What did Trump KNOW and When Did he know it?…Open Thread for Feb. 14, 2017…

Why did the head of The National Security Council go on for three weeks  in office after making phone call’s with Russian’s BEFORE Donald Trump actually was sworn in?

Why didn’t the people in the White House?…..and The President?….Act after being told by the Department of Justice that Flynn did talk to the Russians  about a possible deal on sanctions?

Why was the Vice President deceived?

Was Mike Flynn acting on his own?

Or was he just the messenger for others in Trump & Co.?

There are things that ARE going on in the background that seems unsettling ….(And why do we have a President at odds with his Intelligence Community?)

And more than ANYTHING?


How long can Donald Trump last in office ?


David Petraeus CAN be given the job if Trump pardons him and is will to take the heat in the media over his past indescreations…

But there are other names in the mix….

Above ALL?

This is puts Defense Sec Mattis as the top National Sec guy in the room…..

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108 thoughts on “What did Trump KNOW and When Did he know it?…Open Thread for Feb. 14, 2017…”

  1. Paul Ryan has a presser ….

    He talks about Obamacare….

    THAT isn’t gonna work…..

    The LONGER there is hiding on this the more the media is gonna dig….

    The LONGER the story stays….

  2. There IS a push for a Bipartisan Congressional panel look at this….

    Republicans and the White House are NOT gonna want to do that….

    It is less than 24 hours and they HAVE to be afraid of what will comeout about TRUMP and the Russians….
    Not Flynn….

    And might force them to give up their good thing….

  3. ….Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) said the polarizing Trump aide’s decision to quit after reports revealed he had misled the public — and even Vice President Mike Pence — about his communications with Russian officials only raises more questions about what the Trump administration knew.

    “Flynn’s departure does not end questions over his contacts with the Russians, which have been alleged to have begun well before December 29,” Schiff said. He added, “The Trump Administration has yet to be forthcoming about who was aware of Flynn’s conversations with the Ambassador and whether he was acting on the instructions of the President or any other officials, or with their knowledge.”

    Fueling Democrats’ speculation is the news in a Washington Post report that former acting Attorney General Sally Yates warned Trump administration officials weeks ago that Flynn had been compromised and could represent a security threat. But his departure didn’t come until that news made it into press reports Monday, and Trump adviser Kellyanne Conway told the Today Show on Tuesday that Flynn participated in world leader calls with Trump a day earlier….

    More @ http://www.politico.com/story/2017/02/michael-flynn-resign-adam-schiff-reaction-234994

  4. Top GOP investigators on the Hill say they won’t investigate Michael Flynn

    House Republicans are not eager to investigate Michael Flynn.

    House Oversight Committee Chairman Rep. Jason Chaffetz said his committee will not investigate Flynn’s contact with the Russian government, or the extent of his communications with White House officials.

    Flynn resigned Monday over a call with the Russian ambassador in which he talked about sanctions before Trump took office.

    “It’s taking care of itself,” Chaffetz told reporters Tuesday, according to Politico’s Kyle Cheney, adding that further investigation would be up to the House Intelligence Committee.

    But Republican House Intelligence Committee Chair David Nunes said Tuesday that his committee won’t look into conversations between Trump and Flynn, according CNN’s Manu Raju. Nunes cited executive privilege — a privilege typically claimed by the president for withholding information in the public interest….

    More @ http://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/2/14/14609850/gop-investigators-wont-investigate-michael-flynn

  5. Some Republicans ARE asking for looks at Mike Flynn….

    …from Politicalwire…

    Sen. John Cornyn (R-TX), the Senate’s second-ranking Republican, called for an investigation into connections between President Trump and Russia, and want former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn to testify, CNN reports.

    Meanwhile, Sen. Roy Blunt (R-MO) told KTRS radio that an investigation “needs” to happen….

    More @ https://politicalwire.com/2017/02/14/gop-senators-want-flynn-testify/

  6. Trump trying to play off the situation….

    President Trump on Tuesday said the “real story” of national security adviser Michael Flynn’s resignation was “illegal leaks,” rather than reports Flynn misled senior White House officials about his conversations with Russia.

    “The real story here is why are there so many illegal leaks coming out of Washington? Will these leaks be happening as I deal with N.Korea etc?” Trump tweeted….

    More @ http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/319393-trump-real-story-of-flynn-resignation-is-illegal-leaks

  7. These things are going to continue to occur for as long as Trump tries to run his White House as he ran his businesses….

    He didn’t do too good with that….

    Donald Trump CANNOT run America with a group of three people….

  8. The word ‘treason’ is being spoken by some Democrats….


    People BELOW the White House HAVE been tough on the Russians…(Haley and Mattis)

    But NOT the Trump close in people…

  9. Trump has one week to go to surpass William Henry Harrison.

    I doubt Congress will move *that* fast, but definitely some interesting things being said today by various Republicans in Congress. I think they are keeping their options open, at least on a long-term basis. They would probably love nothing more than to find something that leads all the way to the top and gives them their “excuse.” This intrigue is pretty fascinating from a pure theater perspective. It’s just scary this is real life.

