What is Bernie doing?


Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat….

He ain’t on the Democratic team roster….

Bernie Sanders has embarked on a “Come Together and Fight Back” tour with with Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez. But he’s not really helping on that first part.

Over the last few days, Sanders’s has at times offered some odd comments for a guy pushing for Democratic unity.

To wit:

But the most puzzling development this week is Sanders’s decision to keep Georgia special election candidate Jon Ossoff at arms-length. Sanders hasn’t endorsed Ossoff, and in an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he seemed to suggest Ossoff’s progressive bona fides were in question.

“If you run as a Democrat, you’re a Democrat,” Sanders said. “Some Democrats are progressive, and some Democrats are not.”

Sanders qualified this by saying he didn’t know much about Ossoff, so perhaps it should be taken at face value — that he truly doesn’t know enough to make a decision about him. But it’s an odd statement to make about a guy who has been running in such a high-profile race and in whom Democrats have invested so much money and blood, sweat and tears….


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  1. “There is CLEARLY a double standard in American politics…”

    Trump can. There’s no evidence that a normal Republican would ever be able to get away with the things he did in a campaign.

    And let’s dispel of this fiction that Hillary Clinton has always been “Hollier than Thou”

      1. Actually I’m really astonished that Trump & Co. have made uptheir OWN rules as they go along…

        They do NOT know what they are doing…

        The media bites them hard…

        On a LOT of cases they have just gone on…

        To be fair…


        The Trump gang HAVE doubled back on on a FEW things…

        But the fact is?

        They have gone about things in vastly different ways….
        And by doing so ?
        At least for me it points to a feeling that Democrats should learn to bend and not be so sensitive to what the ‘norms’ where in the past…
        In most cases?
        There is CLEARLY a double standard in American politics…
        Republicans can double talk and yes lie and get away with it…
        Democrats can not for the most part…

        1. and yea Jack….

          I kinda went a bit off target…

          But I point to the vastly different set of rules that Democrats try to follow and get screwed for doing so while the Republicans new leader blindly disregard’S things and gets way with it…

          Nobody thinks things have to be fair all the time…
          But It IS frustrating to see thos play out in broad daylight with Everybody scrambling to try figure out what comes next…

          My hope is that come next year’s Midterms?
          Democrats can somehow figure out how get out there anf fight back…
          And YES…
          Bend or change the norm to get back those votes that left during Obama’s watch…

  2. So the “path” back for the Democrats is to be more like the Republicans and lying sacks of shit like Trump?

    Why that’s just genius!

    1. Jack?


      But if Democrats are so holly that they follow the rules trhat NOBODY does so closely and LOSE?

      Something is wrong….

      As you and everybody else has pointed out?

      The Republicans care less about the rules and they have majority ….

      Democrats are worried about the rules and they are LOSING….

      Some of those rules need to made to an advantage for Democrats…

      I argued months ago that Warren was against people who KNOW about business being in the job of overseeing that business…

      Crying insued everywhere form the left…

      Well Jack ?

      Who is OVERSEEING things for Trump?

      Wall Street types…

      So much for Warren who comp0lained ….

      My point is being pushed EVERYDAY Jack…


      They have finally woken up….



      Learning to bend things LIKE the Republicans

      You Betcha!

      1. Democrats need to stop being so Holly…

        It does them NO Good…

        Republicans are gonna try to fuck them ANY Chance they get…

        Clinton does NOTHING wrong basicly and gets fucked…

        Obama helps people with their healthcare and tries to do the right thing by NOT going public on thje FBI probe of Trump?

        Clinton gets fucked…

        Trump tries to get in bed with the Russian in broad daylight?

        Like soimeone said here…

        If that was Obama?

        He’d get fucked….

        Do I get it?


        Democrats gotta get it…

        Stop being so danm proper and try to win without having your hands tied behind your backs….

        1. And for goodness sakes?

          DO NOT TURN the whole damn party to the hard left and lose even BIGGER in 2018/2020….

          James Carville….

          …’it’s the Economy …Stupid!’…..

          Heck, even Bernie Sanders KNOWS that!

