Trump says new No Enter ban on the way…

Washington State Atty Gen says he will seek court action for any  ban that seems unlawful ……

He will have company….

President Trump announced Thursday that his administration will be releasing a new, narrower executive order on travel to replace one that’s been shot down by multiple federal courts.

The order temporarily suspended travel from seven mostly Muslim countries and halted refugee admissions but is not in effect after court defeats.

Trump did not clarify details of the new order, saying only that it would be “tailored” to the “bad” courts that described the original order as overreaching, suggesting it would be narrower in its focus.

In a brief filed to the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals on Thursday, the Department of Justice argued that the court was wrong in its move to not reinstate the travel ban earlier this month. But government lawyers said they did not seek a reconsideration of the decision because a revamped executive order is in the works.

That new order would supersede the old one, lawyers wrote.

Government lawyers said the appeals court should vacate its prior decision when the new executive order is issued.

Still, Trump defended the original order when speaking to reporters on Thursday…..


2 thoughts on “Trump says new No Enter ban on the way…”

  1. The President does have broad authority in this area.

    Of course I haven’t seen his plan.

    However, I believe it’s very possible that such could be fashioned that will pass muster by the courts.

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