Trump Admin picks Updated Feb. 15, 2017

Supreme Court of the United States
Associate Justice – Neil Gorsuch (10th Circuit Court)


Department of State
Secretary – Rex Tillerson [confirmed 1 Feb.(56-43)]
* Ambassador to the United Nations – Nikki Haley [confirmed 24 Jan.(96-4)]
Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China – Terry Branstad
Ambassador to the State of Israel – David Friedman
* Special Trade Representative – Robert Lighthizer
Special Representative for International Negotiatons – Jason Greenblatt
Ambassador to the Republic of the Congo (Brazzaville) – Todd Philip Haskell (U.S. Foreign Service)
Ambssador to Senegal & Guinea-Bissau – Tulinabo Salama Mushingi (U.S. Foreign Service)

Department of the Treasury
Secretary – Steven Mnuchin [confirmed 13 Feb. (53-47) ]

Department of Defense
Secretary of Defense – Gen. James Mattis – [confirmed 20 Jan. (98-1)]
Secretary of the Army – Vincent Viola – (withdrew)
Secretary of the Navy – Philip Bender
Secretary of the Air Force – Heather Wilson (USAFAcad)
Inspector-General – Glenn Fine
Inspector-General of the National Security Agency – Robert P. Storch

Department of Justice
Attorney-General of the U.S. – Jeff Sessions[confirmed 8 Feb.(52-47)]
Deputy Attorney-General – Rod J. Rosenstein
Assistant Attorneys-General – Rachel Brand & Stephen Andrew Engel
Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (fixed-term) – James Comey
Director of the Drug Enforcement Administration – ??
Special Counsel (Office of Special Counsel) – Carolyn Lerner

Department of the Interior
Secretary – Ryan Zinke
National Park Service – ??
Bureau of Indian Affairs – ??
Bureau of Land Management – ??

Department of Agriculture
Secretary – Sonny Perdue

Department of Commerce
Secretary – Wilbur Ross
Deputy Secretary – Todd Ricketts

Department of Labor
Secretary – Andy Puzder

Department of Health & Human Services
Secretary – Tom Price [confirmed 10 Feb.(52-47)]
Administrator of the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services – Seema Verma
Commissioner of Food and Drugs (FDA) – ??
Surgeon-General of the U.S. – ??
Inspector-General (Social Security Administration) – Michael P. Leary

Department of Housing & Urban Development
Secretary – Dr Ben Carson

Department of Transportation
Secretary – Elaine Chao [confirmed 31 Jan. (93-6)]

Department of Energy
Secretary – Rick Perry

Department of Education
Secretary – Betsy DeVos [confirmed 7 Feb.(50-50, VP voting Yea]]

Department of Veterans’ Affairs
Secretary – Dr David Shulkin [confirmed 13 Feb. (100-0)]

Department of Homeland Security
Secretary – Gen. John Kelly – [confirmed 20 Jan (88-11)]
Deputy Secretary – Elaine Duke
Acting Director of Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) – Thomas Homan

Director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency – ??

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

National Security Council
* National Security Advisor – Gen. Michael Flynn [replaced 13 Feb. by Gen. Keith Kellogg]
Deputy National Security Advisor – Kathleen T. McFarland
Chief of Staff – Lt Gen. Keith Kellogg
Senior Director of Strategic Communications – Monica Crowley (withdrew)
Deputy Asst to the President for Regional Affairs – David Cattler
NSC Legal Advisor – Josh Eisenberg
Deputy Asst to the President for Strategic Planning – Keith Harrington
Deputy Asst to the President for International Economic Affairs – Kenneth Juster

Homeland Security & Counterterrorism Advisor
Special Assistant to the President – Thomas Bossert

Director of National Intelligence
* Director – Dan Coats
* Director of the Central Intelligence Agency – Mike Pompeo [confirmed 23 Jan. (66-32)]

Office of Management & Budget
* Director – Mick Mulvaney
Inspector-General of the Office of Personnel Management – Elizabeth Field

National Economic Council
Chairman – Gary Cohn

Council of Economic Advisors
Chairman – ??

