American Farmers in a race with the rest of the world…

Donald Trump’s ‘Buy American’ isn’t gonna help them….

They HAVE to stay in the world markets or lose their shirts…..

Rural communities likely will bear the brunt of the continued pressure on farmers, as job losses and lower farmland values cut the tax base for schools and other public services.

Anxiety over the U.S. role in agricultural trade has grown in recent months amid moves by President Donald Trump to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which was backed by many farm groups, and potential changes to the North American Free Trade Agreement, which they say helped develop exports to Canada and Mexico.

Russia over the past decade boosted its wheat harvests by 61%, the USDA forecasts. Corn acreage has nearly tripled in Russia, and more than doubled in Ukraine. Brazil and Argentina have also ramped up output of the grain.

Foreign farm powers in South America and Eastern Europe owe some of their grain-market victories to favorable exchange rates—a strong dollar, the currency used for global trade, means foreign grain priced in local currencies can reap bigger profits.

Other countries have structured trade policy to benefit their farm sectors and have invested in infrastructure such as barge terminals and railroad networks to cut transport costs.

In the U.S., about one-third of the corn crop is used for fuel production, and conservation programs have removed land from farming.

The shift has benefited global food security. Having multiple, strong exporters of grain around the world can help prevent supply disruptions due to weather or trade, farm economists say.

Also part of the silver lining: booming international revenue for U.S. companies such as Monsanto Co. , Deere & Co. and Mosaic Co. , who sell genetically engineered seeds, satellite-guided tractors and fertilizer to farms outside America. In some cases, U.S. companies design products and seeds specifically for foreign markets….


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  1. And of course O’Reilly also wrote a book a couple years back in which he severely attacked the Presidency of Ronald Reagan using talking points that had pretty much been the property of the Left for decades.

  2. The left-wing cable commentating counterparts to O’Reilly (Sharpton, Chris Matthews, O’Donnell) all have some documented history with the Democrat Party either as candidates or staffers. An exception would be a Keith Olbermann or Rachel Maddow, who unlike O’Reilly have not tried to shun a party label, or such as Hannity has not tried to not claim to be a Republican.

  3. What about lower prices due to a surplus?

    Isn’t that the way the so called “free enterprise” system is supposed to work?

  4. The market is saturated.

    There is too much.

    The farmers are holding out for higher prices.

    And we should tax manufactured goods from overseas when said goods origination point is a polluted mess and keep the tax applied until they clean up their act.

    And if a country taxes us, tax them back.

    You can buy anywhere you want.

    1. Let’s see how far Trump gets His fellow Republicans on the taxing imports or exports….
      Congress writes the tax law
      Not the White House…..

  5. We are so overpriced in the world market now that farmers are holding and storing their harvests

    anywhere they can find including closed airport landing strips. We have tons and tons of surplus corn and grain.

    1. Manila.?
      American companies are making money HELPING the other guys…..
      Trump is talking about messing up exports by screwing with taxing import’s

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