How long does Trump stay?…and does Hillary Clinton get a ‘Do Over’?

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It is becoming increasing apparent that Donald Trump had a YUGE helping hand in winning the elecgtoral vote last November….

He did NOT win the actual total vote by MILLIONS….

For all the criticism thrown at Hillary Clinton the facts remain….


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She BEAT Trump in the OVERALL votes by MORE than 2.5 Million….

Trump can wiggle and dance but THAT isa fact….

For all those who point out that TRump won by spending HALF of the Billion Dollars Clinton raised and spent?

Bull Shit….

Everyday we learn that Trump’s Russian help spent money, time and political influence worth who knows what to mount THEIR campaign help to a guy who NOBODY thought would win , not even himself….

And it shows why he shouldn’t have won EVERYDAY….

So with the American intelligence community out maneuvering Trump & Co. for the good of 300 million plus, and the rest of the free world?

How long will Trump be able stay in the White House at a job the Russian government helped him get?

And does Hillary Clinton deserve a ‘Do Over’?

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20 thoughts on “How long does Trump stay?…and does Hillary Clinton get a ‘Do Over’?”

  1. I agree with you Jack. I have no predictions as to how this will all turn out in the House, given that the bill continues to morph.

    Just think back to the complicated process of passing Obamacare in the first place and look at the “shit show” going on in the House right now. Ah, the Republican Party, screw you before you even get your pants down.

    Since I live with Mr. Cancer Society I have been listening to his conference calls all morning since he insists on using the speaker phone. He thinks that there are a few (because there are only a few in total) California Republican House Members here ready to vote “no” on anything that comes out of this mess, since they are on the verge of losing their seats in the next election without the stink of this vote.

    Issa and Denham are his prime targets and the “grass roots” folks in both districts are beating these guys up pretty good today. We will see.

  2. In the final analysis, this Republican “replacement” for Obamacare is really nothing more that the ultimate CYA .

    Their was obviously little thought put into it.The Republicans really just want to repeal Obamacare and return everything to the way it was around 2010.The problem though is that lots of people, including many Republican types, LIKE certain aspects of Obamacare while claiming to be opposed to the act itself.

    Polls consistently showed that when questioned about various provisions of ACA the approval numbers are well over 50% .Its just the word “Obamacare “that attracts the most negativity.Unsurprising when one realizes the Republican effort to demonize it so.

    Now the Republicans are hoisted upon their own petard.Trump,a johnny come lately to the whole thing, simply is piggybacking onRyan and co. handiwork to fulfill his “promise” to do away with Obamacare.

    It was supposed to be easy.Just pass this thing and move on.See we did “something” the Republican leadership and Trump could crow.They have never given a DAMN about healthcare and don’t now.Just CYAing themselves with the extra benefit of supplying a massive tax cut to their wealthy patrons.

  3. I just thought James might get a thrill taking a Harvard class (a free class) and then learn something along the way. He could tell folks at work that he was going to Harvard.

    There are several people who, after reading several political blogs, think they understand the political process. We hear from some of them on a regular basis.

    Speaking of that process. Nancy Pelosi was having great fun yesterday calling Trump out on his “rookie” mistakes for scheduling a vote on a bill he didn’t have the votes to pass. Now, that was really Ryan, who will be left holding this pile of shit if it ultimately fails.

    It’s important to point out that Nancy held her caucus and passed Obamacare, even though lots of those folks were in danger of losing, and did lose, their seats in the next election. Ryan has a solid majority and should be able to pass anything he likes, and it goes without saying his reputation will suffer if he fails. I think that might be the consolation for President Bannon if it goes down that way.

    One other thing. Obama did compromise on Obamacare, and accepted many Republican votes. The Obamacare provision (a poison pill amendment) for Members of the House and Senate was one of them. In the end, they all walked away and voted no, proving it is easier to be against something than for something. The main reason I think the Democrats will do better than expected in the 2018 elections.

  4. Keith and Jack, if James cannot understand articles from the Times or Post, why do you think he would understand a Harvard class? Seriously, a better option for James would be a local community college.

  5. Treason is the right word, Comrade Manila, It is typical for all politicians to discuss when is best time to discuss issues. It is not appropriate to talk about removing sanctions against a regime that invades other countries, or talk about eliminating NATO, or talk about how the US kills people – just like Russia, in exchange for foreign interference in creating fake news about Hillary and breaking into computers and releasing info. And at the risk of staying the obvious – If Obama conspired with Russia, then why was Putin so vehemently opposed to his obvious preference for President? Remember, it is really easy to find ways to justify what you want to believe – if that is what you want to do.

    Even though yet another Putin opponent was killed yesterday, Trump still can’t say a bad thing about Putin. Indeed, he admires and respects his authoritarianism, and would like the same power Putin has. And I honestly suspect that you have no problem with that.

  6. There is no such thing as “disqualifying” persons in line of the presidential succession.

    Yes, Keith is definitely right.

    Both of you need to take that American Government course.

    1. Jack is correct…..

      Trump would have to step down or be impeached…

      Pence would become the President…..

      1. I doubt that Pence was involved in all the mischief….

        Pence IS a certified Conservative bdog…..

        He knows the way things work unlike Trump…..

        But he might actually be worst….

        The way for Democrats in the short game is at LEAST one house of Congress in 2018…

        And right now?

        Trump’s problem’s seem to be his adopted party MORE than the Democrats….

        Oh, and his big MOUTH….

  7. What would be the actual happenings if it was actually determined that there is enough evidence that the Presidency was won via a fraud? Special Election, House or Senate Head becomes President? Just a fun thought experiment until it becomes reality

    1. I would assume that Pence gets the house….

      If not Pence ?


      If not Ryan I believe Orin Hatch….

      Then Tillerson….

  8. Treason?

    Did Trump tell Putin that he could be more flexable after he was elected?

    PS: Keith is quoting a McCain strategist who has worked with the Democrats even as much or more.

    1. Trump was trying to sell the USA cheap from the jump Manila….

      Anybody STILL think Flynn was freelancing?

  9. “Move over Teapot Dome. Step aside Watergate. Neither of you involved treason.”

    — GOP strategist John Weaver

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