          Ideology ain’t workiong for Democrats…

          This dog has been saying that for a while…

  3. I’m interested James…

    What would you do to solve this so called “messaging” problem and what do you think the “message” should be?

    1. Re: My 4/22/17 7:22PM post….

      ….”If you look back a few comments tonight you’ll see I describe Warren and Sanders as nitch politicians….
      Yes they are ideologically set….
      The Democrats lost the White House on the economy in specific states…
      Both Sanders and Warren had bases in the places that Clinton won….
      The way back for Democrats is not thru the left…
      It is to hold on to the voters they HAVE and get the ones that left because of Obama not delivering jobs something Trump Bull Shited …
      I continue to make the point the two
      Do not provide a path for Democrats come 2020….
      America is center right
      The loses the democrats have suffered for the last eight years just prove it…’….

  4. A few things then I have to go…

    First, as far as the “tip of the iceberg” goes with the leaks that came out of the DNC from the nominating contest last year it is safe to assume that the Russians (and in turn Wikileaks) saw everything that was written both at the National headquarters by staff and from John Podesta. It has been reported that the Russians had an entire staff working on reading and processing (for negative material) the thousands of emails that were hacked. So, if there had been a bigger iceberg (especially during the campaign) we would have seen it. “Believe me!”

    When you think about it Zreebs, if Putin had more on the DNC, Podesta, or Hillary we would have seen it all right? The crimes you appear to think were committed came down to the simple act of sending an email. How many times did we hear Trump say he loved Wikileaks? And yes, lots more phone calls these days than emails.

    Second, the Sanders staff admitted that they went behind the DNC firewall to download Hillary’s voter files (a violation of Party rules and an illegal act). They essentially hacked into the Clinton campaign activity (where have we heard that before?) and were correctly sanctioned for their activity. This was not a Sander’s campaign “mistake” because the staffer took pro-active steps to download the Clinton campaign information. So, yes, the Sanders campaign should have been denied access to those lists until those lists could be protected from being stolen again as the campaign moved forward. I don’t recall the Sanders people returning the material they took. But, speaking of lists, when will Sanders provide his fundraising lists to the Democratic Party to help build that Party that Sanders is now traveling the country to build??

    The best part of this exchange is that the word “corrupt” is being used about a series of pre-primary activities and communications that essentially came down to inter-office gossip about one candidate that wasn’t even a member of the private (non-governmental) organization in question. Boo-hoo, “the Democrats didn’t have enough debates,” but they had more than 2008. Oh, horrors, “the Democrats sent an email talking about Sander’s atheism,” an email that went nowhere (but one that the Republicans would have used). And how dare the DNC take offense to their system being hacked by one of the Sander’s staffers (the only real offense that was legitimately illegal, and the Sanders campaign committed the offense). Oh, the corrupt crimes of the DNC, but where you see corruption, I see an inept organization without any ability to influence the ultimate nomination (they certainly didn’t in 2008).

    Once again, the woman candidate is being accused of being passion-less (I guess that’s better than uninspiring). And, no, Hillary never stood on a stage yelling and pointing her finger like Bernie did, because then you would have called her unhinged, or unqualified as Bernie did.

    I have always said that Hillary was a flawed candidate, one, that had been damaged over the years by the constant, and mostly false, attacks on her over the years. Sanders was the anti-Hillary and his main attraction, outside the very young voters who were drawn to her, was because much of the Party base wanted someone else to run for President. I was for Hillary in 2012 because she was the best qualified person running for President and she had detailed plans for a progressive policy agenda (Bernie simply promised free shit).

    But finally, of course Sanders hurt Hillary. Was his campaign the fatal blow to Hillary, of course not. But his words were used by Trump and the Republicans to divide and depress Democratic turnout. If you don’t believe me, just talk to some Berniebots. There are still Bernie voters here who think Hillary had two million Bernie ballots shredded during the California primary and stole the nomination from him. Where have we heard that type of wild conspiracy theory before? There is more in common psychologically between the Bernie and Trump people that many would be willing to admit. They agree on one thing though, can’t have a woman in the White House.

