Trump’s UnPopular numbers Grow…Open Thread for March 18, 2017…

Donald Trump has been in office for about 56 days….

During THAT time he has managed make his support among Americans drop….

Trump is NOT getting the traditional ‘honeymoon bounce’ that American President’s tend to get…

But then Donald J. Trump isn’t ANYTHING like any modern day newly elected President is he?

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94 thoughts on “Trump’s UnPopular numbers Grow…Open Thread for March 18, 2017…”

  1. Yes, but his numbers are still holding among Republicans.

    Trump is obviously playing purely to his base which is,despite a lot of people refusing to accept it and harking back to his allegiances years ago,HARD RIGHT CONSERVATIVE REPUBLICAN.

    1. Yup
      His approval is basically the same as it was before the election….
      He is only carrying the support of a minority of Americans….
      Confirming the popular vote last November…
      THAT should be a trouble sign to some GOP lawmakers….
      And hope for Democrats….

  2. RIP Jimmy Breslin.

    Is it time for the idea of NY City becoming the 51st state to be proposed again?

    How about an independent country?

    PS: First Berry, now Breslin.

    Do celebrities die in threes?

    1. Morning People….

      The News story for today will be FBI Dir Comey before the House Intel Committee….

  3. RIP Jerry Krause. I am saddened to just read this news. He was only 77. From his time with the Chicago Bulls, he definitely should be remembered as one of the most successful General Managers in professional sports history.

  4. Supposedly this drop was precipitated by increasing “doubts” on Wall Street that Trump can “deliver” on his promises.

    It’s statements like the above that show how wary we ought to be of the”Street.”

    I mean they REALLY believe all this stuff Trump was saying?


  5. R-I-P Chuck Barris

    His late 70s Gong Show was actually the original “reality” tv show.

    Who can forget the Unknown Comic?

  6. Yeah,He was a weird guy .

    The question I always had was,why would the CIA hire someone like him,then again, maybe I answered my own question.

  7. Big Surprise…

    Former CO Senator & Interior Secretary Ken Salazar (D) won’t run for Colorado Governor next year….

    So james,
    Yes, Trump is very unpopular. That being said Democratic Candidates continue to bail on the 2018 Governor Races.

    Over the last 3 weeks Democrats have lost 3 Top notch Governor Candidates.

    Salazar, Tim Ryan in Ohio and Governor Mark Daytons handpicked successor Lt. Governor Tina Smith in Minnesota.

    1. Trump‘s unpopularity popularity KEEPS DROPPING…..


      Come next year?

      Democrats WILL run AGAINST him and get traction from the SIXTY PERCENT of those who do NOT approve of him ….

      1. In addition Daniel?

        There is no excuse by Democrats if they do NOT run GOOD candidates…


  8. His “unpopularity” keeps dropping?? Don’t you mean popularity?

    A little early to press the panic button on States like Colorado and Minnesota don’t you think. If Democrats don’t run good candidates?? Really, do you have any idea how many candidates have come out of the woodwork to run for not only Governor, but Congress and State Legislatures since Trump has taken office. Anyone with a brain understands that 2018 may end up being a surprisingly good year for the Democrats and that this is the time for them to make that race they have always been thinking about.

    Just take a look at Virginia for an example. For the first time Democrats may actually challenge all the Republican seats in the State Legislature. They are sure working on it. Hasn’t happened in years.

    But Tim Ryan fancies himself as the next Democratic leader (at least majority leader) in the House, and Ken Salazar is making too much money to return to public service. They were never going to run, no matter how favorable the electoral circumstances.

    Here’s a tip for you James. Harvard is offering a free on-line course in Government (applications being accepted now). It starts April 24. Maybe you might like to sign-up. Especially now that the Republicans own the government and will be expected to deliver.

    1. Seriously?

      He, he, he…..

      I’m NOT spending money at MY age to get pissed at some MFing professor who THINKS He/She knows what they are talking about….

      I go to school EVERYDAY here…

  9. Trump will probably be unpopular in 2018, yet will maintain the loyalty of many unshakable die-hards. To me, that is somewhat scary, but that is reality. There are also those (like me) who cannot stand him, but are not any more favorable towards voting for Democrats in down ballot races. (I would do it though in extreme circumstances)

    Democrats may in 2018 win back some of the massive losses they incurred at state legislative levels in 2014 and 2016 and we will probably see a few Governorships flip between the parties, with Democrats probably netting some.

