Nobody likes you Donald. Well, except for non-college whites. How long will that firewall hold?

 By kos  @ Daily Kos

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 15: U.S. President Donald Trump (R) reacts to a reporter shouting a question as he departs with Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (L) following a joint news conference at the East Room of the White House February 15, 2017 in Washington, DC. President Trump hosted Prime Minister Netanyahu for talks for the first time since Trump took office on January 20. (Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

Can the incompetent asshole hold on to his core base?

The popular-vote loser is a supremely unlikeable person. Sure, he snuck into the White House thanks to an antiquated electoral system designed to protect the interests of slaveholders, but he didn’t get off to a rousing start. He got no honeymoon period. And somehow, he’s finding new depths of unpopularity to explore, with Pew clocking his favorabilities at 39-56. Of those, 46 percent disapprove “strongly,” which is higher than anything President Barack Obama saw, ever.

Now, lest anyone think that Trump is an anomaly, and not really representative of the GOP (an argument we’ll hear more and more in the months and years ahead), there’s this, “84 percent of Republicans and Republican leaners approve of the way he is handling his job as president.” He’s unambiguously their president.

Now it’s clear that there’s a dramatic racial divide in our nation’s politics, but there’s a dramatic difference among whites based on whether they have a college degree or not:

White, College3861
White, non-college5741

And that white, non-college-educated cohort is Trump’s firewall. He’ll bleed support among all those other groups, but there’s relatively not much room to drop. So if he’s going to end up in the low 30s or even high 20s, very possible within six months, it’ll be because non-college whites start abandoning him. And if Trump loses those guys, there’s nothing else propping up the GOP. And 2018 will be a political bloodbath.

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  1. …twitter…

    Chris Cillizza Retweeted
    Josh Jordan ‏@NumbersMuncher 3m3 minutes ago
    Per Gallup, number of months to hit sub-40 approval:
    Carter 18
    Reagan 24
    HW Bush 38
    Clinton 5
    W Bush 58
    Obama 31

    Trump… less than 1.

  2. The above statement provides empirical confirmation of the poll’s findings, and tells us why Donald loves the poorly educated.

  3. Nobody likes Warren in MA either.

    Problem is there is no candidate to compare her to yet.

    Anyhow, give him a couple of more weeks.

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