    However, I guess I should be flattered that you think my comments might “hurt the Democrats chances in 2020.” I didn’t know I had such power. My beliefs and observations come from the fact that I know both Bernie and Hillary, and saw Bernie in action in the House when he was first elected. There is a reason that his colleagues refused to endorse him, they know him too well. He will fade away over these next four years and someone, and no one here knows who, will rise to the top and win the Democratic nomination. I truly don’t think my comments here to approximately five regular bloggers will negatively impact the eventual nominee (electronic stalkers notwithstanding) do you?.

    1. I welcome critical looking at Bernie who like Trump, Warren and even Cruz are bright shining objects that attracts media editors attention for ad dollars for the parent company…..

  5. Keith’s comment supporting the DNC for temporarily shutting shown the Sanders campaign is particularly laughable. I recall that with the exception of the most fanatical Hillary supporters, pretty much everyone argued that the DNC’s punitive actions were very inappropriate and showed bias. If my recollection of the episode is correct, It is not as is this information was hacked. It was “accidentally” put there for everyone to see, and then one Sanders staffer downloaded the material that was never used. And Keith thinks the penalty was too small! Would Keith have argued that the DNC should have shut down Hillary’s access to the voter databases if he made a “mistake” during the campaign, because as foolish as your argument sounds, that is exactly what you are saying.

    Again, I believe the above list is the tip of the iceberg. Those of us in the corporate world are advised to discuss politically- sensitive discusssion by phone rather than email. I’m sure this is even more true in politics. It is amazing by itself what the DNC was willing to put into writing. I can only imagine what clandestine activities they discussed by phone. Even James admits that the DNC was disobeying its charter and supporting Hillary. You can continue to support the corruptness of the pre-Perez DNC, just as you and other Hillary supporters attacked Sanders throughout 2016, and then was surprised that the party couldn’t unite. You are smart enough to know that it is highly likely that the 2020 Democratic nominee will be a progressive. If you genuinely believe that Sanders hurt Hillary, then you also have to believe that your comments attacking the progressive wing will hurt the Democrats chances in 2020.

    Lastly, I do not believe for a second that Sanders hurt Hillary the election. He registered a lot of people during the campaign – substantially more than Hillary – and a majority of those eventually voted for Hillary in the general election. To his detriment, Sanders didn’t even mention most of Hillary’s ethical issues during the campaign, and instead focused on an economic message. Hillary ran an an invisible and passion-less campaign, and that is why she lost.

    1. Something to ponder Z….

      Chris Cillizza …Now over at CNN relates a WashPost Question….

      ‘Do you think the Democratic party is in touch with the concerns of most people in the United States, or is it out of touch?


      In touch 28%

      Out of touch 67%


      (Democrats HAVE a messaging problem)

  6. So, the indisputable proof that the DNC fixed the nominating process for Hillary are the following four points. Let’s examine them.

    1) Deliberately scheduled few debates among Democrats and at times that no one would watch the debates so that Hillary could remain invisible and the Democrats who had ideas that they wanted to share would not get any press.

    As I recall, the debates between Hillary and Bernie had large audiences and were replayed extensively (especially some of specific questions) and got lots of press coverage. However, this may be the only issue that the DNC leadership actually put their finger on the scale for Hillary. But, given Bernie’s ability to play the victim, he got his mileage out of the debate timing issue. And, nine debates certainly isn’t a “few” debates. Obama and Clinton (along with the other candidates) debated six times. So, is a Saturday night debate so bad when the candidates are actually getting more air time and exposure overall?

    2) Secretly feeder debate questions to Hillary

    Donna Brazile gave a Hillary staffer “one question” on the water crisis in Flint Michigan. That is hardly the whole DNC weighing in to help her, but if you think Hillary didn’t have an answer already in the can on Flint then you don’t know Hillary. Was this stupid, yes. Was this something that was going to change the course of the primary, of course not.

    3) Discussed strategy on how to expose Sanders’ religious beliefs

    A DNC staffer discussed with Jennifer Palmarie (sp) the fact that Sanders was atheist and how that might impact voters in heavily Catholic states. A subject and suggestion that was immediately dismissed by the Clinton campaign.

