The IRS won’t withold your refund if you don’t have insurance…

The Trump Admin makes smalll changes in which the Affordable Healthcare is administered which soften the Obama mandate filing deadline and will help insurance companies while making it harder for some one to buy insurance by cutting the enrollment period and giving insurance companies leeway to hike deductibles …

It appears that the Trump Admin is helping the big business insurance companies at the expense of the consumer, something that Republicans live by….

The Trump administration is taking its first steps to put its imprint on the Affordable Care Act, reversing plans to withhold tax refunds this year from Americans who flout an insurance requirement in the law while proposing a series of rule changes to encourage insurers to remain in ACA marketplaces.

The Internal Revenue Service has revoked an Obama-era instruction to taxpayers that was taking effect during the current filing season as a way to further compliance with the ACA’s requirement that most Americans carry health insurance or pay a tax penalty. Under the instruction, the IRS had announced that it would no longer process tax returns for people who fail to send a notice with their returns that they have insurance, are exempt from the requirement or are paying the fine.

Instead, the agency said in a statement on Wednesday, tax returns will be processed as always, even for individuals who do not provide the required information. The IRS said the decision, made earlier this month but not previously publicized, was in line with an executive order that President Trump signed hours after his inauguration, giving agencies broad authority to lighten the burden of federal rules under the ACA.

The IRS confirmed the change on the same morning that Health and Human Services officials proposed a set of rules to help protect insurers and shore up ACA marketplaces in the short term while Republicans work on demolishing the law. The proposal drew swift praise from the insurance industry and condemnation from consumer advocates and congressional Democrats….



The IRS action will be for this tax session….

The proposed rule changes only allow for 20 days of comments and will mostly go in effect NEXT year , when Midterm elections will be held….So of the rule changes where also under consideration by the Obama Admin….


The NY Times is out with a piece that gives more details on the GOP moves which would NOT make any structural changes in the Affordable Healthcare Law know as Obamacare , but would help richer people with healthcare insurance while hurting those who are poorer…

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5 thoughts on “The IRS won’t withold your refund if you don’t have insurance…”

  1. The penalty was never a good idea. It would raise little money, would always be
    cheaper than insurance, and not encourage enrollment like the promise of the subsidy would. Also, if given the choice of health insurance or liquidating your private property, people will hold on to their house.

    A better system has to be out there.

  2. Yes, Manila, a better system is out there: universal health insurance as in almost every other country on Earth (starting with Canada).

    The mandate was, as you should know from RomneyCare (MassHealth)*, the Heritage Foundation’s free-market alternative to universal health insurance.

    * [Actually implemented by an amicable compromise between the Governor and the state legislature, so Mitt Romney deserves neither total credit nor total blame for the result. MassHealth’s marketplaces were running quite smoothly, until it had to integrate with the bug-ridden rollout of ACA.]

    You can’t build access for all without spreading the burden on the young, healthy and prosperous.

    Unfortunately, that requires a mandate.

    Obama and I disliked it in 2007, while Hillary Clinton, who’d already gone deep into the weeds with her own plan (shot down by Harry & Louise), supported it. She was right.

    The ACA tried the gentlest possible approach, slowly increasing the penalty year by year through the IRS.

    Otherwise, the whole system collapses or reverts to one where the pool gets narrower and narrower, used only by the old, sick and vulnerable.

    And you can see that from the insurers’ own response this weekend and this week. They’d have to leave the market or just go broke. The Administration agreed to keep (or replace) various safeguards, guarantees and subsidies in order to stop this happening.

  3. A better systenm has to be out there.

    Like most Republicans ,Manila just knows theres one out there,He just has no idea what it is.

    As for me?

    I simply in good ol Limbaughbot fashion “megaditto”DSDs post above!

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