Podesta: Trump is about undermining reality to his….

The former Hillary Clinton campaign boss is saying outloaud what a LOT of us are thinking….

That Donald Trump is actually trying to ‘brain wash’ America….

“Trump is deploying a strategy, used by autocrats, designed to completely disorient public perception,” Podesta wrote. “He’s not just trying to spin the bad news of the day; all politicians do that. He seeks nothing less than to undermine the public’s belief that any news can be trusted, that any news is true, that there is any fixed reality.”

Podesta compared Trump’s aggressive stance toward the media to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the autocratic strongman whose government U.S. intelligence officials believe ordered the hack into Podesta’s email account during the campaign.

“He is emulating the successful strategy of Vladimir Putin,” Podesta wrote, cautioning that Trump’s behavior puts the U.S. “in danger of experiencing an information void like Russia,” where people are so cynical that they “hear something on TV and assume it’s a lie.”…


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One thought on “Podesta: Trump is about undermining reality to his….”

  1. Pee Wee Herman speaks!

    PS: “Never believe anything you read in the papers.” is not a new expression.

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