Can Trump get support from Senate GOPer’s for Trump/Ryancare?

While things have been touch and go with the Trump/Ryancare Repeal/Replace bill…..

The word is the Senate is a ‘No Go’ for the bill to take down President Obama’s legacy healthcare program…

The Politico piece linked below focuses on Iowa GOP US Senator Joni Ernst and her efforts to make up her mind on voting for/against the House written bill….

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.), a magnet for attention, has been taking the fight to Speaker Paul Ryan’s plan, warning that House Republicans could get steamrolled in the next election if they vote for it. During his 2014 campaign, the Republican vowed to “start over” on Obamacare — not far off from the advice he’s now offering his House counterparts.

“There’s not a reason to rush. We should get it right,” Cotton said in an interview this week. “I am speaking out for the people I serve in Arkansas. And I just don’t think this bill is going to work for them.”

Such blunt assessments are not Ernst’s style. But people who know her say she’s similarly apprehensive about where Republicans are going on health care.

“The way she’s approaching the future of Obamacare is consistent with the job she’s been doing as a senator since she’s been elected. Thoughtful, deliberate and going her own way,” said Matt Strawn, a former Iowa GOP chairman. “Most of the Republicans I talk to don’t want to be in the business of taking away peoples’ coverage.”

Ernst bobbed and weaved as she was berated over almost any negative comment she made about the health care law at a pair of rollicking town hall meetings on Friday. Constituents shouted at the former lieutentant colonel in the Iowa National Guard to “answer the question!” — particularly about potential cuts to Medicaid — but Ernst she gave away little about which way she’s leaning on perhaps the most consequential decision of her political career.

Ernst she said that she wants an opportunity to amend the House proposal before committing to anything….