Breaking…Trump Admin memo calls for 100,000 National Guard Immigration deportation force…Update

This is from a leak sent to the Associated Press….

This only from a suggestion sent to the Trump White House….

State Governors would to ok if their troops where to be used…

A response to this will be spread like wildfire….

So would legal push backs….

A draft memo obtained by The Associated Press outlines a Trump administration proposal under consideration to mobilize as many as 100,000 National Guard troops to round up unauthorized immigrants. Millions of those who would be affected in 11 states live nowhere near the Mexico border.

The 11-page document calls for the unprecedented militarization of immigration enforcement as far north as Portland, Oregon, and as far east as New Orleans, Louisiana. If the proposal is implemented, governors in the affected states would have final approval on whether troops under their control participate…




Benjy Sarlin ‏@BenjySarlin
. @seanspicer tells @kwelkernbc immigration plan is “100%” false: “There is no effort to utilize the national guard to round up immigrants”

Update #2….


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DHS confirms that the memo reported by AP did exist; but they said it was “never seriously considered”

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20 thoughts on “Breaking…Trump Admin memo calls for 100,000 National Guard Immigration deportation force…Update”

  1. This is funny….

    Trump is in Charleston today touring the new Dreamliner aircraft being built at the Boeing plant.

    In his speech ,he mentions that SC should be proud of the Wright Brothers and their flight.

    Problem is that happened in Kitty Hawk,NORTH Carolina.People not from this area often confuse the two Carolinas but one would think the President would be a little more careful..

    Note,the Trumpite Republicans lustily applauded the line

    Hey maybe they didn’t know that either!

    1. OK on Boeing…..

      The workers there just rejected a union….

      Second there is NO AMERICAN airline flying the B-787….


      Trump is now ONLY going to FRIENDLY places…

  2. No fewer than three states (NC, Indiana & I forgot the other) claimed the Wright Bros. as their own for the centennial in 2003. So their biplane appears on 3 different state quarters

    But none of them was South Carolina.

  3. Of course,newly sworn in Gov. Henry McMaster was leading the cheers and why not?

    Henry as Lt. Gv. was the first statewide public official in the country to endorse Trump.

    Most people think Trump,who values loyalty, named Gov Nikki Haley UN ambassador so that Henry could move into the top job.Consider…Nikki had NO foreign policy experience,was, at best a lukewarm supporter of Trumps ,even after endorsing him,she was often critical of his campaign,yet she was like the third or fourth person he appointed.And,of course,Trump has very negative feelings toward the UN so he likely couldn’t care less who the ambassador was.

    The Republican majority in the legislature seems as happy as Henry with his ascension.Haley, a former backbench legislator, had a contentious relationship with The GOP leadership ,while Henry is the ultimate go along get along guy and is already emerging as the leading candidate for a full term in 2018.

  4. Some names being floated…

    Former State Health Dept. Director Catherine Templeton who had actually set up a campaign career before her friend ,Gov. Nikki Haley, stepped down(most think Haley was planning on endorsing her)
    State Senator Tommy Pope ,who is now runnng for new OMB Director Mick Mulvaneys House seat.
    Congressman Jeff Duncan of Aiken
    Former Gov. Mark Sanford
    Sen. Tim Scott,who has publicly said he wouldn’t run,although some think he really wants to.

    There is one already announced candidate,former Lt. Gov. Yancy McGill, a former Democrat,but few give him much of a chance.

    McMaster seems to be in the drivers set as of now.

  5. What a nightmare (had it gone through).

    Last time regular Federal forces or militia (Natl Guard) were deployed domestically on this kind of scale was Reconstruction 150 years ago.

    Then Congress passed the Posse Comitatus Act, forbidding domestic deployment of regular U.S. forces, as part of the political deal with the white southerners.

    Most of the affected governors and legislatures were unhappy, since the U.S. Army was the only thing protecting them (and the local GOP’s, newspapers, etc.) against the vigilante Ku Klux Klan — by far the country’s most successful terrorist conspiracy. Although no one ever likes to say this.

  6. Your all wrong about the Wright Brothers.

    I have it from a very reliable source that the Russians invented the airplane first.

    Just have someone leak the phone call to CNN.

    As to South Carolina, is it still too small to be a country and too large to be an insane asylum?

    The world wonders.

  7. The Palmetto State was a country from December 1860 (declaration of secession) to February 1861 (first provisional Confederate Congress in Montgomery, Alabama).

    Thus, “hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag, that bears a single star !”.

  8. Yes,the Republic of South Carolina!

    This fact is often repeated at Confederista events.

    I have several friends in the Sons of Confederate Veterans (I,being eligible for membership on my maternal side, having never felt the inclination to “celebrate” the glories of the traitors)who mouth this off occasionally .

  9. Despite our own civil-rights pasts, I and a socialist comrade born in St Joseph, Mo. who adored “Gone with the Wind”, had a sneaking admiration for the Confederacy’s pluck, courage and iconography, hoping to find some way it could have been different (there were abolitionists who were loyal Southerners, the Union had slaveholding leaders, etc).

    But then I read George C. Rable’s The Confederate Republic and Charles Dew’s Apostles of Disunion.

    Dew say in his preface that he came to his conclusions with only the greatest reluctance and sadness, since his boyhood idolized the Lost Cause, decorating his room with Confederate generals and battle scenes. But the Apostles (missionaries sent out by the early Confederate states to persuade other southern states) had a uniformly depressing message, filled with Negrophobia and passionate advocacy of slavery, the only two of their major arguments.

    Next to nothing about Southern solidarity, the Tariff, gradual emancipation or the unconstitutionality of Lincoln’s programme.

  10. As I have expressed here many times,I regard the whole Confederista movement as pure bunk.

    Sure they’re celebrating the “valor ” of their ancestors.Theyre also celebrating traitors who were in rebellion against the government of the United States in defense of the institution of Slavery.Its really that simple ,all their twists ,turns and fake history notwithstanding.

    In my view, as I’ve expressed countless times before,the fact that the south lost the Civil War is one of the great events of world history.

    Those still “celebrating” the Confederacy are merely using such to subtly express their current political and social views,once again, their blandishments to the contrary notwithstanding.

  11. I guess Jack doesn’t agree and either do I. It is the height of hypocrisy to wave the Confederate flag and then call yourself patriotic. But Republicans do it all the time.

  12. It has been fun to point out the irony of those with the Confederate flag as their Facebook profile pic telling Democrats “get over it” in regards to the November election. Not that they get it.

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