  10. This is two days in a row where Conway and Spicer have given absolutely contradictory statements about the same matter.

    Spicer seems to care more about making sure Trump doesn’t sack him. Conway is seeming to look out more for herself or with the feeling she is indispensable.

    SNL will be interesting.

  11. She has now removed the Re-Tweet from the White Nationalist, which she had replied to with heart emojis.

    I bet that was a fun conversation.

  12. Liar, liar, pants on fire?

    Flynn lost Trump’s trust so good bye.

    Conway will not be fired over defending Ivanka’s clothing line (did it include pantsuits?)

    In fact, I compliment her loyalty.

  13. I’m sorry for filibustering, but how the hell does she still have a job right now.. in the White House?

    She sees a Tweet praising her that has all sorts of illusions to white nationalists and white identity and Pepe the Frog in the profile and bio and she puts it on her account with heart emojis.

    (if she isn’t off premises on her lunch break or something, this is worse for the taxpayers than what Keith used to do on Politics1.)

  14. Yes Jack, and attempts to white wash the GOP’s culpability in Trump’s actions notwithstanding, the party will stand behind him.

    Their main concern is power and always has been. They will only turn on him when that power is threatened.

  15. By the same token, if the left was not responding in such an unhinged fashion to many things, (Madonnna talking about blowing up the White House, physically accosting Betsy DeVos, hoping for California to secede from the Union, etc. etc.) many Republicans would not feel the need to stay in their corner as a counter and have to defend the indefensible.

    So much blame to go around.

  16. Democrats trying to reflexively fight Gorsuch is probably the most substantive example I could offer. The very fact that Trump named a conservative to the Court is for many conservatives or Republicans perhaps the one single thing that has kept them from abandoning Trump. For many, it was the only reason they voted for him.

    Democrats should pick their battles wisely. He will be replacing Scalia after all.

    And had Hillary won, (as I expected she would), and Republicans were trying to keep the seat vacant at that point, I would have called them on that too.

  17. If Republicans are standing with the borderline treasonous Trump to spite Madonna then they stupid as they come.

  18. So th e Democrats are really to “blame” for Trump.

    In other words we Republicans are so damn DUMB and VINDICTIVE that we will STILL support this “madman” just because the Democrats oppose him.

    That makes sense.Very James like in the “logic.”

  19. As I said, plenty of blame to go around.

    Let’s look at the way the Clintons lied and dissembled all those years and how the skill of spin was valued over truth. All the talk about how character didn’t really matter, it was only what people felt about the economy that mattered (…”stupid”)

    They eventually ran into a guy who could do it better and more brazenly and with less shame than them. Deviancy had been defined down to such a standard that enough people were (shamefully) willing to overlook an admitted sexual assaulter.

  20. Merrick Garland should have been given a vote. That he wasn’t allowed one was a grave injustice by Turtle man himself.

    That being said the past is the past and Gorsuch deserves an up or down vote.

  21. Merrick Garland should have been given a vote had Hillary won, but they probably would have replaced him by then for someone more liberal.

    I think it was all politics. And I am the one who thought Trump had no chance and Republicans ought to call their bluff and try to move forward with Garland.

    Let’s be honest. If the roles were reversed, there is no way the Democrats would have allowed a vote for a lame duck Republican nominee, during an election year, if a liberal Justice had died suddenly. Biden had said as much years ago when he was in the Senate. That’s just going to be the new reality going forward. If a vacancy occurs during death in 2020 when Trump or another Republican is President, even though they might be running for reelection, I think it should be put on hold until after the voters have their say, whether it is a Democrat appointee or a Republican one. That’s being completely consistent.

    Democrats had every opportunity to make the Supreme Court seat part of the campaign. They tried, they should have won, and they didn’t. The exit polls show that voters who had the Supreme Court as their number one issue went heavily for Trump.

    Elections matter. I am surprised Trump kept his promise to nomine a conservative. He probably won’t next time. I think all he really cares about is Eminent Domain issues, which would align him with the left on the Court.

  22. Why are you surprised Trump nominated a conservative?
    He didn’t nominate a single liberal or even anyone very moderate for his cabinet.
    Other than not going Full Pence (yet) on LGBT issues he’s a right wing wet dream.

  23. I would say that some of the people he nominated, such as the Commerce Secretary are very liberal. He has this Peter Navarro guy in some Economic post and he is a perennial Democrat candidate who parrots Trump’s lines about trade and globalism, etc.

    And he picked a lot of good people for the Cabinet too. Some are genuine conservatives and some are non-political military types. Others, such as Mnuchin definitely have long standing ties to Democrats, and I do not know if he counts as a Democrat, but the VA Secretary is literally a holdover from the Obama VA.

    The question is and continues to be who wields the influence. Is he going to be content with letting conservatives in the Administration actually run things or is it just his whim or whatever kick Bannon is on. Thus far, the messages are amazingly mixed.

