Day by Day it becomes evident that Russia has had an extensive campaign to steer Trump & Co. their way….

As one learns of the extensive contacts by the Russian Ambassador with Trump Admin and Trump friends and advisors you begin to get a picture of what’s at work here….

It is NORMAL for Ambassadors of foreign countries to interact with the people of the country try they are assigned to….

The Russian’s do it…

The Brit’s do it…

American’s do it…..

Chinese do it…..

But there is one caution …..

The political arm of the Russian Government seeks to manipulate more strongly than most if not all of the other countries collectively….

It is a well know fact that the Russian President was NOT happy with actions taken By American President Obama….Furthermore ?

Sec of State Hillary Clinton, who worked for Obama , was well know to Putin as someone who would continue Obama’s Foreign Policy against Russia….

It no wonder that what seems to be a Russian campaign to tip the American election to Donald Trump was taken….

It is now becoming evident that the scope of the Russian efforts to ingratiate themselves to the Trump people was MUCH..MUCH larger and complex than anyone except the FBI/CIA and NSA knew…

The problem maybe that the Trump people where NOT smart enough to realize what was going on and the ramifications of their contacts…..

Donald Trump seems to have swallowed the bait….Trying to advance Russian interests against a wall of resistance from those in the government who have NOT forgotten that Russian President Putin is NOT someone that an American President should relax about…..

As the pieces of the puzzle begin to become public?

Things seem a bit unnerving that Republicans are turning a blind eye to this to protect Trump & Co. even if the guy is their adopted meal ticket….

To some of us?

The Russian action worries are bigger than blind loyalty to Trump….

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93 thoughts on “Day by Day it becomes evident that Russia has had an extensive campaign to steer Trump & Co. their way….”

  1. Oh those examples were just off the top of my head, I can come up with lots more.

    But of course the Romney campaign set the stage for Trump’s rise. First the base was anxious after how awkward and inept Romney was at delivering his anti-Obama, anti-other, campaign that they wanted red meat. But, Romney did, with his campaign’s I wish Obama would learn how to be an American line, bring back the birther issue front and center.

    Trump should have at least treated him better over that instead of humiliating old Mitt.

    1. Trump NEVER got over Obama dissing him at that WH Correspondent Dinner!
      He ain’t going this year, eh?

      1. Former Trump Adviser Roger Stone Admits Collusion With WikiLeaks, Then Deletes It

        Roger Stone, a confidant to President Donald Trump and former adviser to his campaign, acknowledged late Saturday that he had a “back channel” to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, amid mounting reports that multiple advisers to Trump’s campaign had undisclosed communication with Russian officials….

        More @

  2. But the bottom line, this was, and many ways still is about race (and of course gender). The Republican base is very happy to have an old white man back in the White House.

    The Romney campaign, with help from Trump, branded Obama as “other” and, of course used the “he’s lazy” line over and over through out the 2012 campaign.

    The word that usually follows lazy is “shiftless” and these words were used to maximize white male turnout. Trump succeeded at this, Romney failed.

    What does this say about the Republican Party?

  3. Every pundit crackwhore ( or crackwhore pundit) is looking for attention.

    Lies are a way of making a living.

    1. And Manila?

      Would you NOT include Donald J.Trump on the line of those SEEKING ATTENTION??????

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