Environmental Protection Agency
* Administrator – Scott Pruitt

Small Business Administration
* Administrator – Linda McMahon [confirmed  2/14/17 ….(81-19)]

National Trade Council (new)
Chairman – Peter Navarro
Deputy Director for the Defense Industrial Base – Alexander Gray
Deputy Director for “Buy American, Hire American” – Rolf Lundberg

Domestic Policy Council
Director – Andrew Bremberg
Deputy Director – Paul Winfree
Healthcare Policy – Kay Talento
Urban Affairs & Revitalzation – Ja’Ron Smitth
Education Policy – Rob Goad
Justice and Homeland Security Policy – John Zadrozny
Regulatory Reform, Legal and Immigration Policy  – Zina Bash
Senior Policy Analyst – Peter J. White


All below serve at the pleasure of the President do NOT need US Senate ‘Advise and Consent ‘ approval….

Office of the President
* Chief of Staff – Reince Priebus
Deputy Chief of Staff – Katie Walsh
Deputy Chief of Staff for Operations – Joe Haglin
Legislative Affairs, Intergovernmental Affairs & Cabinet Affairs – Rick Dearborn
Chief Strategist – Steve Bannon
Counsel to the President – Donald F. McGahn II
Deputy Counsel (ethics) – Stefan Passantino
Associate Counsel (ethics) – Uttam Dhillon, Scott Gast & James D. Schultz
Counselor to the President – Kellyanne Conway
Special Advisor on Regulatory Reform – Carl Icahn

Presidential communications staff
Press Secretary – Sean Spicer
Director of Strategic Communicatons – Hope Hicks
Director of Communications – Jason Miller (withdrew)
Director of Social Media – Dan Scavino

Senior Adviser to the President for Policy
Senior Adviser- Stephen J. Miller
Director of Policy and Interagency Coordination – Carlos Diaz-Rosillo
Advisor for Policy, Strategy and Speechwriting – Vince Haley
Advisor for Policy, Strategy and Speechwriting  – Ross Worthington,
Advisor for Policy Development and Speechwriting – Ryan Jarmula
Special Assistant to the Senior Advisor  – Robert Gabriel

Office of Legislative Affairs
Director – Jonathan Hiler
House Deputy Director – Joyce Meyer
House Special Assistants – Alex Angelson, Ben Howard, Tim Pataki, Cindy Simms & Paul Teller


Office of the First Lady
Chief of Staff – Lindsay Reynolds
White House Social Secretary – Anna Christina Niceta Lloyd


Office of the Vice President of the United States
National Security Advisor – Col. Andrea Thompon (USA, ret’d)
Director of Domestic Policy – Darris Meeks
Director of Public Engagement & Intergovernmental Affairs – Sarah Makin
— Deputy Director – Andeliz Castillo
Director of Legislative Affairs – Jonathan Hiler
Counsel to the Vice President – Mark Paoletta
— Deputy Counsel – Matt Morgan
Deputy Assistanf for External Affairs – LanI Czarniecki
Diirector of Administraton – Mike Boisvenue
Special Assistant – Zach Bauer

Director of Communications – Jarrod Agen
Press Secretary – Marc Lotter
Director of Speechwriting – Stephen Ford
Director of Advance – Robert Peede


Office of the Second Lady
Chief of Staff – Kristan King Nevins
Communications Director – Kara Brooks
Policy Director – Sara Egeland


Securities & Exchange Commission
Member – Jay Clayton (term ending June 2021)

Legal Service Corporation
Member – Rebecca Emily Rapp

Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Commissioner – Brian Quintenz
Commissioner – Christopher Brummer

U.S. Export-Import Bank
Board of Directors – Claudia Stack (term ending Jan. 2019)

Federal Communications Commission
Chairman – Ajit Pai
Member – Jessica Rosenworcel

Corporation for Public Broadcasting
Member – Brent Franklin Nelsen (term ending Jan. 2022)
Member – David J Arroyo (term ending in Jan. 2022)

U.S. International Trade Commission
Member – Jason E. Kearns (term expiring Dec. 2024)

U.S. Sentencing Commission
Member – Danny C. Reeves
Member – Charles R. Breyer

Courtesy of DSD….

