Trump’s UnPopular numbers Grow…Open Thread for March 18, 2017…

Donald Trump has been in office for about 56 days….

During THAT time he has managed make his support among Americans drop….

Trump is NOT getting the traditional ‘honeymoon bounce’ that American President’s tend to get…

But then Donald J. Trump isn’t ANYTHING like any modern day newly elected President is he?

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94 thoughts on “Trump’s UnPopular numbers Grow…Open Thread for March 18, 2017…”

  1. Yeah, I read that article. He said Republicans will make “considerable gains.” There definitely was nothing about Dems having a path to the majority.

    But I guess the good news for Democrats is they may save some seats now that would have been gone under Hillary. That’s probably true.

  2. If there was a favorable map for the Democrats like there was in ’06, they certainly would have a chance for major gains.

  3. There could be a national wave and the particular location of the current GOP Senate seats up will make it so it is not even felt. It’s just an oddity of this cycle.

  4. James, There is no inconsistency with owning thee homes – or ten homes – and being a socialist. Your argument sounds like Manila’s complaints of hypocracy. Sanders has frequently said that the wealthy should pay more in taxes. That is a very different statement than “we should create a tax law in which no one is wealthy” – which Sanders never said nor believes. Your comment is every bit as foolish as someone who says that Hillary doesn’t care for the poor because she is extremely wealthy.

    And furthermore, haven’t you learned yet that the Democrats need the Sanders wing to win elections? You and other Hillary supporters criticized and insulted Sanders all the way to the day of the election, and then you were a little shocked that the Sanders wing wouldn’t vote for Hillary.

  5. Polls are now showing that Bernie Sanders is the most popular politician in the country.

    Indeed, where’s the “hypocrisy” in stating that the country “worships” wealth.(true in my view) and being wealthy oneself.

    In effect Sanders has been advocating higher taxes for himself(Warren Buffet has done that before too).

    James might not agree with that but ,once again, where is the “hypocrisy.?”

  6. Indeed, our two Republican tax cutting advocates here (CG and Manila) are in effect supporting a massive tax cut for Bernie and Hillary.

    There is humor in that somewhere!

  7. Z?

    Bernie Sanders LOST the 2016 Democratic Presidential Nomination….


    By LOSING primaries in a LOT of states….

    Bernie Sanders back Ellison for DNC Chair…

    Ellison LOST…

    Perez appointed him #2

    Ellison has DEFENDED Hillary Clinton against attack by Sanders die hards…

    The Democrats have asked Sanders for his mailing/email list…

    He has refused to share it….

    Bernie Sanders the Socialist fighting for the common man is NO more common that Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump….

    Further more he is NOT even a Democrat…

    In MY mind he is a guy trying to pimp Democrats for his OWN Good…

    Does he say things that make sense sometimes? …Sure…

    Does say things that make me and others question how the heck would we pay for it?

    And NOT helping that party mostly

    He DOES get some credit for actually campaigning FOR Hillary after he lost…

    Bernie Sanders IS a side show performing on the Democratic stage….

    No Less….

    No MORE …

  8. He, he, he….

    Higher Taxes!


    The old timer KNOWS THAT is NOT GONNA HAPPEN with Democrats in the Minority in Congress…

    He gets NO CREDIT for something that is a pipe dream right NOW….

  9. Z?

    Come back to me when the guy becomes a DEMOCRAT, Ok?

    Schumer is pimping him just like he’s pimping the party….

  10. He’s an “adopted” Democrat like,well, YOU.

    Now as for the foolish ranting above ?As best I can determine from this mound of illogical crap,if one advocates a policy and the policy isn’t enacted into law ,then the fact that one advocates it is irrelevant.Thats so damn DUMB as to make me question your grip on reality.

    People and groups advocate policies all the time that are not adopted into law.

    Your unabashed HATRED of Bernie Sanders ,who speaks for a whole lot of Democrats ,(many times more than an “adopted” Democrat like you) ,blinds you to a rational discussion of the man .He wasn’t and isn’t my choice for President but your often petty, dumb, and unintelligible tirades against him speak to nothing so much as your continuing inability to engage in a serious discussion of him and his standing as a very important symbol in the effort to combat the ill effects of the Trump presidency and the disaster of Republican governance.

  11. Please show me where I said I HATE Bernie Sanders?

    I actually compliment him several times in my comment….


  12. I read what you “write.”

    Your juvenile logic that since you didn’t specifically say you hated him means you don’t, is so simplistic that I would think even you would be embarrassed to state such.The fact that you’re not speaks volumes.

    Your CONSTANT negative comments toward him, your CONSTANT publication of Republican like criticisms of him from sometimes fairly obscure “sources” and your general antipathy toward him ,as expressed innumerable times here ,are a dead giveaway as to your deep seated HATRED of him and the issues he stands for.

    Combine the above with your well known disdain of “lefties”(likely the most significant faction within your “adopted ” party I might add) and it is not difficult to reach the conclusion I have.

    Sure you HATE him .

    The fact that you have not the moral ntegrity to ,at least, be honest about it is just another reason that I regard your views with the utter contempt they deserve.

  13. Fox News Poll:

    Bernie Sanders

    From The Hill…

    Sanders is the “…most popular politician in the country.”

    You won’t read any of this here.

    Uh what’s that you often blabber here James?

    Ah ,yes,

    “Just keeping it REAL.”

  14. Another problem brewing for the Trump Admin
    Bombing runs in Mosul Iraq may have resulted in hundreds of civilians causalities…..

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