Congress and the 2020 Census…Dragging their feet?

The Washington Post does a piece on the upcoming US Census due in less than 4 years….

In the past money was approved for the effort that occurs every decade as mandated by law…

But right now?

Congress can’t seem to do much of anything…..

They have cut back the allowance for the count seeking to have the Census Bureau modernize its collection methods….

One could be wary though….

Congress is presently a Republican majority ….

The population of the US is getting less white and THAT probably means less Republican….(And MOST of ALl the allocation of US House Seats by States)

Also some on the right in Congress want to add a immigration status question….

In the end they’ll get the money….

But the census, like anything else?

Can be viewed as a political thing and that clouds how it  will get money in these strongly partisan times…

“The bureau needs the money now,” he said. “It can’t be doing 2020 blindly. It should be taking the time to do the testing now, to work out all the kinks (and) make sure the bureau gets it right, because there are no do-overs after 2020.”

Funding for the Census Bureau does not all go to the decennial count. Among other things, the bureau puts out the annual American Communities Survey, a more detailed questionnaire sent to a smaller sample of respondents, and the Economic Census, conducted every 5 years, including this year.

For the 2020 Census, the strain is already showing. In October, citing uncertainty about funding, the bureau said it was canceling 2017 testing in Puerto Rico, the Standing Rock Reservation in North and South Dakota, and the Colville Reservation and Off-Reservation Trust Land in Washington State. Earlier this year, the government accountability office placed the Census on its High Risk list.

Part of the problem, critics say, is that Congress is not good at longterm planning.

“The Census is not the sort of legislative advantage that Congressmembers can see on their radar screens,” Lowenthal said. “It’s not a new highway that warrants a press release, it’s not a health clinic for senior citizens and veterans in the home district. But it is the foundation of democracy…and it’s at the point where starving the Census Bureau of sufficient funding will have the certain consequence of a less accurate count.”…