    4) Taking away Sanders access to the voters database.

    Do we all remember why that access was taken away, temporarily, from the Sanders campaign? Because his staff got into the DNC system and started downloading Hillary’s voter files. Remember? They broke the rules. He should have been denied access permanently, but, of course the DNC caved to his staff’s hysterics.

    The point. By any measure the Party, while sympathetic to Hillary, was incapable of actually doing anything that moved the needle during the primaries. Obama’s DNC couldn’t organize a car wash let alone fix the nomination. Although that won’t stop the Berniebots from continuing this line of pearl clutching. And, again, we never saw the RNC email exchanges about Trump because the Russians, and their willing accomplice Wikileaks, never chose to release them.

    Again, Bernie is a professional victim, has been throughout his career. He is very good at playing the refs, making promises, but, overall, is a do-nothing Senator. I suspect strongly that his “popularity” was due in large part to the fact that he wasn’t Hillary Clinton (you know, an uninspiring woman who sent emails from a private server and gave speeches to rich people). My prediction, Sanders won’t be a factor in the 2020 race for the Presidential nomination, because his act will wear very thin. But I sure hope we can see his taxes before then.

    And that brings me back to the question of whether Bernie is a Democrat and if Trump is a Republican.

    I take people at their word whenever possible. Bernie said just the other day that he “wasn’t a Democrat” (in fact he has filed for re-election as an Independent) and Trump has said any number of time that he is a “Republican” (try asking any Republican office holder who their Party leader is). Why should we doubt them?

    Finally, can we all agree on one thing: the Bernie challenge to Hillary was extremely detrimental to Hillary’s campaign. And suggestion to the contrary is simply ridiculous.

    1. Love the

      ……’Bernie is a professional victim, has been throughout his career. He is very good at playing the refs, making promises, but, overall, is a do-nothing Senator.’….

      Said better than I could ever have done….

  7. Warren didn’t run against her, so that’s not really an on-topic point. I think most people would agree that had Warren been the opponent instead of Sanders, that Hillary would have lost the nomination battle.

    But that’s not what I asked. Why specifically do you, as a Democrat, think Hillary is Presidential but both Sanders and Warren are not. Is it stylistic? Ideological? It’s kind of hard to suggest that either of them would have really run any less of liberal campaign than she did in 2016. There has to be some reason.

    1. If you look back a few comments tonight you’ll see I describe Warren and Sanders as nitch politicians….
      Yes they are ideologically set….
      The Democrats lost the White House on the economy in specific states…
      Both Sanders and Warren had bases in the places that Clinton won….
      The way back for Democrats is not thru the left…
      It is to hold on to the voters they HAVE and get the ones that left because of Obama not delivering jobs something Trump Bull Shited …
      I continue to make the point the two
      Do not provide a path for Democrats come 2020….
      America is center right
      The loses the democrats have suffered for the last eight years just prove it…

    2. For the hundredth time
      Clinton WON the popular vote
      She lost the election by only 100,000 votes in 4 states….
      It WAS CLOSE
      Democrats don’t need to fuck things up by charging pellmell to the left and giving the rest the Congress to the Republicans

    3. My answer is technical
      The way the democrats get at Trump is with a candidate that LOVES CAMPAIGNING and can message in simple terms
      Not Clinton’s 36 point fact sheet…
      I’ll go even further
      Right NOW?
      Cory Booker
      And ole Joe Biden are who I think are the 2020 Democrats front runners

      1. From Trump on twitter….

        ‘….I’m a conservative, but the weakness of conservatives is that they destroy each other, whereas liberals unite to win.’…..

  8. Why is Hillary Presidential material but not Sanders or Warren, in someone’s mind? Is it because she was married to a President and they were not? Is there something else specific? There is really not much in the way of policy differences between Hillary and them these days, is there?

  9. Zreebs ,

    You gotta give it up man.

    This is James,remember?

    Here’s how his “logic” works….

    Sanders says he’s not a Democrat,thus he’s not because James doesn’t like him and doesn’t want him to be.