    In the House, Democrats are almost certainly going to add a few seats, though I just do not see actual takeover of the House as realistic now.

    Mostly though, it is worth noting in terms of the Senate landscape in 2018, that even if Trump is completely hated, Democrats may not net a single seat. Even if they somehow hold on to all the vulnerable ones they currently hold, I do not think there is a single current GOP seat up in 2018 where Democrats are anything but the underdog.

    The absolute best I can see happening for them, which would involve a lot of outside circumstances, is that they could win 2 seats. Right now though, it would be a good bet to assume that every current GOP Senate seat stays that way after 2018.

  10. Just wait until the piss tape comes out. But, you may be right, it will take a lot for the Republicans to leave their President. Just look at how long they hung with Nixon.

    They will hang with him for the foreseeable future, even in the face of treason. Pretty amazing.

  11. It’s free James. It will save you lots of time. No more endless googling to prove one of your silly assertions. So, sign up.

    1. He, he, he…..


      Right Away Keith!…..

      What do you have against Google and Wikipedia?

  12. Trumps followers are so full of HATE and so determined to believe what he says ,even when they really know it isn’t true ,

    That I don’t see his “favorables” dropping much below where they are now.

    Furthermore, the idea that many of his followers will flock the the Democrats is unlikely,in my view.

    They would probably just switch their allegiance to another Republican.

  13. Well Jack, I was really talking about he mid-terms and the State House and Congressional races. It’s early but if this investigation keeps going, this could work out to be 2006 (gerrymandering notwithstanding).

    Predictions at this point are worthless. But my preliminary work with the House candidates here in California point to a four seat swing (especially if we end up with an all Democratic race for Governor and Senator) because Republicans will simply stay home without competition at the top of the ticket. The Trump affect and the lack of statewide competition should boost the Democrats significantly.

    We have three Republicans with targets on their backs now – Issa, Denham, and Nunes.

    It will come down to what happens in those 20 or so districts Hillary carried that have GOP reps.

  14. As long as no serious Democrat challenges Feinstein, I would think the odds would heavily favor some Republican making it to November, whether they are a sacrificial lamb or not.

  15. Duncan Hunter of California, who was the first Congressman to endorse Trump, is now under federal investigation for campaign finance violations.

  16. Devin Nunes =Donald Trumps errand boy

    Why this “apology” of his?He thinks that if he had merely “briefed” the Democrats on his plan to report to his boss that somehow would have made it ok?

  17. I was talking about Diane retiring. She is considering it, or at least that is what her husband said the other day to a small group of folks in San Francisco.

    With Diane you never know, and she won’t come forward early in any case.

    But, you do know the Republican Party here in California is in the crapper, right? No Republican of any stature will take on Diane or run for Governor. They won’t have the money to compete on television and they won’t have any issues to bring out the shrinking GOP base (fat old white men in the Central Valley). Ergo, they won’t compete statewide, and the Hispanic haters won’t have their usual motivation. No wall, promises made, and not kept.

    They got bupkis. Not one Republican, other than Arnuld, has been mentioned, and he said no.

    1. I could see it IF Booker and the other young guns can’t pull ahead CG….

      He, he, he….

      Third times a charm against the Russians?

  18. The Hunter story is another reason the GOP is in such sad shape here, and he has a “safe” district.

    Chairman Nunes should also be ashamed. His actions yesterday got renewed interest from his potential opponents. He apologized. Right.

    One person likened it to him pouring kerosene on himself and lighting a match when he made his announcement at the White House.

    I, for one, hope this thing drags on for another 12 months before they pull Cheeto’s plug.

  19. LOL, so she said publicly she was running!! Do you expect her to say publicly she is thinking of retiring??

    In politics that is called keeping your potential opponents guessing.

    You do know that there are lots of lefties here in California that aren’t happy with her? Right?

    She is in her 80’s, and she might, like Boxer want to come home to San Francisco and mess in our local politics again. Big fish, little pond and all that.

    But, she certainly will play this one close to the vest.

  20. See what?

    The bottom line is the Democrats in 2018 face an uphill battle to flip just one Republican Senate seat.

  21. Hey, if you think she is a liar or was dishonest in what she said this month (that she was running and had decided) than I will defer to you.

    It will stay a D seat either way.

  22. Why in the Hell is Rick Perry involving himself in aStudent government election @Teaxas A& M?

    I mean is that all he’s got to do?

    Why doesn’t he go back to plotting Texas secession?

