Maine GOP Sen. Susan Collins isn’t ruling out a bid for governor of Maine…

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● ME-Gov: The race to succeed the thankfully termed-out GOP Gov. Paul LePage is developing slowly, but we may have some developments soon. On the Democratic side, car dealer Adam Lee tells the Portland Press Herald’s Scott Thistle that he’s close to deciding. TV commercials for the car dealerships starring Lee have recently looked a little more candidate-like, with Lee telling the viewer, “Lee may be just different enough for you,” though Lee denies that politics have anything to do with the message. Lee is a prominent Democratic donor and a board member on the state League of Conservation Voters and his late mother was a prominent Democratic advisor, so he may have the connections he’d need to do well.

A number of other Democrats are also making noises about getting in. Businessman Adam Cote, who lost a 2008 open-seat House primary to now-Rep. Chellie Pingree, says he’s “almost positive I will run”. Ex-state Senate Minority Leader Justin Alfond also says he’ll decide in the next few months. State Attorney General Janet Mills, a prominent LePage opponent, also is publicly expressing interest. (In Maine, the attorney general is appointed by the legislature rather than elected by the voters.) In the past, Secretary of State Matthew Dunlap (who also holds an appointed position) has expressed interest, while Pingree, former state House Speaker Mark Eves, former state Rep. Adam Goode, and wealthy businessman Lucas St. Clair haven’t ruled it out.

On the GOP side, the big question seems to be what Sen. Susan Collins will do. Collins, who took third place in the 1994 race two years before winning her Senate seat, has continued to leave the door open to a bid, with her spokesperson reiterating that she’ll “assess how best she can continue to serve the people of Maine.” Mary Mayhew, the state health and human services commissioner and a LePage ally, has only publicly not ruled out a bid, but she’s been a rumored candidate for a while…..


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Manila Calling!

Maybe Scott Brown could move there.

scott p

Collins would definitely be a step up from that current bigot in the governor’s office. And if there is a special election I imagine a good Democratic pick up opportunity.