and Jack has highlighted that Republicans THEMSELVES have come to the conclusion that they will NEVER be able to completely get rid of the law….


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