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29 thoughts on “Trump Admin picks Updated Feb. 15, 2017”

  1. From the Reuters sidebar:

    U.S. Secret Service Director Joseph Clancy plans to step down next month, the agency said on Tuesday, two years after he took charge of the agency following high-profile security lapses by the service responsible for protecting the president.

    “Congratulations Dir Clancy on your retirement! The men & women of the @SecretService are grateful for your 29 years of service & leadership,” the Secret Service said on Twitter.

    Clancy will leave on March 4, an agency spokesman said.

    Clancy’s departure means that President Donald Trump will be able to select his own security chief. The Secret Service has almost 7,000 employees and is charged with protecting the president and his family as well as combating counterfeiting.

    Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, named Clancy head of the Secret Service in February 2015 after he had served as acting director for four months.

    He took over from Director Julia Pierson, who stepped down after an embarrassing breach in which a man carrying a knife jumped the White House fence and ran into the executive mansion.

    Obama picked Clancy despite the recommendation of an independent review panel that the next director be from outside the agency, which it said had become too insular……

      1. Despite ALL the protesting and left pushes?

        Chuck Schumer has a problem….

        The Pruitt vote was 52/46 with guess who defecting to the GOPer’s?

    1. Bravo DSD….
      Gonna be a balancing act for Schumer
      Those two gotta CTA”s giving the GOPer’s a 54 Senate bloc vote

  2. Would you people rather those two have gone to Trump’s Cabinet and been replaced by actual Republicans? That seemed to be the plan for a while and some Republican partisans were upset they were left in the Senate.

    Donnelly is going to have to vote very carefully too, as he is up in 2018, and Senators like Tester and McCaskill are extremely vulnerable as well.

    The 2018 Senate map is brutal for Democrats. They have virtually no chance of winning the House back either next year. They might net some Governorships because of an anti-Trump midterm factor (if he is still there). Had Hillary won, 2018 would be looking even worse for Democrats.

  3. I’m not sure how the Trump voters will turn out in the midterms.
    And if he’s been driven out of office they will likely blame the GOP.

  4. Democrats will rock it amongst their base constituents and areas. Maybe the Governor of my state goes down with that sentiment being the deciding factor (although House Dem Speaker Michael Madigan may be more unpopular statewide than Trump) but the Senate map looks really bad for Democrats even netting anything and while they should certainly win a few House seats, there are more than enough safe GOP districts to keep the majority.

  5. Oh there’s lots of things that can happen between now and Nov. 2018.

    Hell Trump,if Republicans start bucking him in Congress ,may go after them in primaries,maybe successfully,He could be under impeachment, I mean with this guy who knows?

    Way way too early to start declaring ANYTHING

    “Safe” in my view.

  6. I am pretty sure it is more than that. (and as long as Pelosi remains the Leader, little chance of it happening.)

    Have a good weekend.

    1. History tells us that GOPer’s WILL lose some seats in BOTH chambers….

      Maybe Trump could help the Dem’s?

  7. I’m certainly not “predicting” that the Democrats will regain control of either House of Congress,but if the Trump victory taught us anything it’s that things that seemed so “predictable” a short while ago no longer are.

    For instance if anyone had stated in Feb.2015 that Donald Trump would have even been a serious candidate for the Republican nomination ,much less the nominee and much much less the next President,he would have been laughed out of the room.

  8. History tells us that in its first mid-term, the In-Party often will lose some seats.

    There are also elections where the In-party either holds even (1962, 2002) or even gains seats (FDR in 1934).

    Nothing is guaranteed and all those elections before modern psephology and data manipulation made gerrymandering so effective really guarantee nothing for today.

    And barring something foreseeable but still improbable (a war, a criminal indictment, impeachment, a split in the GOP, or massive, palpable incompetence), the Democrats hold very few cards for 2018.

    Depressing, but nonetheless true.

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