  23. No, I said, I think she is seriously thinking of retiring. That is obvious to anyone who knows the Senator and knows her family dynamic. No need to go any further. We have plenty of time to see what she will do. But, I can tell you, Democrats are lining up to run if she doesn’t, and there is no movement on the Republican side (to oppose her or contest an open seat).

    Of course the Democrats have an uphill climb in all of this — in the House and Senate. But, Trump, the leader of the Republican Party is making this an easier climb, by the day. And Stu Rothenberg wrote yesterday that there is even a path for the Democrats in the Senate, and he is usually a pretty conservative guy with his predictions. Yes, the Red State Democrats may praise the day Trump was “elected” to office. They would be in trouble if Hillary was in the White House.

    I see Sneed thinks that Trump will take a head at the White House if the so-called health bill fails. Not sure why, Trump can just blame Ryan. She was Blago’s gossip monger for a long time. I still remember a fun night with her in San Francisco at the 84 Convention — those San Francisco Democrats — going from club to club with Willie Brown and two of the Daley boys. My main job at that convention was to make sure no one stepped on Mel Price’s feet when he arrived at his seat on the floor. Poor old guy.

  24. Rick is upset that an “out-of-the-closest” gay man was elected Student Body President.

    The former cheer leader is upset.

    Project much.

  25. I see zero path for Democrats in the Senate. It’s just the way the landscape is this cycle.

    I do not think Democrats will win the House, but I suggest they stand a better chance of winning the House than they do of netting just one Senate seat.

  26. Yep whoda thunk the Dancing With the Stars reject who thought being Energy Secretary was akin to being a lobbyist for millionaires and billionaires in the Awl Bidness would be a Texas sized embarrassment?

  27. Well it’s the dumbest damn thing I’ve ever heard of, a damn Cabinet Secretary writing an op ed about a student election?

    Of course Rick never was shall we say,”bright,” and perhaps ,since his boss is getting away with BY FAR the most outrageous conduct by any President in the modern era, Perry thought he would let er all rip!

  28. I looked up the latest from Rothenberg. He is saying the fundamentals for Republicans in the Senate are more favorable than for any party in the 40 years he has been in the business.

    However, he cautions that since Trump is unpopular, Republicans might not gain 6-8 seats as they would have been favored to in a Clinton midterm, but might have somewhat smaller Senate gains.

    Rothenberg wrote yesterday that “GOP should make considerable Senate gains.”

    That’s quite a problem to have.

  29. I should have asked Hazel O’Leary to endorse me in my Student Senate race but she was merely a former Energy Secretary at that point when I met her at my school.

  30. In any other environment Jack, this would be a major story. But, given the on-going treason investigation of this Republican Administration, it doesn’t even rate more than a passing mention.

  31. Here is the article I was referencing, and I think I accurately characterized what Rothenberg was saying. And that is, that with Trump all bets are off. I am old enough to remember both the 74 and 2006 mid-terms (times when the country was either embroiled in a corrupt administration or had an inept President. The mid-terms are months away, but this Administration, if it continues on its present trajectory, will make many more seats competitive for the Democrats than previously assumed – even by Stu Rothenberg.

    Now, I have to go, I have work to do.

    Political Wire
    Senate Landscape Not As Rosy for GOP As It Once Was

    March 22, 2017

    Stuart Rothenberg: “If Hillary Clinton had won the 2016 presidential election, the GOP would now be headed to a dramatic 6-8 seat Senate gain next year, maybe even more, if history is any guide.”

    “But with Donald Trump in the White House, Republican prospects are much less certain.”

    “That doesn’t mean the GOP can’t or won’t have a successful 2018 cycle in the Senate. Given the Senate seats up, the president’s party could still win half a dozen seats or more. But there is no doubt that Trump’s victory in 2016 changed the national political environment in a way that makes next year’s midterms much more challenging for his party.”

  32. Yeah, I read that article. He said Republicans will make “considerable gains.” There definitely was nothing about Dems having a path to the majority.

    But I guess the good news for Democrats is they may save some seats now that would have been gone under Hillary. That’s probably true.

  33. If there was a favorable map for the Democrats like there was in ’06, they certainly would have a chance for major gains.

  34. There could be a national wave and the particular location of the current GOP Senate seats up will make it so it is not even felt. It’s just an oddity of this cycle.

