Rep. Mark Stanford (R-SC) questions Trump out loud….

Politico is out with a long piece about Mark Stanford , who is willing to say outloud what other Republicans whisper to reporters who will not give name names ….

The president, Sanford says, “has fanned the flames of intolerance.” He has repeatedly misled the public, most recently about the national murder rate and the media’s coverage of terrorist attacks. He showed a lack of humility by using the National Prayer Breakfast to ridicule Arnold Schwarzenegger’s ratings on “The Celebrity Apprentice.” Most worrisome, Sanford says, Trump is unprepared for the presidency.

“Is he an honest man?” I ask.

If you’ve already been dead, you don’t fear it as much. I’ve been dead politically.”

For the first time, Sanford begins to measure his words. “I’ve got to be careful,” he says. “Because people who live in glass houses can’t throw stones.”


6 thoughts on “Rep. Mark Stanford (R-SC) questions Trump out loud….”

  1. For all of the public and private mistakes Sanford might have made, he is completely right about Trump and kudos to him for being one of the few to have the guts to speak out.

  2. Sanford is my Congressman.

    He has had a remarkable political career really as outlined in this article.

    Eccentric and odd he is.Never a part of or popular with the SC Republican establishment,he has never,despite all the weird things that have occurred in his career ,lost an election.

    He has been antagonistic to Trump from the beginning so his latest outburst isn’t very surprising.

    As a Democrats ,I’ve never voted for him,of course, but I’ve always found him sort of interesting and amusing in a weird way.

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