    Now Trump says that he is aRepublican,won the Republican nomination, was elected President and in opinion polls has OVERWHELMING support of those who call themselves Republicans,but, according to James, he’s not because he used to be aDemocrat and he was once friendly with Clintons.

    See how this works!

    1. Excuse me Jack…..

      I have changed my tune here recently

      I have moved to say that Donald J Trump
      IS a Republican NOW
      And now DOES LEAD his adopted party…

    2. And I never met ole Bernie….

      He’s helping himself first and his adopted party second in my mind….

      The party elders are getting over also
      But the lack of trust seems to be both ways

  10. The latest Harris poll shows that Sanders is rather easily the most popular politician in the Democratic Party.

      1. The idea that this guy would be Presidential material is silly to me….
        As is Warren also….
        I look at them at nitch players….
        They are not in Trump’s league….
        Heck, they weren’t in Hillary ‘s league….

  11. I’m not arguing for Sanders. I’m just saying what is indisputable in my opinion; the DNC worked against Sander – and the other Democrats who were opposing Hillary.

    1. Agreed….

      And he lost….

      He wasn’t even a full fledged party member….

      They didn’t let him do a Trump…

    1. We here debate others on our views Z…..

      Don’t have to support someone you are arguing for….

  12. So let’s just start with what we know for sure how the DNC worked against Sanders. In addition to many emails deriding Sanders, the DNC

    1) Deliberately scheduled few debates among Democrats and at times that no one would watch the debates so that Hillary could remain invisible and the Democrats who had ideas that they wanted to share would not get any press.
    2) Secretly feeder debate questions to Hillary
    3) Discussed strategy on how to expose Sanders’ religious beliefs
    4) Taking away Sanders access to the voters database.

    My guess is that the above list is not complete because the DNC wanted to appear that were actually adhering to the DNC charter that they be neutral in the primary.

  13. How did the DNC work against Sanders? And ever guess what those RNC emails said about Trump? Of course Party folks were making snarky remarks about them both.

    And the abuse goes both ways right? Sanders was and is very willing to take money from the Party when it suits his purpose.

    And since Bernie won’t release his financial statements or taxes we don’t know what became of all those $27 contributions.

    We do know Hillary has given the party her list, still waiting on Bernie.

  14. The DNC was, after all, working against Bernie Sanders in the primary campaign.

    So he should show his gratitude by sharing all the small fry who contributed their $ 27 to counteract the DNC ?

    Although the Lord knows that I’m no expert, I’ve been told prostituted women are trained to be positively grateful for being abused by their pimps. So in the DNC-Sanders relationship that James wants, who would be pimping ?

    1. Yup DSD….

      I agree…

      So Sanders the good sport STILL hasn’t signed up….

      But is willing to pimp the hand that feeds him for ALL it’s worth?

      The guy is using the party…

      The party is using him….

      Plain old fashion Politics

  15. I would have thought that Trump was the least popular presidential winner of all time. So the fact that she made the election close is meaningless.

    So Sanders is “pimping” becausehe won’t give his list of campaign contributors to other? Perhaps you like it when you donate to one group and then you get letters of solicitation from other groups. And you probably enjoy getting on email mailing lists of groups that you never requested. But many of us don’t. So Sanders is “pimping” because he won’t share his mailing lists? If you want to be taken seriously, then pleease explain your answer in a way that an intelligent person can understand. You have been posting for years. You should recognize that the other posters on this site are not idiots.

    1. My views are MINE….

      I am NOT alone on this…

      Everytime I emphasize the fact that Sanders is NOT a Democrats I get agreement on twitter…

      I KEEP pointing out that while Sanders does have support from HIS base in the Democratic party….

      His base is NOWHERE need a majority …..

      He is NOT Trump….

      Thank Goodness…

  16. Really RepubliCAN? Pocahontas? What a bigoted prick you are.
    As to your comment about the Democrats being so unpopular check YOUR party’s approval ratings. Even lower.

  17. Where, for example, is that worldwide, decades-old Sanders Family Foundation ?

    Where can an international diplomat, stockbroker, oligarch or banker direct his or her (completely disinterested and philanthropic) contribution ?

