Pence was keep uninformed about Flynn contacts for two weeks…

While Trump WAS told that intercepts had shown that NSC head Flynn HAD spoken about sanctions to several Russians….

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That was NOT told to Vice President Pence, who found out about the situation from watching the Media….

In a sperate problem for Flynn…

He has interviewed by the FBI about his contacts…

It is unknown if he owned up to the facts ….

If he didn’t ?

He could find himself in legal trouble…..

Vice President Pence first learned that former national security adviser Michael Flynn had misled him about the nature of his contact with a Russian official on Feb. 9, a full two weeks after other White House officials were briefed on the matter, an aide to Pence said on Tuesday.

The timing indicates that Pence would have become aware of the controversy around the same time that a Washington Post report was published, detailing the degree to which Flynn had been in contact with the Russian ambassador to the United States on the issue of sanctions, Pence spokesman Marc Lotter said.

“What I would tell you is that the vice president became aware of incomplete information that he had received on Feb. 9, last Thursday night, based on media accounts,” Lotter said. “He did an inquiry based on those media accounts.”

In a January television interview, Pence said that Flynn had told him the issue of sanctions did not come up in his conversations with the Russian ambassador.

The revelation adds a new layer to the confusion within the White House as it seeks to explain why it took more than two weeks for Flynn to resign his post, even though senior officials, including the president, were aware that he had not told Pence the truth.

President Trump had been aware for “weeks” that Flynn had misled Pence and other officials, but did not act until Monday night, forcing the national security adviser to resign, the White House said on Tuesday.

White House counsel Don McGahn told Trump in a briefing late last month that Flynn, despite his claims to the contrary, had discussed U.S. sanctions with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak, White House press secretary Sean Spicer said. Trump was briefed “immediately” after the Justice Department informed McGahn about the discrepancy, Spicer told reporters Tuesday….


It was the fact that he lied about it to Vice President Mike Pence and other senior members of the Trump administration that caused the president to sack him.

That cover-up may cost Flynn way more than his job if the FBI determines that he lied to its investigators in the same way he misled Pence about his discussions with the Russian ambassador during the presidential transition….



Kinda makes Pence feel left out, eh?


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9 thoughts on “Pence was keep uninformed about Flynn contacts for two weeks…”

  1. This may turn into a cover story for Pence. Sally Yates told them weeks ago that Flynn was compromised, and then they fired Yates.

    Either Pence is lying too, or completely out of the loop. Take your pick.

    Obama was right to fire Flynn and there are more Mike Flynns in this Administration than sane people.

    Still no appetite for investigations on the Hill.

    1. There WILL be More leaks Keith….

      There HAS to be even more to this….

      Hillary Clinton’s emails????????

      Child’s play….

      All the deceit and lying is gonna bust the Republican ballon….


  2. Yep, Keith, so much for Rand Paul’s “independence”. He says it makes no sense to investigate fellow Republicans. Stooge.

    1. Rand Paul will be left behind…..

      I’ll have more on this in a few…..

      Donald Trump is about to have Congress finally take away his ability to deal with Russia on his own and dig into his and his people’s dealing with Russia…

      Hillaery Clinton and the Democrats should be incensed….

      1. It SHOULD be pointed out that the unease is amoung the lower levels by Republicans in Congress….

        Ryan and McConnell have NOT given in to looking at Trump….

  3. That comment will come back to haunt Paul, Scott.

    Folks need to remember that Pence was not only a failed Governor, he was one of only a few people who was willing to take the Vice Presidential nomination (although I am sure Mitt would have jumped at the chance if only offered). He clearly wants to hold Trump at arms length, but I find it hard to believe he didn’t know about Flynn since he is on cleanup duty on the Hill.

    So I say, impeach Pence first!

  4. Pence has renewed the traditional role of VP.

    To be eternaly out of the loop.

    I can only imagine how Dan Quayle would be treated.

    As to Hillary, the Russians had nothing to do with her using the word deplorable and basically just being a snob.

  5. So Hillary is a snob eh Manula? And Trump a “man of the people”?
    Funny how my friends and family who have actually lived in NY/NJ have a different story. He’s too good to pay them!
    But hundreds of miles away where he lies to the white working class he secretly despises he’s a “man of his word”.

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