  24. I didn’t say Democrats “started” it but since Trump was an active and valued Democrat donor for so long, maybe they kind of did. Bill Clinton called him and asked him to get involved in the GOP.

    It was a local NH GOP guy who first invited him to visit and give the Presidency some consideration back in 1987, so let’s blame him too.

  25. I’ve been “back” for two days now and haven’t even addressed the obvious number one development in the world…

    I’m sure scott knows what I mean.

  26. Update: Kellyanne Conway is now saying she doesn’t know who re-Tweeted the white nationalist and gave them heart emojis today from her account. Maybe she was hacked!

    Yet, she and Trump himself, are apparently going to continue to use their unsecure personal devices from inside the White House to Tweet.

  27. Conway should have just said, “Spicer stole my phone. He’s trying to get me fired.”

    That would have been more believable.

  28. If she truly does not know how that Tweet got sent out from her account, she needs to go to the FBI *immediately.* That’s a matter of national security danger if unknown sources are putting out statements on behalf of a senior government official.

    Don’t hold your breath.

  29. If Kellyanne Conway is fired tonight, she can claim to be a victim of the underreported Valentines Day Massacre.

  30. (1) Kellyanne Conway is yet another example (from both parties) of a brilliant campaign strategist who just wasn’t suited (by knowledge or temperament) to regular, day-to-day government.

    (2) One of Trump’s best nominees so far is ex-Rep. Heather Wilson (R – NM) for Secretary of the Air Force. One of the Air Force Academy’s first female graduates and one of the earliest female Rhodes Scholars, Rep. Wilson, as a former professional officer and author of a book on international law, joined Sens. Jack Reed (D – RI, USMA West Point), John McCain (R-Ariz, USNA Annapolis and the Hanoi Hilton) and Lindsey Graham (USAF Reserve) in opposing the enhanced interrogation (torture) program of the G. W. Bush administration. Although probably as conservative as Sen. Reed is liberal, she should have absolutely no difficulty sailing through Armed Services.

    (3) Nominating or renominating both Judges Garland and Gorsuch whenever the Court has another vacancy, seems like a no-brainer to me. Folks at both ends won’t be completely happy, but this should satisfy Senators in between and their constituencies.

  31. I assume Kellyanne would not be out and out Fired….
    But would be persuaded to quit the government payroll

  32. Conway?

    She’s my girlfriend.

    You all better watch out!

    I might have to hire Chris Crocker to champion her.

  33. Nice to see all the rapid fire action…I am still loving all the hate on the Clintons…

    But unfortunately, the real issue now is Mike Pence…once he takes office…then he becomes the stool pigeon of the conservative right in the congress…that’s why he is there after all..to take over after Trump leaves or get’s the boot

  34. @CG…I agree SNL will be interesting…unfortunately they don’t have another new show scheduled until March 3…too long of a wait…

  35. …twitter….

    Matthew Yglesias ‏@mattyglesias

    “Flynn did nothing wrong but Trump was right to fire him” is a strange take.

  36. That reminds me of the email thing, where her supporters were saying Hillary did nothing wrong but applauded her for apologizing.

  37. I have finally found something I agree with the Trump Administration on….

    Defense Secretary James Mattis has served notice on NATO members of the necessity for them to commit to increase their share of the financial needs of the alliance.

    Only Great Britain,Greece,Poland and Estonia are currently committing the same percent of their GDP to NATO funding as the U.S. Does.

    This is a thoroughly reasonable request.

  38. I agree Jack. Generals Mattis and Kelley are strong cabinet picks and ones I could see a rational conservative like Jeb, Romney, or Kasich appointing to the same roles.

  39. I do not find anything wrong with what Mattis said specifically today. Other Defense Secretaries have said the same before. However, during the campaign and transition, Trump has made some very concerning comments about NATO which seem to indicate that he is more than willing to walk away from it. So, I do not know what the end-result is if these countries do not pay more. NATO is a necessity, especially with all these concerns regarding NATO. Mattis has strongly indicated support for NATO on every occasion, which has put his rhetoric sharply at odds with Trump. I hope he will prevail over his “boss.”

    Now, I will be fair and follow jack’s lead and say something that I agree with Trump on. He is not going to waste his time doing the NCAAA brackets like Obama did. (After all he has Tweets to fire off) Obama must have spent hours on those every year preparing for his Oval Office segments on SportsCenter.

  40. Actually though CG, you agree with Trump on a great deal policy wise as much of his program is standard Republican fare .

    Your problem is more with him and his entourage personally and your general feeling that his buffoonish behavior and lackadaisical attitude toward governing could damage the Republican brand going forward .

    While, at present,you may not regard yourself as a Republican,you are still concerned for that party’s future and desire someday to return to the fold, based on your statements since your return here.

  41. I would phrase it more than I find him a danger to America and the world. I care about the Republican Party, but I care about the country more.

    So what if I agree with him on repealing Obamacare and that the Iran Deal was horrible? I am not even sure he believes those things. I can have a complex mindset on the entire situation.

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