  18. Hillary was such an overwhelming favorite that a lot of people voted for her because they felt that a Sanders candidacy would only weaken the eventual nominee. In fact, even I toyed with voting for Hillary for awhile because of that. The importance of voting for her because of her inevitability was constantly stated by you and Keith on these pages – and even by Jack to a lesser extent. If there were no superdelegates – and Hillary didn’t sell her soul to the Wall Street crowd to get her financial advantage, then I personally believe Sanders would have easily won the race.

    The argument that Sanders is weak because he preferred Ellison over the eventual winning candidates is an incredibly stupid comment – yet though make it repeatedly. People don’t vote based on who endorsed them. I preferred Perez over Ellison. The fact that Jeb Bush lost doesn’t mean that the Republicans who previously endorsed him were unpopular. Ellison lost his close race mostly because he was a black Muslim, and a lot of Democrats thought he therefore would not best represent the party at this time. The fact that Perez’s election was close might even be attributed to Sanders support of Ellison – because in my mind Perez was a clearly a better option.

    Finally, this notion that Sanders is “pimping” is ridiculous. While he is wealthier than I am, he is certainly not wealthy compared to other Senators. And, unlike Hillary, his base is composed of people who can only provide small contributions. Like Trump who accused Hillary of being crooked, isn’t it incredibly ironic for Hillary supporters to accuse Sanders of pimping? Who do you think Sanders is pimping to – those without healthcare coverage?

    1. Again….
      Hillary Clinton WON the popular vote by close to THREE MILLION votes

      She lost the election by 100,000 votes out of one hundred sixty plus MILLION votes

      Despite all the noise?

      This WAS a close election

      Bernie Sanders couldn’t even get the Democratic nomination….

      She ran a lousy campaign and achieved the above
      For some reason ?
      The woman elicits hate by a good amount of America

      The point about Ellison is a valid point
      You state that he is all that with the Democrats as others have ?
      Yet the guy is unable to transfer his support anywhere but to himself and that isn’t enough….

      Trump did it….
      Bernie cannot…

      I stand by my view that Bernie Sanders IS pimping the party he won’t join, he won’t give his campaign list to and uses to project his political power….

      Prime example is your saying ‘his base’…..

      Again ?

      Bernie Sanders is NO Democrat…..

  19. He’s also said he is a Democrat: “of course I am a Democrat…” Pure politics. Politicians say alot of things.

    The Dems have become so unpopular that the old pinko and his buddy Pocohontas actually make them look better!! You better get used to that.

    1. That comment was made when he needed primary votes…

      He tried to pimp the party…

      It did NOT work…

  20. Well last week, you were bitching that Democrats needed to pick a candidate who could win, so now you don’t care. Okay.

    Sanders is arguably the most popular member of the Democratic Party – regardless of what you think of him or what he calls himself. Sorry you don’t like that the Democratic Party is becoming a party that stands for some things.

    1. Again….

      He is SO popular that he LOST the 2016 Democratic nomination…

      He is SO popular his guy LOST the DNC chair race…

      He proclaims to the world he is NOT a Democrat…

      What is WITH people?

  21. Right. Your argument is that since he does not have a piece of paper that says Democrat on it overrides the fact that the Democrats endorse him and made him a leader in their party. He is also perceived as a Dem by most. It’s a bizarre and childish belief, but you’re entitled to it. Doubt any political scientists would agree though.

  22. He’s only not a Democrat if you think that party registration out weighs everything else. I think almost no one would agree with that – except James. He is joined at the hip with the party and, in fact, is the de-facto leader of the party.

    1. RepubliCAN?

      For the hundredth TIME?

      Bernie Sanders is NOT a Democrat…

      The guy says he isn’t…

      Just cause he hangs with Democrat’s?

      Don’t mean he IS ONE…

  23. Sanders calling himself an independent is one of the reasons why he is so popular with Democrats and Independents. Sanders was such a longshot in the Democratic Primary that the most prolific poster on this site predicted that Sanders would not win any state. do you want to guess who that fool was, James?

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