Trump talking mouth Conway pleads for people to buy Trump’s daughter’s clothes?

With several retail outlets moving to stop selling Ivanka Trump’s clothes line…

Kellyanne Conway asked in the Media for people to buy the President Trump daugter’s clothes…

Since Conway is on the government payroll?

She’s NOT supposed to do that…

Since the Republicans don’t give a heck about ethics things?

She has no worries ….

The Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) on Thursday filed a complaint with the Office of Government Ethics and the White House Counsel’s Office charging that Kellyanne Conway broke the law by urging Fox News viewers to buy Ivanka Trump products.

“The law is clear that public officials should not use their offices for their own private gain or the private gain of others,” CREW Executive Director Noah Bookbinder said in a statement announcing the complaint. “It’s hard to find a clearer case of that kind of misuse of office than we saw today.”

The liberal government watchdog group alleged that Conway violated regulations that bar federal employees from endorsing products, in addition to breaking a law that bars the use of federal funds for non-official purposes.

During an interview on Fox News Thursday morning, Conway urged viewers to buy Ivanka Trump’s products as she defended President Donald Trump’s tweet slamming Nordstrom for its decision to stop carrying his daughter’s clothing and accessories line.

“Go buy Ivanka’s stuff is what I would tell you,” Conway said. “I hate shopping, I will go get some myself today.”

“This is just a wonderful line,” she added. “I own some of it. I fully—I’m going to give a free commercial here. Go buy it today, everybody, you can find it online.”..


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8 thoughts on “Trump talking mouth Conway pleads for people to buy Trump’s daughter’s clothes?”

    1. No penalties for Kellyanne Conway for plugging Ivanka Trump’s line from the White House

      Kellyanne Conway, the advisor to President Trump who made a commercial pitch for Ivanka Trump’s fashion line from the White House, won’t face punishment for the ethics breach.

      In a letter to the Office of Government Ethics, deputy White House counsel Stefan Passantino said that Conway “acted inadvertently and is highly unlikely to do so again….

      More @

  1. Yes ,imagine that Obamas daughter had. Teen clothes line named after her nd Valerie Jarret had been publicly pushing for people to buy them

    Why Trey “bubba” Gowdy , aka” the Benghazi Seven Million dollar investigator” would already be starting “hearings” as would “Oversight “Chairman Jason Chaffetz whom President Trump essentially told to sit down and STFU yesterday .

    But Republicans have something called “conservative values” a meaningless phrase roughly interpreted ,that only Democrats can commit unethical acts.

  2. It’s hard to say you support main street when your Husband is knee deep in Wall Street…

    Only person who can do that is Donald Trump and that is only because people were stupid enough to buy the shit he was selling.

    1. It get worst for the President’s daughter….

      Trump’s line of home furnishings has disappeared from Sears’ and Kmart’s websites

      Sears’ and Kmart’s websites no longer sell products from the Trump Home line, which is owned by the Trump Organization.

      As of Friday, a search for Trump Home items on both retailers’ sites yielded no results, except items sold by third-party sellers….

      More @

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