  35. James, There is no inconsistency with owning thee homes – or ten homes – and being a socialist. Your argument sounds like Manila’s complaints of hypocracy. Sanders has frequently said that the wealthy should pay more in taxes. That is a very different statement than “we should create a tax law in which no one is wealthy” – which Sanders never said nor believes. Your comment is every bit as foolish as someone who says that Hillary doesn’t care for the poor because she is extremely wealthy.

    And furthermore, haven’t you learned yet that the Democrats need the Sanders wing to win elections? You and other Hillary supporters criticized and insulted Sanders all the way to the day of the election, and then you were a little shocked that the Sanders wing wouldn’t vote for Hillary.

    1. Z?

      Bernie Sanders LOST the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination….


      By LOSING primaries in a LOT of states….

      Bernie Sanders back Ellison for DNC Chair…

      Ellison LOST…

      Perez appointed him #2

      Ellison has DEFENDED Hillary Clinton against attack by Sanders die hards…

      The Democrats have asked Sanders for his mailing/email list…

      He has refused to share it….

      Bernie Sanders the Socialist fighting for the common man is NO more common that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump….

      Further more he is NOT even a Democrat…

      In MY mind he is a guy trying to pimp Democrats for his OWN Good…

      Does he say things that make sense sometimes? …Sure…

      Does say things that make me and others question how the heck would we pay for it?

      And NOT helping that party mostly

      He DOES get some credit for actually campaigning FOR Hillary after he lost…

      Bernie Sanders IS a side show performing on the Democratic stage….

      No Less….

      No MORE …

  36. Polls are now showing that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country.

    Indeed, where’s the “hypocrisy” in stating that the country “worships” wealth.(true in my view) and being wealthy oneself.

    In effect Sanders has been advocating higher taxes for himself(Warren Buffet has done that before too).

    James might not agree with that but ,once again, where is the “hypocrisy.?”

    1. He, he, he….

      Higher Taxes!


      The old timer KNOWS THAT is NOT GONNA HAPPEN with Democrats in the Minority in Congress…

      He gets NO CREDIT for something that is a pipe dream right NOW….

      1. Z?

        Come back to me when the guy becomes a DEMOCRAT, Ok?

        Schumer is pimping him just like he’s pimping the party….

  37. Indeed, our two Republican tax cutting advocates here (CG and Manila) are in effect supporting a massive tax cut for Bernie and Hillary.

    There is humor in that somewhere!

  38. He’s an “adopted” Democrat like,well, YOU.

    Now as for the foolish ranting above ?As best I can determine from this mound of illogical crap,if one advocates a policy and the policy isn’t enacted into law ,then the fact that one advocates it is irrelevant.Thats so damn DUMB as to make me question your grip on reality.

    People and groups advocate policies all the time that are not adopted into law.

    Your unabashed HATRED of Bernie Sanders ,who speaks for a whole lot of Democrats ,(many times more than an “adopted” Democrat like you) ,blinds you to a rational discussion of the man .He wasn’t and isn’t my choice for President but your often petty, dumb, and unintelligible tirades against him speak to nothing so much as your continuing inability to engage in a serious discussion of him and his standing as a very important symbol in the effort to combat the ill effects of the Trump presidency and the disaster of Republican governance.

    1. Please show me where I said I HATE Bernie Sanders?

      I actually compliment him several times in my comment….


  39. I read what you “write.”

    Your juvenile logic that since you didn’t specifically say you hated him means you don’t, is so simplistic that I would think even you would be embarrassed to state such.The fact that you’re not speaks volumes.

    Your CONSTANT negative comments toward him, your CONSTANT publication of Republican like criticisms of him from sometimes fairly obscure “sources” and your general antipathy toward him ,as expressed innumerable times here ,are a dead giveaway as to your deep seated HATRED of him and the issues he stands for.

    Combine the above with your well known disdain of “lefties”(likely the most significant faction within your “adopted ” party I might add) and it is not difficult to reach the conclusion I have.

    Sure you HATE him .

    The fact that you have not the moral ntegrity to ,at least, be honest about it is just another reason that I regard your views with the utter contempt they deserve.

  40. Fox News Poll:

    Bernie Sanders

    From The Hill…

    Sanders is the “…most popular politician in the country.”

    You won’t read any of this here.

    Uh what’s that you often blabber here James?

    Ah ,yes,

    “Just keeping it REAL.”

    1. Another problem brewing for the Trump Admin
      Bombing runs in Mosul Iraq may have resulted in hundreds of civilians causalities…..

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