The Pentagon will NOT get Everything they hope for….

Donald Trump says he wants a strong buildup of American Military which is the STRONGEST times whatever over EVERY military on the planet….

Congress is now under a squester limit….

Trump isn’t thinking about that….

But Congress actually has to deal with how the bill will be paid….

Over the next two weeks, the military services will be scrambling to get their wish lists in front of top defense officials, hoping their requests for more troops, planes, ships and missiles will be stuffed into President Trump’s proposed $54 billion increase in the Pentagon budget.

Never mind that Congress is unlikely to approve the full amount. Or that it is not clear if the Pentagon, which views Russia as the biggest threat, and the new president, who is mainly focused on defeating the Islamic State, agree on the priorities.

The services are betting that Mr. Trump will eventually win a large enough chunk of the money so that they can do a bit of everything, like reversing recent declines in the number of soldiers and Marines and breaking logjams over how many high-tech jets and ships they can afford to build.

But there are no guarantees, and the battle over next year’s federal budget will be ferocious. Democrats have vowed to block the president’s proposal to strip the $54 billion from domestic programs and shift it to the military. Nearly everyone expects the fight to drag on for months…..


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3 thoughts on “The Pentagon will NOT get Everything they hope for….”

  1. At various times,the military has claimed that the United States possesses sufficient nuclear weaponry to destroy the Earth five or six times over.

    Trump ,however, says a MAJOR issue is increasing our nuclear stockpile.


    1. ….twitter….

      AP Politics‏ @AP_Politics
      House approves $578 billion to keep military operating through September,
      by @rplardner

  2. I would Like to see the US start building more F-22 Raptors again…those planes in conjunction with the F-35 Lightening scare the shit out of the rest of the world’s airforces….In conjunction we need a lot of cheap aircraft that are durable and reliable and reusable so that we can fight the little wars we still are involved in

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