Come 2020 those Rust belt states are gonna be losing some electoral votes….

And that means the states that cost Hillary Clinton the election will be less of a factor for Republicans and Democrats…..

The census is gonna reward southwestern MORE electoral votes….

Texas, Florida, North Carolina and Arizona are gonna be where the political fight is gonna be for President….

Three years from now, in 2020, hundreds of thousands of census takers will fan out across the country to carry out the constitutionally mandated U.S. population count. That count will determine how the 435 seats in the House and 538 votes in the Electoral College will be distributed among the states starting in the 2022 congressional election cycle (and therefore in time for the 2024 presidential election).

The 2020 census will almost certainly show a continued shift in population — and therefore electoral power — away from the Northeast and Midwest and toward the South and West. The political impact of that shift is harder to assess: Most of the fastest-growing states voted for Trump in 2016, but the demographic groups that are growing fastest, particularly Latinos, tend to vote Democratic. Cities, which voted overwhelmingly for Hillary Clinton, are likewise growing faster than rural areas, which voted overwhelmingly for Trump.

What is clear, however, is that demographic trends are accelerating the existing southward migration of the nation’s center of political gravity. Traditional Northern and Midwestern swing states like Pennsylvania and Ohio are likely to lose electoral votes and congressional seats, while states like Texas and Arizona — which aren’t swing states now but are becoming more competitive — are likely to gain them. Florida, which is already among the swingiest swing states, will also likely gain seats. That means Trump’s strategy of appealing to Rust Belt voters could be less successful in future races….


2 thoughts on “Come 2020 those Rust belt states are gonna be losing some electoral votes….”

  1. The whole point of voting for Trump was to renew the economies of these regions and thereby stop, if not reverse, the exodus.

    1. The idea that Trump by HIMSELF can change the movement of giant multinational companies is ANOTHER one of Trump’s trying to rearrange reality….

      It simply is NOT gonna happen….

      The companies Trump said he got to keep jobs here have gone AHEAD and contuned to ship jobs to Mexico and beyond ….

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