Trump and Ryan could lose Trumpcare battle—and still destroy Obamacare

 By Egberto Willies   @  Daily Kos

The Trumpcare bill, which seeks to replace the Affordable Care Act, seems to be hanging by a thread. Public opinion polls now show Obamacare above water and Trumpcare under water. Gambling types would surely bet that the bill—in just about every form—will fail. But that would be nothing more than a short-term gain, and it is important that progressives understand that—right now.

Rejoicing in this likely upcoming win is a fool’s errand. Why? Because for many Americans, specifically those who are not on Medicaid, Obamacare is a financial strain. I am self-employed, and I’m paying about $1,200 a month with a family deductible of $12,000. My plan is an HMO. But in past years a program like this would be considered a “catastrophic” plan. I would have to spend $26,400 before the insurance kicks in. To be fair, the doctor fees are an affordable $40.00 to $100.00, and labs and medicine are discounted.

I understand these costs intellectually, in the context of the corrupt health care system that we have. I understand that the drug companies, the hospitals, and the insurance companies are businesses with shareholders. They all want to show growth, regardless of whether they provide more value or services. That growth consists of an unwarranted increase in health care costs across the board.

University of Houston professor Seth Chandler wrote a piece titled “Republican Stalemate Will Test Whether Obamacare Is Indeed Collapsing” that pointed out a reality about Obamacare. He predicts that we are headed for a stalemate—and progressives should not consider that a win….


My Name Is jack

Obamacare is unsustainable as presently constituted

I mentioned awhile back that the Republicans could just sit back and let it collapse.

The problem of course is that they would then share in the blame because they didn’t “do something.

Now w they’re in a pickle themselves.

This would be a good time for a little statesmanship on both sides.Too bad things are so polarized now ,that won’t happen.

Manila Calling!

It makes no difference.

Health care?

Founders come first, then profiteers.

James, that is pretty much obvious at this point…Trumpcare will never go into effect and Obamacare without a real government supporting it and trying to bolster it up will die of natural causes…It needs to be tweaked, probably a long while ago, but because there was no way the Republicans were going to allow it to succeed…Sad to say a plan that had good intentions (give healthcare to Americans) and entire party wouldn’t want to work on that…I think that says a lot about the… Read more »
Manila Calling!

Many think that would be the best result.

The whole system will implode and out of the ashes will come Bernie!

So say the Gods!