Could Trump proposed budget cuts push department heads against the White House?

The State Department , EPA and NOAA have large budget cuts proposed by the White House….

The agency heads are now in a place where they have to either accept the White House’s wishes….Or go to bat against the cuts to the Trump OMB, or appeal to Congress?….

This isn’t something new…..

For a lot of cabinet secretaries actually working WITH department staff moves them to become protective of their turf and staff, who they work with daily against the White House, which has no personal ties to the department, secretary and the agency staff….

Already Defense Sec Mattis and NSC head McMasters are picking their own people who they are working closely with….

The word is that State Department Sec Tillerson has begun to complain to OMB that his agency is being short changed….Members of Congress, particularly the Senate have advised that they will NOT go along with severe cuts to the State Dept. staff and Foreign Aid….

The EPA head HAS been vocal in supporting the abolishment of his agency….We’ll see if he still wants to do so….